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RGB Color Detector

Best app to detect and pick colors! Detect millions of colors from an image.
Use the Camera to take a photo or use your gallery to load an image.


Extreme precision pixel by pixel.
Easy to usewith the multit-touch zoom and pan.
Different color formats and conversions like RGB, CMYK, HSV, HTML, HEX or HSL.
Include RAL palette conversion.


Save the colors on your phone for later use.


Get inspired with our color lists


Create new colors with the easily.


Enjoy the amazing RGB FILTERS!
Save the Image with different formats: PNG, JPEG and BMP.


Analyze the pixels of the image with the incredible charts of the app.


Use a formula to calculate the concentration of a solution. BETA


Create amazing wallpapers for your phone.

Category : Art & Design

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Reviews (22)

Mat. H. May 28, 2022     

Paid for no ads. It works ok, then appears to somewhat freeze. It no longer shows rgb values and the buttons don't respond.

Ton. W. Jun 12, 2020     

Disappointed with control interface. Technically exactly what I wanted but I found I had to take a photo each time and couldn't work out how to dump them and move on. Probably me, I like things to be intuitive. I did find that if you close the app and open it again you can start a new job. First class response from the developer who is open to suggestions, however I can't find how to respond yet, there is no reply button on the google app system for users.

Tle. R. May 25, 2020     

Great apps! Especially the measurements in an "area" mode, which is very helpful for calculations of the average color pixels from many points in one shot. It works as good as Histogram function of Photoshop. The app developer is very responsive to the suggestion.

Mar. H. Feb 7, 2022     

OK but not easy to read and intrusive ads taking way too much screen space

Cal. B. Apr 4, 2019     

is a professional firing orders I love this tool is enable me to quickly make wonderful beautiful colors and to be very creative without this tool it would have taken me weeks to figure it out each colors but what does too I can create all kinds of remarkable colors especially doing portraits

Sac. Jan 9, 2019     

I love this RGB color detecting app. I only wish we can enlarge the images we upload to make it easier to select colors from tiny areas

A. G. u. Nov 13, 2018     

Perfect! Works when other extractors don't! Very polished and professional! You'd expect to pay good money for this!

Rut. w. Mar 17, 2022     

The app keeps stopping

B-r. E. F. Jun 7, 2021     

Best color app so far! Please make the whole background the color we're making or add option to change it to black or grey!

man. May 21, 2021     

Very good, when I get some money, I'll pay for it. It might be a little confusing to figure out, but it's worth it. Everyone should try it, it's even fun to play with.

श्र. स. -. Nov 4, 2021     

names mostly sound strange: "Oxford blue".., and doesn't save image after changing it

Dev. D. Oct 21, 2018     

This app works perfectly! I only needed it for a short period of time, but it served my purpose without wasting any time!

sea. s. Feb 1, 2019     

It was ok but didn't understand how to save it to phone and plus everytime i tried dectecting a picture it would crash

A. G. u. Dec 16, 2018     

It is a good tool for food grain quality research, but lacks HSV conversion .

UkG. May 17, 2020     

I am colorblind so I use it to identify colors works great for me.

Moh. I. c. Mar 27, 2021     

Good for painters and any of colour required department

Fed. V. Dec 9, 2020     

Just what i needed and it worked flawlessly.

Tim. H. Jan 26, 2020     

Nifty app, pretty easy to use.

Naz. S. Sep 18, 2018     

This apps increse brain workability

Sve. B. Nov 16, 2019     

Easy to you in multiple ways👍

ben. K. Jan 17, 2019     

Very bad app

Jus. F. Jul 29, 2018     

Crashes when I select picture