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【Rental Boyfriends】dating game

Introducing the newest title by the OKKO Sweet Romance Team,"Rental Boyfriends", a romance simulation game, is now here!
Dress up your own avatar in adorable outfits and items,while enjoying your provocative and thrilling romance!!


A first-timer in love and romance,you suddenly end up one day working for a"boyfriend consignation" company!

"Kissing... is an option?"In a world well beyong your imagination, comes a bewildered you.

――Barely capable of this kind of world,is this even all surreal?――

Surrounded by all these good-looking and well-seasoned men,your daily excitement just never ends!

Enjoy a romance like no other!


A genius + mysterious,Aito HOZUMI

"I've never had something I wanted...until now."

Igniting the flame inside the heart of thisyoung genius and a man of super high-specifications,is none other than you! A love story that goes places begins!

A strategist + dominant sadist,Takeomi SHIINA

"You ready? From this moment on I won't hold back in loving you."

Ever since you were a child, you've always thought you'd fall in love at first sight with an older man... but beneaththat mask of a gentle face lies a VERY possessive, anddomineering sadist!

Runs hot & cold + faithful,Taisuke NADAUCHI

"If I can make you smile, then with just that, I guess I'm good enough."

Quickly add two careless people together,and you get a relationship where both sidesrepel each other, mutually. Right at a time where he poses as your ex-boyfriend however,your romantice life's biggest period arrives!

Other charming cast members will be introduced later!

====================◆Love Aside, There Are Lots of Others Things to Enjoy!◆====================

■Customize your Avatar !

Enjoy hundreds of vibrant and gorgeous looks for your avatar!Bring out your best fashion sense and seduce him...!

■Overcome Challenges of Love !

Clear 'Missions' for the sake of your love with himand unlock sweet scenarios complete with beautiful illustrations?!

■In Rental Boyfriends, Only Happy Endings Await!!!

Whichever ending you choose, both are of happy ones!You can also re-read and enjoy your romance over and over again!

【WARNINGS】※To play this game, you don't need to register any email address.※You can read 5 Scenarios for free every day.

Category : Simulation

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