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RGB Master

LED Stripes and other RGB devices via Bluetooth and Arduino (UNO) monitor and control.
Link to the the wiring diagramm can be found @ the Video !

Works with Linvor, HC 0x etc. easily.

Simple 4-wire connection (eg DUPONT mw) to the ARDUINO (UNO)

At least some words according to the "votes":everybody who can read has an advantage
- and who thinks, he can control a normal LED-Stripe without any additional Hardware should deInstall the App.

Votes like "Bullshit", "Nonsens" etc. are not conducive for development !!!

Category : Lifestyle

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Reviews (24)

Bog. C. Jul 2, 2019     

very delightful to learn as much as i can, but excited to be part of LED prodigies that are gonna take us into the future with beautiful new ideas.

ran. k. Sep 22, 2018     

Watched the video and still does not work keeps shutting down

ste. w. Oct 3, 2018     

Poop - does not find any Bluetooth devices

A. G. u. Feb 11, 2019     

it trash dont wast your time

Gib. Z. Apr 12, 2017     

I hoped it would work I have all the wiring correctly done and working but the app gives out a Java.io error. Edit:no it doesn't work my Java is up to date and it's not work on anyone's phone nor on the three devices I've tested..

Fra. C. Jan 25, 2016     

Tried to use the RGB 5050 (44 key remote) and get nothing but java file io exception.

Jad. P. Jun 30, 2017     

Aweful, does not work, "java not found", on Galaxy S6, pretty common mainstream device, so it must be the app that has these issues, especially when you have this many people complaining about it. Needs serious work.

Mar. R. Nov 9, 2016     

This is a really cool idea but it either doesn't work or nobody knows how to use it, and in that case the developer should help people who don't understand how to use it so they can get more out of this app, but for me it was useless so that is how I am rating it

Gle. C. Mar 31, 2016     

Some strange language and crashes constantly

Ant. R. Jan 31, 2016     

Java errors make this thing worthless.

Sac. P. May 13, 2019     


Mat. M. Oct 8, 2015     

Couldn't stand the snarky replies to reviews from dev, so I'm rating it 1 star.

Dav. R. Feb 14, 2015     

Doesn't work and in grrman

A. G. u. Oct 15, 2014     

Also, does not appear to operate the Galaxy S5 ir blaster.

Ada. W. Jan 30, 2016     

Don't waste your time horrible UI plus don't work. Horrible.

Luc. C. Feb 13, 2016     

Its for BLUETOOTH LIGHTS ONLY I wondered why it wasn't working on my regular lights so I went and bought a Bluetooth connection now it works perfect

A. G. u. Sep 18, 2016     

This app is broken/ not a viable program.

jes. k. Mar 1, 2018     

it doesnt work for lg g3 java has an error

Xan. Sep 29, 2017     

I tried it even though most say it's broken. Yep it's broken

D. n. Feb 22, 2017     

Does not work, java error, useless. Remove from play store or fix it.

Ton. G. Dec 9, 2015     

Doesn't work JavaScript errors

Sta. G. Oct 3, 2014     

Did not work. Errors, errors, errors

Bra. B. Jan 21, 2015     

Needs both bug checking and translation...

Joh. M. Aug 26, 2020     

Errors out.