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ReefKinetics - Cloud Controller

Is a venture-backed company based in Beirut, created and driven by passion and long experience in Reef aquariums.
With capabilities in design, engineering, hardware, software and chemistry; we aim at simplifying aquarium maintenance by:
• Assisting advanced reefers that grow complex environments.
• Making this hobby less intimidating for new enthusiasts.

Reefbot is a device that has different purposes of watching, reporting and caring for your aquarium.
Reefbot will allow you to easily:
• Run reagent-based tests.
• Run probe-based tests.
• Fix different potential issues.

Category : Productivity

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Reviews (4)

ALL. B. Jul 10, 2019     

Great interface very clear and easy to use. Please keep on improving on it.

Mr.. Z. Dec 25, 2018     

its does the job. it will get 5 stars when it offers fullscreen landscape view of dashboard

Fou. B. Nov 30, 2017     

Reef allowed me to track all the data i've always needed to take care of my aquarium. Highly recommended!

Aqu. L. May 1, 2018     

The app may be good didnt get chance to use it, keeps asking for device serial number. What device serial it requires not very clear.