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Remini - photo enhancer

Remini is an online real-time photo enhancing app. Fully leverages state-of-art AI generative technology, Remini brings professional film production level image enhancing and restoration technologies to our daily life.
Since Remini launched in the beginning of 2019, more than 10 million photos – low resolution, blurred, compressed and damaged – have been enhanced.

-------- Amazing features ----------------
• Enhance old photos and low quality photos to high-definition
• Enhance photos taken with old cameras or mobile phones to like with up-to-date cameras or mobile phones
• Repair blurred photos to clarity

Category : Photography

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Reviews (30)

Bry. E. May 27, 2022     

Does a great job at clearing up faces in old and blurry photos. Unfortunately it ONLY does the faces, and everything else is untouched. I'm sure that's a lot harder for an algorithm to fix though, because faces always contain certain things, and backgrounds can be literally anything. It'd also be great if Remini could remove specks and damage, and restore colors. Also, I think the cost is fair, but instead of a subscription, I'd rather just pay a week at a time.

Arn. S. May 26, 2022     

Fantastic results. After trying many AI photo enhancement apps and close scrutinying the results, I think this is probably the best of the lot. Not only for Face but for other textures in the image as well. Only thing is cost. For casual shooters and hobbyists, Rs. 250 a week is very steep. I don't know why it suddenly shot from Rs. 80 a week to 250 a week.

Ami. May 23, 2022     

Expensive, but it does what it says it will. In my case it didn't work as dramaticly as advertised, but it made a difference. My issue with it is the cost. At $2.99/week, it is designed for the professional photographer, not for keeping around to fix the occasional family photo. I would love it if they offered a reasonable free w/ads or single use option that didn't automatically renew. I can see signing in and paying for week every once in awhile to handle a batch of family photos.

Art. S. May 24, 2022     

The photo enhancement on old version is so much better. This new version has 3 version of enhancement but none of them is as good as the one on the old remini. The new version is increasing the file resolution but the actual file size is decreased, so you lost a lot of details on your photos except on the face area. Please bring back the old remini enhancement or i don't think i'll keep subscribing.

Ron. K. May 18, 2022     

AVOID!! Remini took time to re-invent their AI adjustments of old and not-right photos. Well, their back ... and it's possibly WORSE than it was (if that's even possible). Images/faces are so severely distorted, human faces look nightmarish, disfigured, wholely UNUSABLE! There is no benefit to this app, and I've yet to see it refinish a photo to be useable. AVOID AT ALL COST.

Eri. S. May 6, 2022     

This really is a phenomenal program which instantly enhances photos saving an incredible amount of time on processes that would take much longer to do manually in Photoshop. However, I loathe subscription-based products which is why I still use Photoshop CS6 (the last standalone edition) and will never "upgrade". If you had a standalone product, I would happily buy it; but I refuse to "rent" a program like this which, honestly, I wouldn't even use all that much.

A. M. May 11, 2022     

When I initially subscribed to Remini it had sooooo many cool tools - face animation, retro, descratch, colorize, enhance, enhance pro, etc. I loved it! Now they're all gone except for enhance and enhance pro. The only tool which needed improvement was the colorizing tool, but it was still useable. The developers went on to dumb down the UI. What a loss. This app was great before the destroyed it. I'm morning the Remini from 8 months ago!!! My heart is broken!

Man. C. May 5, 2022     

App is too good, I can say fantastic, the way it's upscaling pictures, making them better was beyond the boundaries. I would give 5 stars or more than that without any second thought. But the problem is with the ads, i know ads are needed to generate income, but with these many ads user experience is getting destroyed completely. For enhancing the picture we should watch an ad for 30 seconds, to save it another 30 seconds, helplessly waiting. Looking for alternatives.

Phi. S. May 11, 2022     

This used to be a killer app. Then right after paying for a slew of extra features, they took away all of them except two with no explanation. What a clown show. That was back in January. I tried it again today as a free user, and there's a new awful interface. You have to watch a 30-second ad just to use the one free option, then another 15-second ad to save the result. And now what used to cost $9.99 for three months is $2.99 a week. Y'all have lost your everloving mind.

Adn. R. May 26, 2022     

It was way better before they "updated" it, and now it's clunky, uncooperative, and you can only do 1 free enhancement, with ads, instead of 2. You can't even do any of the other features it used to have, and you have to *hope* that the default enhancement works the way it was supposed to. Would not recommend this version of Remini.

Joh. P. Mar 13, 2022     

does a good job enhancing photos. you can see the basic enhancement but there are two "better" ones that you can't even look at unless you sign up for a 'free' week which then turns into a weekly payment. pass. But, the basic editor looks pretty good and for the simple price of watching an ad before seeing the picture and then watching an ad to save the picture, it does pretty good.

Kat. M. Mar 17, 2022     

This app is very limited. It only half works if the images aren't too blurred. If you're trying to clear an image really distorted, this isn't the app. Also, it only clears the face, not capable of full picture scans. The last thing, if it does clear the image, chances are high that it'll distort the image more and the faces will end up looking worse. Do not recommend.

Gli. P. Mar 24, 2022     

Really love the app, and I only had it for one day! Sure, the images don't look PERFECT, but they look good enough. They end up a little distorted but it's ok. The backgrounds don't look very good but i don't care much about background, just the main thing in the picture. I downloaded this app to make a picture I have made into a poster but the picture was really blurry. Now, other than background distortions, it looks fine. Wish you didn't have to watch adds for almost every action, though.

Jef. T. Apr 15, 2022     

I've used this app on a wide variety of images; I feel like it generally helps clean up images, unless they're too far gone. Interestingly, if I use it on a grainy hi-res (2k, 4k) photo, it cleans up the images, but it reduces the file size and resolution? So, that's a good way for saving space on my device. There used to be a video enhancer module for the program .. which worked fantastic, hopefully that feature is brought back at some point. Overall, very good, just needs fine tuning.

Sgt. Mar 29, 2022     

I used to hold this app in high regard; the restoration quality was amazing (even on old blurry photos!), and despite being limited to 5 images a day, the free version blew every other app out of the water- but the recent update ruined it for me. You only get 1 free pass a day now, and the quality is NOT worth the wait; as well as this, it's much slower and laggy than its predecessor, and now there's no history either. It's tragic, but I'll be uninstalling for now. It was fun while it lasted.

Cod. S. Mar 28, 2022     

I needed to find a photo enhancer that worked better with faces. I had been using a service intended for commercial users, and it did well EXCEPT for enhancing faces. I tried another service, which uses proprietary technology, and I believe it to be the best out there. However, it is only bundled with a well-known ancestry service's most expensive annual plan. Thus, the only other option I found was Remini. For the price (free or $5 a month for premium), it works really well on faces, while most other services tend to make faces look just plain weird. The interface is most definitely less clunky than it was this time a year ago. The various improvements that have been made are a good start. However, I feel more work needs to be done on the algorithm to improve the rest of the person, as well as the background. Enhance+ is truly useless. I can tell little difference (and quite often, it's slightly worse) than the main option. I recently had to cancel my paid plan, as I'm cutting back on monthly subscriptions. The ads are a little much--two before uploading, and then two before saving. Plus, they do occasionally advertise risque or scam apps. Sometimes, an incredibly small image will need to be done twice; and thus you're stuck with the same process twice. Previously, there was the "Double Enhance" feature, but that has been cut in the gradual cutback of features in the app. In general, it does exactly what it's supposed to do, just it needs just a bit more fine tuning to be great.

Eve. M. Mar 13, 2022     

Not only have they removed many amazing features, they've now changed the layout so that it is now clunky and weird to use, and I have to watch up to 2 minutes worth of ads just to get ONE picture, and I can no longer enhance them twice without pro. At least with the old update, I could skip the second ad 5 seconds in, which at least made it barable. But now, after using this for a year, I may just switch to a different enhancer; Remini is just ridiculous at this point.

Ben. G. Mar 31, 2022     

Easy to handle and pretty straightforward. The results are nice enough for the price of watching 2 ads (1 for rendering and another for saving the pic). I didn't like so much that the app shows the possibility of "2 better PRO options" but doesn't show any glimpse of the PRO version results without subscribing for weekly pay. Maybe you can show the results first, with a watermark for example, so we can see if those results are actually worth paying for without wasting time? Anyways, nice app.

Unb. Mar 20, 2022     

I am very impressed with the results, it made a selfie of a friend of mine in sharp quality, and not too sharp either, it looked like it was taken on a flagship phone. 1 major downside about this app is the fact you have to watch a 30 second ad everytime you want to put a photo into the system AND the fact you have to watch a 30 second ad, just to download it, which is just stupid, but I guess this is the only way they get money, since the app usually won't be used frequently.

Ant. Apr 7, 2022     

Remini is a very good app, but with a couple of niggling issues: 1. Every time you enhance a photo you are presented with the 'suggested' screen, where Remini second-guesses which photos you'd like to enhance based on how new the image is, and also whether or not it recognises a face. This is a pain, more often than not, because Remini very often fails to recognise a face in spite of it doing a very good job of enhancing it if you tell it to. This means you have to click 'other photos' and then browse through your folders to find the image you want to enhance. As it doesn't seem to save the last folder you accessed, you can imagine what a laborious process this is when you have a folder full of images that Remini struggles to recognise. Easily fixed: the first screen you're presented with when enhancing an image should be the last folder you accessed - or better still, a folder you select in settings that you can store sub-folders you wish to enhance. 2. In enhance+, when you zoom in on a face to see the effects of one of the three enhance options, as soon as you click onto another option the app decides to reset to a fully zoomed-out view, meaning that not only do you have to zoom in again to see the results of a new enhancement option, but comparing the subtle differences in the three options is far more difficult. Easily fixed: Whenever you select a different enhancement option, keep the zoom scale as it was in the previous option. I'd also like to see a fourth button introduced, that saves a finalised version of EACH of the three enhancement options so they can be manipulated as layers in Photoshop, thereby allowing the best elements of each image to be used in one image.

JUG. S. P. D. Apr 16, 2022     

Hello, I've been using this for more than a year and it was astonishing!... I really like this app. However, the latest update is crashing a lot. • Sometimes, it says that there is no internet connection when I press enhance. • Sometimes, it would play an ad, but after playing it... a pop up will show that there is no internet connection, try again later. • It only worked once(1) out of 10 tries... The old version is better...

Dea. W. Mar 25, 2022     

It's pretty cool...but the app has done some strange things. It made some ancestors of mine look like they had been maimed in a fire or something. At first I thought that maybe I just didn't notice in the originals, but I zoomed in to one that the app made it look like some of his hair had been burned off at some point. It was barely looking. When I zoomed in though, his hair looked fine.

Jai. B. Mar 16, 2022     

It does exactly what it advertises, and even has different presets for enhancing the image, that you can later combine in your own photo editing software. I do pay to not have ads, which I think is very worth it in the long run. One thing that would be great is to have a more consistent naming scheme, as I often enhance many images in one go, and it would be great to have a reasonable relation between the original filename and the enhanced one.

Fre. S. Mar 13, 2022     

This app sometimes, and not always, does a good job enhancing portrait color photos. It generally does a poor job on old black and white photos. If you have a question, the customer support is terrible. I tested it for a month. It is not worth the money. It was much better before the recent update. There are better photo enhancer apps that one can use.

̇. Mar 13, 2022     

I used this for so long but literally, out of nowhere, the ads aren't playing anymore and I can't enhance any picture. If I reinstall the app, the ads reappear but only for one time and then when it enhances the picture, I can't save it because there's no ads playing again. Now when I click "enhance" the app just kicks me out.

Ben. Mar 28, 2022     

Update: Turns out they are just photography theifs, read the terms and do not use the app. Old review: Clunky unstable user interface. It loads the interface properly about 50% of the time and successfully edits a photo 20% of the time. It's really good a showing you adds and then fails to do it's job. I dont mind paying for pro but I'm not going to do yet another subscription service.

Fer. I. O. Apr 15, 2022     

Absolutely awful, and a total scam. First of all, the amount of ads is atrocious if you use the free version, hence, I made a subscription since it was oretty cheap. Here's where the REAL problem begins. I subscribed from the app itself, and after paying the price, it just kept loading and eventually lead to an error, prompting me to check my wifi. After such, it still didn't register the pro version as if I never paid. The "Restore Purchases" button doesn't even recognize my purchase.

Yza. N. Mar 26, 2022     

Remini deserves zero stars! This app is freaking crazy! Once it enhances a pic, it's a 50/50 chance you get the actual pic but most times, omg, my friend and I get the strangest most demonic looking enhanced pics! Faces that don't belong appear where they shouldn't and half the time it completely changes a person's face altogether and it's not from the original uploaded pic! I think the developers need to look into this because I have screenshots of all the strange faces! The samples are false!

Cel. A. Mar 15, 2022     

I stuck with the app despite features being removed as I only really used the photo enhance, but I don't know what you've done in the last couple of updates but the 'enhanced' images look absolutely awful. They are all mushy and look more like they've had the Photoshop oil painting filter applied. You're going backwards in quality, not forward.

Fea. Mar 25, 2022     

It works well enough for 480 - 720p images, but if the resolution is too low, it appears that the app thinks that the image is supposed to look that way. For one of my pictures it just made the edges of the pixels more defined. It gives varying results, at varying starting image qualities.