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RawVision is the most complete solution for your photographic workflow, in between the camera and the computer.Transfer, organize, sort, rate, categorize, play, pixel-peep, edit, share to social networks RawVision lets you do all that and more in a ludic yet powerful way. You will not go to the computer anymore.
/!!! Prepare your Lightroom imports with sidecar XMP files !!!\\!!! Plug your camera with USB !!!/(Android 3.1+, camera in PTP/MTP mode)

This application is especially intended for Android tablets, but it will work very well with smartphones too.

Please note this is the DEMO version of RawVision. It allows to test both:
- the compatibility with your camera RAW file's format.
- the compatibility with your tab, especially mounting usb devices and SD cards.If you photos don't work with the demo version, they won't work either with the full version.The demo version embeds ads in order to support development.

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- RawVision supports Nikon NEF, Canon .CR2 , SONY .ARW, Pentax .PEF and .DNG and Samsung .SRW files, , Olympus .ORF, Panasonic RW2, Fujifilm's .RAF files
- opens only thumbnails for Leica M9 DNG and Nikon D100 Nef
- JPEG and PNG
- preview of .MOV files(Android>3.0).

- Transfer from: camera usb connection(MTP/PTP), usb external reader, Eye-Fi and advanced local browsing

- Bookmark your favorite locations

- Gallery display. Select a file with a click. To perform batch actions, select all the files and press the action button on the bottom-right of the screen.

- Select a rating and category in full Ssreen to help sort photos. Import to LightRoom with the XMP sidecar files.You can also define your own category labels.

- FullScreen viewYou can browse all the photos by sweeping the screen right or left. There are invisible areas on the left and right to quickly change photo.Zoom on photos with a pinch.Delete a photo right awaystart a slideshowCheck the histogram and ExifsToggle the actions bar with a single tap, double tap to have the photo fit to screen

- Image editorEdit and process your photos with the embbeded editor.Compatible with Aviary filters.

- Import FilesYou can import selected files by choosing a root folder, then a name for the new import folder
- or the current date. You can also choose to rename the files and delete them after import.Import also works directly from your camera via USB.

- Delete filesYou can delete files either one a time or several in a batch by selecting them before.

- JPEG extractionExtract a JPEG preview of the RAW files with resize and auto-rotate options.You can extract several files in a batch.

- Share Files
- "Open with...""Share" your files with other apps on your Android device.Sketch an extracted preview, launch a video file, share by facebook, twitter, send by email, store on dropbox etc...

- Rename files

- Eye-Fi supportEye-Fi needs a little configuration.You should be able to use AP mode if you registered your device wihtin the card.(With the official app for example)
- but Not tested yetOtherwise the direct mode works great.First connect the device to the WiFi AP (Ey-fi card in direct mode) with the wpa2 key in the Eye-Fi Center desktop app.Then in RawVision, enter the uploadKey
- please google how to get it.Choose the destination folder and start the service.Photos will then appear as they are sent from the camera.Note: you cannot use Eye-Fi service while another eyefi app is running.

Is your RAW format not supported: send us samples to http://www.dropitto.me/dropyourraw (pwd: raw)

/!\ Please taken a few seconds to rate the application on the Android Market./!\ Don't hesitate to send comments by email, feedback is very important to improve the application's quality./!\ If you have question, send an email as it is not possible to reply in the comments.

Category : Photography

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Reviews (30)

Mar. H. Aug 23, 2020     

The Idea is simply amazing, execution/up-to-date-ness not so much. I'd pay very good money for an updated version with a modern UI. When viewing my a7iii raw files, zooming in to 300% isn't even close to 100%, which leaves me to believe some embedded preview is being viewed (hd function doesn't work like it does with jpeg). That makes it hard to judge sharpness. The rating and auto moving to next image is amazing, a pick/reject would be much better though.

Jan. B. Mar 19, 2021     

Disappointing. I had read the reviews for the ipad photoshop and a couple of people said good things about this app, so I thought I would give the demo I try. It sounded like what I was looking for, an easy program to edit photos and pictures on my phone. But nothing in the app seemed to work on my phone. All I am looking for is an app that can do a few things to enhance an image and not need a degree in rocket science or coding.

Roe. R. Aug 27, 2016     

Restrictions on demoversion seem to prevent directory traversal and thus effectively stopping you from reaching the picture directory. Either that or permissions or filesystem problems are the root of this evil. No reason to even consider buying the complete product if the demo is this fuzzy.

Mic. B. Apr 22, 2017     

Totally confusing UI. I was not able to enter desired folder, so I even didn't see if it works on image. Bad app.

Axe. B. Apr 4, 2017     

Can't share RAW photos

Bru. P. May 3, 2018     

Cannot move or copy images... useless for me.

Ilj. M. Jul 14, 2016     

Crap, and after developer reply is evident that its not just shame...

Lee. H. Sep 20, 2015     

Found RAW files. For some reason it reports 0 images, then I dug into some of the folders and found them.

Ble. K. K. n. M. Jan 13, 2015     

Where does it save in demo mode. Finished editing my photos saved them by clicking done. But can't find the any where

Tri. R. Mar 10, 2015     

Cannot edit in android lollipop, error : unfortunately rawvision has stopped

Pau. S. Feb 28, 2015     

I store my images on a WD NAS. So far the WD Photo app doesn't support Raw. Will purchase RawVision as soon as I can access my .dng s :-)

tat. Jul 18, 2015     

"Raw vision has stopped" LG G4

Tad. D. Aug 17, 2014     

File transfer speed makes app useless. Tried on Canon 5D Mark II to download cr2 files.

Jen. T. Jun 3, 2014     

This may work with my NikonD700.. Who knows?

T. K. Mar 2, 2014     

This is what I've been looking for, since I prefer to shoot only in RAW. I won't have to carry my laptop with me any more to check my work. What a relief! This is why I love Android

Ton. L. Jan 9, 2014     

I initially had problems but this was my ignorannce of how android sees a usb conected camera. Its worth taking a moment to read some of the developers replies where others have experienced connection issues as it isn't the software, rather a quirk of how android differs from microsoft in attaching to a camera via usb. The app has a few niggles regarding navigating the features but not enough to outweigh the benifits of being able to work with raw images on my tablet. Overall i am very happy with the product and very happy with the quick response from the developer who helped me understsand how to get the tablet to see the camera. Essential app for traveling light with my DSLR and being able to review and backup my work as I go.

Nie. H. Oct 5, 2013     

Tried this one along with two other raw image reading apps, and this one by far was the cleanest and most intuitive. Will most likely be buying pro version to get rid of ads and be able to edit raws on the fly!

Ter. B. Aug 6, 2013     

... the text in the folder list is so small (on an 8" tablet) that I cannot read it without a strong magnifying glass; hence I cannot find my image files to test the app :( EDIT: I just found the font size selector in preferences - I can read the x-large size; so can now evaluate the app ...

Lub. O. Sep 27, 2013     

this app onley freezes ongalaxy tab 10.1

Kev. R. Jul 13, 2013     

It took a moment or two to workout how the app worked - It became more intuitive the more I played with it. This seems the better of the RAW apps that I have tried and I have now downloaded the paid version.

Mat. B. May 25, 2013     

You can't recover overexposed photos, brightness and effects are not applied to the raw image.

A. G. u. May 19, 2013     

Everything I do on my phone it is asking to be the app for it calls emails everything bad app Not shure about this one. It works but due to some UI bugs it crashes. worked out why it crashed so not sure if it is a over site or my hard ware not up to the task. Having some time to think about this one as does show some good potential, may even be worth stumping up some cash for the full version.

Ant. M. May 18, 2013     

Better apps out there. Awkward interface. And why is trying to open EVERYTHING?

Alt. S. Apr 29, 2013     

Didn't have the demo installed for two minutes before buying the full version. :-)

Tim. J. Apr 26, 2013     

This app does not work. It cannot see or read an SD card with images from an Olympus camera. Card plugged into USB port of a Nexus 10.

A. G. u. Apr 28, 2013     

My PC doesn't recognize an old 350d but this application does! reading raw files is really easy now.this app is a must for photographers

Rhy. F. Apr 20, 2013     

Looks good but can't transfer or see images on eos 400d via usb.

Rob. F. Jan 17, 2013     

After trading some emails with the developer of this app, I decided to give it a try. First, I'll say that he was very quick to respond to questions, which is a big plus. As a professional photographer, I'm sometimes in the position of wanting to review images outside of my office. Carrying a laptop can be heavy, but a tablet is much easier. I don't necessarily want to edit on the road either because laptop screens are not good foe critical editing tasks. The screen on the tablet is actually higher quality. But initial reviewing, culling and maybe flipping out the odd JPEG preview to post on social media or for a client are things that could be done on location. RAWVision is great for that. The app is quick to preview the images as thumbnail. To be clear, it's not actually decoding the RAW file but rather reading the JPEG embedded in the RAW file. That's also what the editing is based on. Bringing up an image full screen on the hi rez display of my Asus TF700T looks good. The app uses the Aviary photo editor that is available to be used by other app developers. It's OK but not great and that's what drops the overall rating down a notch.

Byr. M. Mar 2, 2013     

As I currently type this review, I have my Sony a57 plugged into my tablet with a few RAW photos in my camera. The app recognizes the saved JPEGs on my tablet but does not recognize the SD card in the Sony a57. Maybe when the devs update this app, I will re-instal the app, but for now, I'm taking it off the tablet.

Ste. S. Mar 6, 2013     

Doesn't read orf files. Description says it does. WTH? Uninstalled.