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Red Revenge

Welcome to the story of Little Red Riding-Hood. The wolf ate Little Red Riding-Hood's Grandmother. It is time to revenge!
#Easy control for running and action, FPS-like shooting #Let's revive the life of Grandmother by dismembering the wolf #To bring down the escaping wolf by freely using knife, shotgun, and machine gun.

***How to play
- Hold the device sideways, tilt to control Little Red Riding-Hood
- While avoiding some obstacle, it automatically attacks the wolf when chased just right behind
- Bullets, blood points, booster will appear when a wooden box is smashed
- There will be an increase in running speed when the booster (stars on the lower right part) is tapped
- Arms can be changed by tapping the arms icon below the screen

- When Little Red Riding-Hood is directly behind the wolf, she will automatically strike
- Collect the dropped blood from the wolf when the strike is successful.
- The collected blood points can be used to purchase new guns and bullets
- A timing indicator will appear on the wooden box when near to it
- When the white ball comes to the center of the indicator, tap the screen and the box will be destroyed

* Guns
- Mossberg M500 (Shotgun)
- Beretta M92 (Handgun)
- Glock 17 (Handgun)
- M4 carbine (Riffle)
- IMI Tavor TAR-21 (Riffle)
- Stoner LMG (Machine Gun)

Like some other famous game like Temple Run or Into the Dead, it is an easy game in which the main character is controlled and avoids the obstacle. Control Little Red Riding-Hood like a racing game, and hit the wolf constantly to relieve stress.

* Future Plans
- Add a play field
- Expand the types of arms etc.

Category : Action

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