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Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis

Relax & Sleep Well is a powerful hypnosis and healing meditation app that will help you to sleep well every night.
It has been placed 1st in Healthline’s list of the Best Insomnia Apps of 2015! "Healthline’s editors carefully selected each winner based on quality, usability and contribution to the community."

This amazing app by best-selling self-help audio author Glenn Harrold is now helping 2 million people (across all platforms) to sleep well, overcome stress and anxiety and feel more relaxed in their everyday lives! Download now to find out why!

There are two free tracks
- Relax & Sleep Well and the Solfeggio 639 Hz Sonic Meditation
- plus over 70 healing hypnosis and meditation titles available as inApp purchases. These cover a wide range of healing and goal orientated topics including:

Complete Relaxation Lose Weight NowDeep SleepHeal Your BodySelf EsteemDevelop Your Self-ConfidenceConfidence In Company396 Hz Solfeggio
- Guilt & Fear417 Hz Solfeggio
- Undoing Situations528 Hz Solfeggio
- Creating Miracles639 Hz Solfeggio
- Relationships741 Hz Solfeggio
- Expression & Communication852 Hz Solfeggio
- Awaken Your Intuition Successful RelationshipsBe Happy Beach MeditationDetox Your LifeExercise & FitnessLucid DreamsOvercome Exam NervesOvercome Phobias Overcome The Fear of FlyingOvercome TinnitusPublic SpeakingSports PerformanceStar MeditationUnleash Your PotentialStop Smoking Raise Your EnergyChakra MeditationOvercome Procrastination Heal Your Inner Child Think Positively Assert Yourself With ConfidenceSpiritual Healing

And many more...........

The first of the free tracks, Relax & Sleep Well is a full 29-minute hypnotherapy session that will take you on a relaxing journey into the deepest levels of self-hypnosis. The subtle background soundscapes supporting Glenn’s calming voice will help you connect with a profound feeling of relaxation. It will also help you to alleviate stress and anxiety, overcome insomnia and encourage healthy sleeping patterns.

The second free track is a 30-minute lite version of the stunning 639 hertz Solfeggio Sonic Meditation, which is based upon the ancient Solfeggio musical scale. When you experience this powerful healing meditation, it will give you an idea of what the full range of Solfeggio Meditation titles sound like. Overcome insomnia and stress and sleep well with this dreamy, relaxing meditation recording.

Glenn is one of the world's most successful hypnotherapists. His hypnosis recordings have sold millions and he is a published author of 7 self-help books to his name. All of Glenn’s recordings combine powerful hypnotherapy techniques with state of the art recording technology.

Each Hypnosis and Meditation Recording Features:

• The very latest hypnotherapy and healing meditation techniques and state-of-the-art digital recording technology.
• Glenn's highly acclaimed hypnotic vocal techniques guiding you into a completely relaxed state of mind & body.
• Background sound effects recorded in specific musical keys and frequencies to compliment the hypnotic suggestions and deepen the relaxation effect.
• Stereo-echoed affirmations, which pan from ear-to-ear across the stereo range
- a deeply relaxing and unique effect.

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