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RGB Remote

Application allows to control RGB LED strip controllers with IR receiver. Android KitKat is required. Keep in mind Your device may not be supported.

Category : Tools

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Reviews (30)

Ale. Jan 6, 2021     

Worked for me! Missing some buttons from my original controller, but good enough. The colours on the LED dont correspond with the colours on the controller. I would like the options to change that.

San. Jul 30, 2019     

Works perfectly. Please change the design of the app or at least its icon to a more minimal one and less cheap looking. Just to make it look more professional. Other than that 5/5!

Mik. B. Mar 22, 2020     

Works, check settings. It didn't work initially, but I went into settings and selected a different remote and the second one worked on my bulb! You must have a Galaxy S4 or S5 with infrared blaster for this to work.

Ani. Apr 14, 2022     

This is the best app so far. Downloaded multiple apps for my light but this one is staying forever. No more cringe pornographic ads. Whoever made this is a genius and whoever thought of not keeping ads is a saint.

Sai. H. K. Apr 20, 2021     

Honestly this one works really well for the type of LED's I have. When downloading this app I had low expectations but it genuinely worked. I highly recommend this app it saved me 15€ and it's the only one that worked for me.

Dan. T. May 30, 2019     

It totally works with my LG g5 with IR blaster. Connects to led strip and does not have a bunch of unnecessary features. Thank you!

Bru. F. Sep 19, 2019     

Works as described. I can use.my phone's IR blaster to control an RGB LED stripe I got and I don't need to keep its crappy remote.

Pra. Oct 5, 2019     

First i installed this app uninstalled it then my friend suggested this app again i said it's not working then he said just "switch mode to 24 keys" 😊 Now it's working fine for me also. Thanks DEV.

Vin. K. M. Apr 28, 2019     

Works great with my LED strip. Just need to choose the controller type from the settings that suits your strip.

Par. A. Jan 5, 2021     

Great app. Wasn't working in the initial settings. But started working agter I changed the remote settings to APA 1616

Aka. R. Nov 3, 2020     

At first it didnt work but when i changed the remote control type in settings to apa 1616 the second option it works perfectly nice app loved it

T. T. Jan 15, 2021     

GUI could be a little tidier, but the app is otherwise perfect, simple and basic as it should be

Sau. S. May 11, 2020     

Thank You Guys... 👌 A """5-Star""" App 🙌❤️ . "If not work, kindly.. change the Mode in settings" then It'll work 👍

Ama. C. Sep 18, 2018     

Awesome app working with most of led par lights & led stripes, I'm a seller of led lights & it's very useful for me.

Tit. L. Jan 11, 2022     

thanks for making this app useful. so idon't need to buy a new adapter for my led strip.

Cip. Oct 22, 2020     

Exactly like the real remote. Just do something with the design. Cheers!

Chr. C. Jan 5, 2019     

Works perfectly! Once i changed the settings to 24 key APA 1616 it worked well.

Pin. c. 4. Jun 14, 2019     

this thing works fine!!! , i have redmi note 3 phone , only thing is the app icon which could be better.

Muh. S. Dec 4, 2018     

I have a simple rgb light strip which dose not have app pre built i installed it first it didnot worked like other apps but when i changed my remote type it worked

Nav. N. Oct 25, 2020     

I just had to go to settings and change the remote type and it worked.

Lu.. W. Jun 27, 2019     

interface is very good 👍 but it doesn't work with RGB Link

Anw. H. Sep 23, 2020     

i thought that the application will not work but it works so smooth!!!

Ach. O. Nov 12, 2020     

200%working fully recommended Best remote app ever seen Sooo easy just change the settings

Tan. R. T. Jun 6, 2021     

Works really well, Next thing I'd want is a homescreen widget

H. B. I. Oct 26, 2019     

It's working...wow Real work not fake aap. Best. Thank you for this aap.

Jac. W. Aug 18, 2019     

Doesn't work with led strips, lights of different types

Bab. S. Oct 26, 2019     

Tried many remote but finally found this which actually works

Ken. S. Oct 16, 2019     

nice work. greatly work on xiaomi redmi note 5.

Vin. S. Sep 29, 2019     

This remote really works it assome n fast to work

jun. Apr 8, 2021     

Pointless unless you have the exact LED lights