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Refuge Restrooms

REFUGE finds safe restrooms for transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming individuals.

- Tap a map pin to see more information about a restroom, and be given directions to that restroom.
- Select the navigate icon in the top right bar to be given text directions to the selected restroom.
- Blue map pins = handicap accessible restrooms, red map pins = not handicap accessible.
- Use the search bar to zoom to a specific address and view restrooms nearby
- great for everyday use or travel.
- Don't see a location in your area? Tap the drawer button in the top left and select "add bathroom" to add a new listing to refugerestrooms.org.
- Works best with GPS location enabled

Access to safe restrooms is an important transgender rights issue
- REFUGE seeks to aid this mission. Visit refugerestrooms.org for more information.

Terms of Use: https://github.com/RefugeRestrooms/refuge-ios/blob/master/TERMS.md

Category : Travel & Local

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Reviews (30)

Ade. May 1, 2022     

I love the app! There's a few issues I have eith it though. Mainly that it's not clear what the recent bathroom tab does and how you are supposed to rate a bathroom or tell the app that you visited a specific bathroom? I hope a developer can answer this question. I also don't like that this app is necessary (mainly because people are transphobic let's be honest) and that it doesn't work that well in smaller cities or villages, but that should change as more people add bathrooms!

ham. d. Apr 20, 2019     

I love this app and I think it's very helpful. I'm a trans man and this app is a LIFESAVER. There's a few things I'd adjust. There should be an option to edit preexisting bathrooms. I've found a few with incorrect information (marked as accessible but definitely not, wrong address, etc). Also, the feature for adding bathrooms should be made... simpler? More accessible? I dont know, it just doesnt work like it should right now. Overall, the app is good though.

Mel. B. Jul 31, 2019     

Great app (if a little bit unpolished) but with all things in the UK, it's useless once you leave London and even more useless once you leave the major cities like Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle upon Tyne ect. I'm trying to add to the bathrooms in my area as I know the bathrooms very well and the area is full of Trans people. would recommend the app but don't I expect it being too useful outside of major cities.

G. J. Sep 12, 2018     

App needs improvements on the programming side. I added new bathrooms, but they don't show up on the map. Recent Bathrooms button does nothing. Also i don't have addresses for these places memorized. Need to be able to search Google maps on the Add screen rather than only having manual entry.

Jer. L. Dec 19, 2021     

A critical tool for transgender people. Also useful for families that need family restrooms, and people that need privacy for medical reasons. It could use some more features. Bug: The feedback tool doesn't work, so I can't make recommendations. If it's open source, maybe I could help.

Adr. E. Jun 10, 2020     

Only 3 places in my city. Two have been closed for 2 years. The third one is MILES away from where it really is and I wouldn't call a Walmart bathroom in gun-toting transphobic Texas a trans friendly bathroom. I've tried adding new stops and reporting the 3 that are wrong a year ago. Downloaded the app again today and still no changes. Guess this would only work in major metro areas

Eli. S. Aug 6, 2019     

I found the map very difficult to navigate, and it was impossible to enter new places because it would take me to the wrong page and glitch over and over. Great idea, disappointed I can't use it.

Sop. L. B. Jul 6, 2020     

A useful app to see which places having gender neutral or just disabled access bathrooms, even if it could be frustrating to have to constantly refresh for more locations to pop up on the map. I'm very grateful for this app, its just upsetting though that this app needs to exist in the first place when transphobe should really stop being transphobe and let us use bathrooms of our gender. Nobody should have to have their genitals checked by a Karen to use the bathroom

Art. S. Oct 8, 2019     

Every trans/non-binary person needs this app. I'm from the Midwest in the middle-of-nowhere, so asking "Are your bathrooms trans-friendly?" puts me not only at risk emotionally, but physically as well. So now, I have a guide to all the all-gender and trans-accesible bathrooms in my area. Hopefully, that list will expand as time goes on. I've already reccomended this to my friends in the community. Thank you so much for making this app!

Mel. H. Apr 6, 2019     

A- for ideas but i can't get it to show any locations in North America. not sure if its my older phone or the app itself or if there are no entries. the interface is not intuitive and keeps trying to direct me to google maps instead.

Ian. H. Jul 5, 2019     

Fantastic idea but implemented by people who have no idea. Tried to add a restroom got my entry blanked when I was half way through tried to give them feedback on this issue and that option didn't work on my phone either. Really disappointed

Lil. W. Oct 28, 2018     

Doesn't have a very good list of local neutral restrooms but autoflags my additions as spam. It doesn't let me access a primary feature so it's not particularly helpful in its current incarnation.

Lor. S. Feb 2, 2022     

A must-have app for transgender people, it is very easy to find where bathrooms are at that you are able to use

Don. A. Feb 13, 2019     

Works good for finding a restroom. However pinpointing were you are and adding a new restroom is a pain. Its easier to do it from the computer.

Dud. May 27, 2021     

The app went nuts! It was having a stroke or something! Made my app unusable and had to force close just because it wasn't finding anything in my area, it was trying so hard to find a place that made the app crash

Cas. T. Mar 5, 2019     

A very useful and important app. Covers Adelaide, Australia and some rural areas. More effective the more people add locationa

Lun. P. Sep 12, 2019     

The idea is nice but the way to add them not so nice. I know of buildings that have multiple of these restrooms inside but I can't pinpoint them precisely using just street names, especially inside a campus!!

Ken. C. Nov 15, 2019     

I'm ftm (female to male) trans who is currently pre everything, and this app really helps me find restrooms that are safe for people like me. I've even recommend this app to other trans and gender non-conforming friends of mine, and they love it!!

Mic. R. Sep 16, 2021     

Use this frequently and can't recommend it enough. Wonderful for trans people, people with disabilities, and people with children who need to find a baby changing station.

Lit. G. Apr 11, 2019     

A+ concept F execution. I added one bathroom that wasn't there (local LBGTQ+ youth center!). Then, when I tried to add more, they were flagged as Spam. Please fix the programming, as this app is important!

Mat. A. Jun 19, 2019     

I LOVE THIS APP! Im a Trans ftm, and im TOTALLY uncomfortable using a bathroom outside of my own home or that isnt for all genders. This app literally saved my bladder, and im out and about a lot! Love whoever made this app!

Sam. W. Apr 13, 2019     

Great idea, and good app. Feels like it needs more contributors though as I've added a few I know of in the area, but more are needed.

A. G. u. Sep 14, 2018     

List is not accurate. As in there are places not listed, and some that are... Are in the wrong places.

Bon. Apr 18, 2019     

This app is really useful and easy to use! you should download it to help other out and to see where safe bathrooms and accessible bathrooms are!

Tab. M. Mar 27, 2021     

Great except there's no way to add directions/comments/reviews on existing bathrooms. That would make it much more functional.

Ele. Dec 30, 2021     

Very helpful! I was able to find bathrooms I could use and never ran into problems!

Eri. K. A. Aug 11, 2019     

Very important app. Hopefully I can add to the dataset over time as I learn where more gender neutral washrooms are.

Dar. R. Feb 19, 2019     

I never feel that comfortable useing a female toilet or a male toilet so this is really helpful. I didn't think that there was any transgender toilets close to me but turns out there is a few.

Kil. m. U. Dec 16, 2020     

Great app! Worked like a charm, I just had to uninstall because the closest bathroom to me is a 17 hour drive, sad times 😞

Asp. N. Dec 11, 2019     

As a trans person, this is a life saver. I try to add any bathrooms I find that aren't listed and I encourage everyone to do the same!