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Remind, formerly Remind101, is a free text messaging app that helps teachers, students, and parents communicate quickly and efficiently. By connecting school communities, Remind makes it easy for everyone to succeed together. Remind is based in San Francisco, CA and is used by more than 35 million people in 3 out of 4 U.S. school districts.

* Real-time messaging for your school, group, or just a single person.
* Schedule reminders ahead of time.
* Send text messages straight to any phone.
* Translate messages into more than 70 languages.
* See who's read your messages and who's missing out.
* Plan important activities and collect funds—on time.

“Once a teacher starts to use the tool, it tends to spread through the rest of the school like wildfire. Domonique Roberts, a history teacher at University High School in Newark, N.J., has been using Remind to communicate better with parents. 'I have been messaging one student’s mom, telling her when he’s not doing homework, or if he fell asleep in class today,' Roberts says. 'She’s on top of it and his grade improved by two letter grades from the first marking period to the second, just by keeping up with her.'” – Fast Company

“…Remind’s features have proved especially popular in low-income districts, where parent engagement is a key issue for teachers, and parents’ sometimes erratic work schedules can make it difficult to get in touch by phone.” – Buzzfeed

Remind website: https://www.remind.com/

Category : Education

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Reviews (30)

abb. Apr 26, 2022     

i must admit, this app is very useful, considering i have play rehearsals every week for the next two months, and some days, my part doesn't need to come. changing the subject, i really do not like the new look of the app. i have an android phone, and now, the 'r' for remind is cut off and looks really unprofessional. please change the logo back to the cloud!

kri. k. Mar 10, 2022     

Love the idea of this app but there are so many glitches. I have to close out of it every time I hit the 'back' button because it goes to a blank screen, will only get notifications about a third of the time, and now there is a character limit on individual messaging but no character counter so I have no idea how many I'm using. Debating switching to a different app for parent communication next year.

Pen. S. Apr 18, 2022     

Great app, it let's me connect with teachers, parents, and other students. It has no ads based on my experience, and it is mostly easy to use, only taking a few minutes to learn the UI. If you have email and post notifications on you'll get this badge showing that you do get the notifications

Jod. Q. Apr 26, 2022     

This app never works! Its much better simply using remind with text or email- without the app- but now its forcing you to download. Theres no other option. *EDITED 4/26/22* So far, the app has worked a lot better this time around. Its only been around a week but I wanted to give credit where it's due. I havn't missed any reminders, they're showing up in my notifications without having to go to the app to doublecheck, and the app is a lot easier to use.

Jes. P. May 6, 2022     

I love being able to communicate with my kids' teachers. I love the text feature that is offered as well with remind but overall just having an easy way to communicate is awesome. I love that you can emoji the message letting the teacher know you read it IF you don't have time to reply. Love this app!!

Mr.. G. May 15, 2022     

Stick with email and Google classroom. Superfluous app that does not work. Refuses to log in : internal storage, all permissions enabled, cell data and wifi available, Google accounts syncing, checked 3rd party verification. Cleared cache data, uninsralled reinstalled, tried different phones as we use 2 or 3 phones to get battery to last more than 5.5 hours of constant use (latest LG, Samsung, iPhone),

Kev. R. Apr 22, 2022     

Been using this app for years. School district came in and ruined my account I had way before they even knew what the service was. So many app issues now with syncing issues, to notifications not coming through to the app auto adding default languages to the service requiring a full reset on my end in the middle of a field trip. Oh and the new app logo... ew... Whoever in marketing thought to drop the bubble in favor of an R just made the app icon very unoriginal.

Ada. F. Apr 26, 2022     

Terrible app. I've downloaded and re-downloaded, even reset the app several times and it will still not open properly. Even with name brand phone on one of the largest network carriers around. Used an external link to set things up and while it recognizes my phone it tells me it's a new device every time. I go to use it and it wont accept the code that it sends me. Anytime I tried to get help it just sends me through the same automated stuff that I've already done several times. Worthless

Mar. H. May 12, 2022     

I like most aspects about the app except for one. I wish that more characters were allowed for messages instead of having to break them up in order to send it properly. That would be the only change I would make.

Mar. S. May 19, 2022     

I am set for notifications through text and email but I'm receiving any and the setting is on. I am also not getting an alert when a notification arrives in the app. This is a ongoing issue I have message multiple times this year. Please fix.

nic. s. May 11, 2022     

Works about half the time, can't figure out how to delete classes that I no longer need, so it looks like a cluttered mess. Seems to work better. If there was an option to archive old classes and groups that would be great.

Dus. M. May 10, 2022     

I loved remind but recently when I click any remind link sent through text, it will not load. I've deleted and re-download and it still doesn't work. It's driving me crazy!!

Fam. H. May 5, 2022     

Has been the worst of app and way to connect with teachers. After several times of uninstalling and installing I still have several issues. It will not let me connect. (Even after updating )

Ner. g. Mar 17, 2022     

I love the app very much. I love the design and look of the app. Don't change that in any updates to the app. I don't have much to say to improve the app except for maybe some sort of activities we can create in the app would be cool. Like you could create events that are coming up instead of the announcements. And maybe a higher character limit for messages.

10. T. May 6, 2022     

Still can't delete messages from teachers, or schools that were sent years ago. I have to scroll through uneeded messages to find the current ones. Fix your app please. If not, we will be uninstalling and using discord instead. Remind101 5/5/22 For safety reasons, you can't delete messages or conversations within Remind. We know that the ability to hide old conversations would be an awesome feature for many students or parents. Lol, just store that in your data, NOT on users devices, SERIOUSLY?

Jos. D. Mar 28, 2022     

I'm having some trouble deleting scheduled announcements. Some will delete, others won't! Those I needed to delete (due to constant changes with Covid) went our to the entire school anyway & I had to send multiple messages asking to ignore. Just looks so bad/disorganized on my end. Would prefer some extra characters for announcements. I post a link & it already takes up everything.

blu. Apr 16, 2022     

Messages via the phone app get "stuck" and don't get sent until AFTER you close the app. This has led to many delayed responses and information dissemination. 3/22 Still glitched in the reply area of notifications. Reply the most recent message (bottom of notification area) and it still sends your reply to the previous messenger. Need to enter the app, can't reply via notifications area. Dark mode, please. The app is so bright.

Jar. B. Mar 22, 2022     

Decent app and a good concept. My biggest complaint is that if you are a member of multiple classes then it is difficult to stay organized. All class messages show up under the same message tab. If there's a way to organize messages by class then I can't figure it out. :(

Dio. L. Mar 12, 2022     

App is less than useless, when someone sends you a link to click on and you click already have app, you get stuck in an infinite loop of pressing already have app. Only good for wasting storage space on your device.

Wil. P. Dec 5, 2021     

Great App! Simple to both set up and use. As a coach, I like that I can message individual members as well as send announcements to my players, their parents, or both at the same time. I also like that I don't have to share my cell phone number and conversations a can be saved and even printed if needed. This helps protect all parties communicating. I highly recommend it.

nev. s. May 22, 2022     

I love the app. You really het to connect with people when you need it like for school. You get info when needed and it's great for communicating within a group.

Nat. B. Mar 11, 2022     

Unenjoyable and wastes time. Only suggests new people in Search which is the most annoying feature of any app I've ever tried. When I type a teacher or parents name that I've messaged before, it won't be suggested. Instead, it goes to the bottom so I have to type the full name any way--which is especially unhelpful when I don't know how to spell their name. If I'm forced to do that, WHY EVEN OFFER SUGGESTIONS in the Search? It's maddening and makes it unenjoyable and time wasting.

Del. W. May 2, 2022     

Used to be good - since new update I haven't been receiving notifications of new messages!!! I checked my settings and they weren't changed so it's an app issue- almost missed some meetings because of this! Really frustrating

Mon. L. May 6, 2022     

Such a great app to receive messages in real time directly to your phone or email. I love it and have never experienced any issue's. Highly recommend

Can. Y. Apr 2, 2022     

Some times a bit glitchy. But otherwise, a valuable tool of communication. Love that it is an option for schools/ sports.

Sun. C. Apr 22, 2022     

It's great if you need to chat with a teacher, but I don't like that you can't delete messages, and when teachers archive the class, all threads from students talking to other students also get deleted. Other than that it's great

Mel. W. Feb 2, 2022     

Frustrating! Remind/help isn't helping either! A few days ago the app changed where I can no longer send an announcement to "Everyone" in my class. Now that option has disappeared! Why?! It was the most efficient and easiest way to get a quick note out to my class! I've emailed help team & they say uninstall & reinstall the new version. IT'S NOT THERE! for the 1000th time & it needs fixed! I will need to delete this app and find a better solution because this app no longer meets my needs.

Est. W. Apr 26, 2022     

Terrible service - Tell your teachers to find a different program! No option to remove old messages & conversations - regardless of how many years ago they happened. They refuse to fix this despite knowing how inconvenient it is.

L. B. Jan 26, 2022     

This is still the way I prefer to communicate with my students & parents, but lately, this app has not been functioning properly. Sometimes when students respond to my messages, notifications of their responses don't show. Also, after reading a notification, when I read a message and click the arrow to go back, the screen is just white. This is very frustrating and I am looking for a new app to communicate with my parents & students!

Mac. P. Apr 6, 2022     

This page is a scam, given a notification on sms from "Canada post" saying our parcel couldn't be delivered and a reschedule is required when you click the link provided it brings you to this page to download and install, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. It is just a scam. I write this as a fair warning to everyone.