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RGB iR Remote LED

Manage your own RGB LED Lights with your phone or tablet.44 / 24 buttons Remote control for RGB LED Strip, Lamp.
This application simulates the 44 / 24 keys ir remote control distributed with RGB LED devices from china.Works on all devices with Android 4.4 kitkat and infrared transmitter ( ir blaster )

Remember to point the infrared transmitter directly to the receiver.LG/Sony is not supported since it use an own proprietary closed interface rather than standard Android interface.*Use the power button of the different remote controls in the app to find the right controller that turns on your LED lights

RGB full colors LED strip controller.on/offDimmer up, dimmer down.play pause.20 static colours, auto, flash, 3 colors jump change, 7 colors jump change, 3 colors gradual change, 7colors gradual change and 6 user defined colors.Speed of dynamic can adjust; Brightness of static can adjust.When users define colors, press custom key to enter the modes, then press red, blue,green add/reduce these 6 keys to mix colors.(Press any key out of the custom area to quit thecustom modes, if not, the keys are unavailable). When presses the custom key the second time, thecurrent color will be saved, if press next time, will show the latest saved color.

* FaQ: ***

Q: Colors no longer match the buttons, what can I do?A: Do not worry, this is a hidden feature present in some 44 buttons receivers.This also happens with the original remote control.With leds TURNED OFF, by pressing the button "FADE7"( same code of power button in the 24key-C ), the LED will flash once.At this point the color have changed their position.Repeat this procedure until you get the right colors position.The following table may help you

- correct position, doing nothingRBG
- tap "fade7" 5 times to solveGRB
- tap "fade7" 4 times to solveGBR
- tap "fade7" 3 times to solveBGR
- tap "fade7" 2 times to solveBRG
- tap "fade7" 1 times to solve

Q: Everything worked fine for some minutes, but now no longer works, how can I fix?A: The problem is probably due to an overload of the RGB driver.Keep in mind that these devices, with difficulty are able to feed 10 meters of LED as declared by the manufacturers.If the load is too big, after a while, will overheat and no longer work correctly.Decrease the strip length, or add an RGB amplifier.

bulbs lamp light magic lighting osram Sylvania Mosaic flexibleSAMSUNG GALAXY S6 / S6 Edge / S5 / S4 / NOTE 8 / NOTE 10.1 / NOTE 3 / TAB 7.0plus / TAB 2 / TAB 3 / MEGA

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Reviews (30)

Sli. B. Mar 22, 2019     

Seems like it would be a nice app if it works with your LED lights. I downloaded it at work and tried it on a friends LED set and it worked. I took it home and see if it worked on my bike (which is the reason I bought it) and none of the remots worked for my strips and I guess I ran out of time to refund. !!!!!DONT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU'RE WITH YOUR EQUIPMENT!!!!! After about 2 hours the refund option is reduced to uninstall

Jes. J. Nov 16, 2018     

Thought for sure if be refunding this as all the others I tried were garbage, but it works. Just have to choose the proper setting. We'll worth it to never have to find that little remote again.

H.. H. Aug 5, 2020     

Works great with my RGB strips but it would be even better if it had RGBW and RGBWW support.

Mr. A. Oct 26, 2018     

It's the only app that really works and it does properly. Wow. Money well spent!

Raf. P. D. Dec 31, 2018     

It's not working on Huawei Mate 10 Pro!

Chr. j. Dec 22, 2018     

dosent work for my strip did one colour change couldnt turn strip off or anything

Sha. G. Nov 17, 2018     

The only app that has worked excellent 👍

Bea. Dec 14, 2014     

Another Note 3 user reporting that it works great with Sylvania Mosaic flexible LED lights. Within two minutes of testing my new lights, I wondered if an app existed to control them and was pleasantly surprised to find this one. Thanks!

Hos. B. May 30, 2017     

Bought these cheap led lights at home depot and lost the remote then decided to try and get an app for my galaxy s6 and all the free ones didn't work so I figured what ever I'll try this one cause if not lights will probably end up in the garbage. But this one works surprisingly so I'm happy with my almost $4 cnd purchase

Bri. P. Nov 27, 2016     

Keeping the stars at 5 because even though my LED device (Current Satellite Freshwater+ aquarium lights) is what died, this app confirmed that it wasn't my physical remote that broke. I will update when I get the lights replaced to let people know if it's fully compatible with aquarium lights

Rob. D. Sep 28, 2016     

Good Download no problem. I don't usually download paid apps but none of the free apps worked on my S5 so I decided to take a gamble on it. Works great glad I did it even allows you to get your money back if it doesn't work. GREAT !!! This was a CE led strip from Home Depot.

Jas. E. Apr 4, 2018     

OK did not work and so I emailed them and have not hear a thing. I want my money back I did not pay for it not to work

Jam. W. Mar 21, 2015     

Will not work on my note 4. I have tried all the 24 button remotes. None work. I have other LED products with the same type remotes. Still doesn't work.

Jer. B. Nov 23, 2014     

Tried several others prior to purchasing this app. Remote looks identical to the supplied physical remote. Perfectly controlling rgb strip with my Note 4.

Chl. M. D. Aug 9, 2015     

I tried several free apps before this one, and they didn't work. This one does. I guess you get what you pay for.

Bry. M. Apr 4, 2016     

Tried so many apps and this one actually worked. Didnt mind spending money on this app because it actually works. Thanks

Ale. R. Jan 4, 2015     

Behaves exactly as it should, simple and reliable! Possible future feature - Would be handy if there was the option to place power/colour buttons as widgets on the home screen to save from opening up the app every time. Good app though!

Ant. N. Aug 10, 2015     

Been through a few of these. This one was the only one to work with my LED HALO headlight assembly. Just needs a floating app with basic on off and dim swithes.

Jus. D. Mar 15, 2015     

I have to point my phone in many different directions while pressing the buttons before anything works.

Jad. C. Apr 30, 2018     

🙁 did'nt worked I bought halo demon led rings for my car but suddenly the remote controller stopped working i tried all methods available on youtupe so i found your app around so i bought it hopping that it will work but i was disapointed .

Jas. D. Mar 14, 2015     

My new strip lights have a on off button for warm white leds and a on off button for color leds. This control works the color led but does not control white leds. Also factory control has dim buttons for white leds.

ray. b. Dec 16, 2015     

Only one that works all the types I have, from the box type to the slim type controller. Have over 100m of the strips. Don't always have the controllers to hand, but always got my tab. Which is a Tab S.

Cal. Nov 15, 2015     

Great app I was skeptical of it not working but it works like a charm, it's immediate and works from a longer distance than normal remote.

Vit. Z. Oct 25, 2016     

In the description it is not clear enough with which products it work and with which it doesn't. This money went to nowhere for me.

Sas. P. Jun 16, 2018     

It worked great but some of the colors are mixed up. It works better than the free apps

Ari. G. Dec 1, 2016     

LG G4 user here. This works great with the box-like controller for 5050 RGB strips. Remote broke, replacing it with my phone. Hell, I guess I'll look cooler now and there'll be less clutter on the desk.

Jam. R. Sep 8, 2015     

This is the only app I've found that correctly controls all of my different led sets. Good, functional app. Well designed. Clean looking to boot.

DEE. Sep 8, 2015     

It's hit and miss... I love it cause it's the only one that worked and looks like my actual remote. It works most times and sometimes I just keep on pressing and nothing happens. Other times it works like a charm

Sha. H. Mar 12, 2015     

One problem on and off button don't respond all da time some time it's comes on some time it don't switch off pls can u fix it

Ena. H. Jul 4, 2015     

After my remote stopped working I thought I'd lost out of 50pounds, but this app works great I never really expected it to. EXELLENT APP ",