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Ready4 SAT (Prep4 SAT)

No more prepping — the Readiness Revolution is here! It’s the same app that’s helped thousands of students beat the SAT but now with a name that reflects how you’ll feel after using it — Ready to do your best.
Study on your phone with Ready4 SAT (Formerly Prep4 SAT) and ditch all the books and paper flashcards. Access over 1,000 questions with detailed answer explanations, hundreds of flashcards, and in-depth score analysis for FREE when you download our app.

Our Smart Guide helps you learn the critical concepts tested on the SAT with detailed flashcards and practice questions. As you practice SAT questions on Ready4 SAT, the app tracks your performance and highlights your test strengths and weaknesses, helping you zero in on what you need to study in order to boost your SAT score. It’s a smarter, more efficient approach to exam prep!


-Intuitive lessons that take you through SAT concepts step-by-step-Over 1,000 SAT questions with detailed answer explanations-Hundreds of flashcards you can bookmark to review later-Track your strengths and weaknesses with our in-app analytics-Customizable practice tests to fit your needs-Question of the Day keeps you engaged and in the zone for your upcoming test-Top Schools List: Browse 400+ colleges and universities and add the schools you wish to apply to on your Top Schools List. See exactly how far away your estimated SAT score is from your school’s average scores, and get a clear picture of how close you are to getting the SAT score you need.-School Matcher: Find schools that match your preferences and future goals using our smart matching algorithm

Let Ready4 SAT help you reach your potential on the SAT so that you can make your college dreams a reality. Also taking the ACT? Check out our app, Ready4 ACT!

Contact us:We'd love to hear from you. Please send your feedback to info@ready4.com

Disclaimer:SAT® is a registered trademark of The College Board. The College Board does not endorse, nor is it affiliated in any way with the owner or any content of this application.

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Reviews (30)

One. H. J. Nov 1, 2018     

The app is alright, and useful, to some extent. I REALLY don't have the ability to pay 20 dollars to unlock a majority of it, and to be honest, for something that I won't actually use but for a few more months, it's kind of...Crazy? The app is simple and clean to use, however, I currently can not progress, thus making it painfully unusable.

Jes. J. Feb 10, 2019     

Easy to use. The guided layout makes building your knowledge as you practice consistent and not overwhelming. One suggestion that I find myself wishing this app had, is actual voice pronunciation for the vocab section. Other than that, this app has proven to be very helpful.

Mus. H. H. Jan 7, 2019     

I like this app , it is simple , easy to use and quite helpful , but the fact that they only offer a few free lessons bothers me , khan academy is a much more reliable source and it's completely free .I am not saying make the app free but at least include a few more stuff that don't need to be bought . also 20 dollars for an app is too much , you can get games on pc that are worth a lot more than this app for free , you should reconsider your pricing because you're driving people away ...

Jas. S. May 26, 2020     

Initially everything was going very well . The practice and the questions you provide are also good. But when I reached the level (arithmetic) , the app started showing that u need to pay money for unlocking this level and I can't pay money. And unluckily this app became unworthy for me😔😔. If I didn't need to pay ,I would have been enjoying this app. I hope the people who have paid the money would be enjoying this app .🤗🤗🤗

Kav. D. Sep 20, 2018     

Not worthy, it just keeps increasing your score as you practice more becasue it needs to show that you are improving due to this app. Currently, I have a score of 1490 on the app but i gave the official practice tests and the average score on them were near 1300, it just keeps on increasing even if you do a lot of wrong answers very bad.

Sar. G. Sep 27, 2018     

If most of the content was free, I'd rate it higher. I don't have $20 to spend on an SAT prep app right now and I think it's ridiculous to only unlock the first 3 or 4 sections

Uzo. Nov 27, 2020     

Most of the questions there are premium which can be unaccessible to students that don't have the money. I hope the app developer can see to it that at least half of the entire questions should be made available (free). Overall, it's a good app.

Emm. L. Aug 1, 2020     

Terrible app. When going into separate sections, very few lessons are found, which most of them are locked. One single unlocked lesson asks to define nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.

Jak. C. Dec 2, 2018     

Sometimes questions are confusing and the explanations aren't the best, I wish they included videos but overall it's pretty good.

Der. D. Feb 9, 2019     

it's a good study guide but on several of the math questions it says "[math processing error]" and makes it impossible to find what the question is asking or the available answer choices making several math questions useless.

A. G. u. Sep 27, 2018     

I got through maybe two sections before I was hit with the pay wall. I just wanted to use this app to improve my overall reading/math skills. I don't have twenty dollars for an app like this.

Pao. L. Nov 2, 2018     

It gives you daily questions and sets you up with a tutor if youd like one. Overall, I would suggest that you should get it. Its free.

Fir. L. Jul 27, 2019     

this application is so helpful for students who wish to get a higher score in SAT.Moreover, It also helpa to choose the right school.

Ros. T. May 10, 2020     

Frustrating app. Everytime I open it, it asks me to sign up and when I try to do so try, it just shows that something went wrong.

Add. C. Oct 24, 2020     

Was going great until I had to pay. I can manage the payment but it didnt inform me if it was monthly or a one time payment so I uninstalled the app.

Pre. L. Nov 3, 2019     

The app is really good and appreciative. It is worth downloading. It gives assessment just like that of the real SAT and has detailed explanations.

And. J. Sep 12, 2018     

Not free and the questions aren't official SAT test questions so you are wasting your time. The app overall is a distraction not too helpful.

Rac. B. Oct 5, 2018     

I am studying to retake my SAT and already have a book that was at or more than the price they wanted for me to have more things to help me. I am not happy being a high school student with no job to pay for things like this.

ale. q. Feb 8, 2019     

Incredibly helpful, sleek, and easy to use. Cant believe how good it is for it being free.

The. M. G. Aug 23, 2020     

Really good. It doesn't have any ads at all. It truly has ALOT of SAT questions and prepares you for it. Pretty nice ngl.

Iya. J. Oct 3, 2018     

Every time I tried to edit the stuff on my profile like test date and desired score, etc. It always crashes

Has. S. Jul 4, 2020     

I've been trying to make a good score in SAT but I couldn't achieve the desired score But then this app makes everything easy for me and I scored more than I thaught

Rek. G. May 12, 2021     

There are few questions in the initial test and assessment. But taking time to load. Tried it so many times.

Tas. I. M. Feb 28, 2020     

This App is Just awsome.... If you dont have enough time for taking Preparation, and also you dont have tutor, You must Use this app... You dont Need Tutor.... This app helps a lot.

isa. a. Nov 28, 2020     

I pay the premium access and it still doesn't let use it . don't pay this app and i believe the no refund i pay nov 26,2020 and i was able to use it and tell me the i already pay.yet ,it tell i need to pay.

Ahn. H. Jul 25, 2019     

while solving math questions the quantitites arent shown instead an math processing error message is shown, plz fix this its very irritating.

Sti. Apr 8, 2019     

Good for 2 minutes but the instant price jump to unlock the rest of the content made me uninstall.

A. G. u. Sep 14, 2018     

Recommended for the students who cant afford tutors like me lol it helps you alot with descriptions of why you got wrong and yah I like it

Toh. R. Jul 9, 2020     

Very useful app. I learned a lot from it. Hope it will help me to score my sat 1500+.

Abu. J. Nov 14, 2019     

It was really working well at first But suddenly stopped I have tried also to update to premium but it is not working