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ReefLog - Reef Aquarium Management

A must have app to help manage your reef aquarium.
Log: Keep track of water parameters. Optional Advanced Features also record Preferred Supplements and give dosing suggestions based on testing results. Preferred Test Kit recording allows entering the reading from the testing syringe, no need to compare the syringe reading against a chart. Built in timers for each individual parameter recorded, as well as a user defined time preset for each one. In addition to individual parameter countdown timers a Drop Counter for keeping track of how many drops were added from a reagent bottle. Have a Neptune Apex controller? Pull probe data directly from your Apex into your log.
Log Overview: View your logs in a easy to read table format. View by Date Range as well as individual parameters. Quick View Graphs show previous 7 data points for each parameter. Want to see more than 7 data points? You can use the Master Chart feature.
Tasks with optional Notifications: View & Sort Tasks by Date, Task Category Type, and Aquarium Name. Large set of predefined Task Category Types and up to 5 custom Task Category Types. View Tasks via List View or Calendar View.
LiveStock: Manage & keep track of your fish and corals. Keep individual notes for each LiveStock entry, such as when treating fish in quarantine. Download and save the website listing that the livestock was purchased from and attach a picture of the receipt.  
Utilities: Dosing calculators include a comprehensive list of commercially available supplements to help make the dosing of elements easier than ever.
Master Chart: Up to 5 parameters can be plotted between a user defined date range. For example graph your Alkalinity results, custom Alkalinity Set Point, and how many ml's of buffer you added per day over the course of the past two weeks.

Category : Tools

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Reviews (10)

ter. m. Sep 10, 2019     

I entered all the information on my tank, 1. I do not like how the date always reverts back to January 1, 2010 pain in the butt, 2. It only saved about 1/2 the information I entered. Frustrating its a very confusing & complicated app 4. The parameters are different almost like it want you to change the way you do your testing. 5. Why do you put the price you paid for livestock but the app has no way of calculating the total cost. Not sure how this app got so many stars.

Mas. T. A. Z. Feb 6, 2020     

I paid for the Ad Removal and I am still getting ads. I think I will develop an app, without ads and offer it free. Poor customer experience. Crashes when I try to use it. Utter waste. Unsubscribed and deleted. I deserve a refund. Absolutely nothing works in it.

Mic. H. May 2, 2019     

Great product so far. Developer is wonderful with feedback, which is rare. I've had no issues as described by others. Maybe it's in a different state than it was with the other reviews? The iterative releases are coherent and quick.

Dar. Dec 30, 2020     

Ive been using this app for a year and a half or better and now it comes up saying my 14 day trial has expired? So Ill basically lose all that data on my tank. Dear app developer...suck my nuts

Cod. G. Jul 19, 2019     

Great app. Simple and easy. Please keep up the updates. Thank you!

Gin. P. May 5, 2019     

love the app i find it EZ to work with and EZ to understand just need to add a few spots in the log's for us reef keepers Ty

Chr. B. Jan 14, 2022     

Sorry. You lost me at subscription.

Fer. A. Aug 28, 2020     

Lost all my logs. Look somewhere else.

Jer. U. Jun 11, 2018     

It crashed every time go to log anything. Other than crashing it could be very useful...

And. A. Jan 3, 2018     

Was ok until the recent update. Now the app crashes when going into utilities.