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RGB Remote

Brief introduction:
RGBW light dimmer is a mobile application which is developed with Bluetooth 4.0.
With RGBW light dimmer, you can use your phone to operate the colored light wirelessly. As long as you touch the phone, according to your corresponding click, the lights will change the color, brightness, and flicker frequency, and even DIY colored lights. RGBW light dimmer can also control multiple lights if you add the lights to the group.

Application steps:
Firstly, open the Bluetooth on the phone.
Secondly, open the APP of RGBW, and click on the Bluetooth logo which is on the upper left corner.
Thirdly, click on searching for BLEDIM light.
Fourthly, click on connecting to BLEDIM light which has been searched.
Fifthly, do the operation to change color, brightness, flicker frequency, DIY colored lights, and so on.
Sixthly, if you want to control multiple lights at the same time, you should firstly search for and connect multiple BLEDIM lights, and click on the logo of the light group, and then click on the BLEDIM lights which you want to meanwhile control. After this operation, you can control the lights synchronously.

The existing function of RGBW light dimmer:
First, multicolor regulation.
Second, brightness control.
Third, flicker frequency regulation.
Fourth, DIY colored lights.
Fifth, divide the group to control multiple lights synchronously.

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Reviews (30)

Mat. S. Mar 3, 2020     

Works to control colors and strobing. The music side of the app is 1. way too sensative and 2. has vary little variety to work with. Just glad at this point I found an app that will connect to the controller.

Dav. H. Jan 3, 2020     

Doesn't work well with my rock lights. It's really great at turning half of them on at a time and definitely has red and blue down which is exactly what I was going for. -5/10 Xprite lights suck.

Hea. G. May 12, 2021     

Frustrated. I can't get it to respond, so it's stuck on seizure causing rates of strobing and running through the colors, not on my command.

Dom. C. Oct 31, 2020     

Why do these apps need permission for location, record audio etc etc etc etc??? Anyone know? Or is it just the normal goverment forcing app writers to include it so they can spy on us and we agree to it?? Other then that, it works fine. But why these idiotic permissions??

wes. d. Feb 21, 2019     

Works great with Lgv20 and mictuning rock lights. Wish there were more save able presets and the music function was more usable.

Reg. G. F. Sep 6, 2021     

If app doesn't work it's cause you didnt grant every permission it ask for. Location, microphone and audio etc. Do that then click the Bluetooth icon top left. Then click magnifying glass to search. Bled comes up. Click it. Click check mark, Then your set.

Ken. C. Jun 22, 2020     

Mic tuning wouldn't work, so I tried this one and successful. Would be nice if you can do more than one color when playing music

Tra. A. Aug 16, 2019     

Cant find the bluetooth connection. I've tried the app with 2 different phones and still nothing.

Bra. W. Aug 2, 2020     

I love the lights but last night I turned them on and when I click on a color they will shut off or the color won't be what i clicked on... any ideas how to fix this problem

SK. N. Nov 17, 2019     

I can link up to it but I can't control any if the lighting. It just keeps cycling through the lights. Does anyone have a suggestion?

M. C. Apr 18, 2020     

Didn't work. Of course not, the RGB light doesn't even have Bluetooth so how could this fake app connect via Bluetooth 🤦🏻‍♂️

Onl. D. Feb 2, 2021     

This app sucks. I paired with Bluetooth didn't do anything. Not even tell me that my pair failed. NEVER DOWNLOAD THIS APP.

Gil. T. Jul 11, 2020     

I have a galaxy note 10, my phone finds it when I search it with Bluetooth but when I log in the app the app won't find it

Ric. G. Jan 6, 2020     

I bought thes lights and the bluetooth wont connect to any phone i have or any of my kids phones. Im so dissapointed!!!!

Tha. C. Apr 13, 2020     

Can you make the music mode change color from what the beat is just like a mixer is ir something like that.

Wen. E. Sep 29, 2021     

Can't always get Bluetooth to connect to turn lights on

Tim. s. Jun 11, 2020     

Great doea what it needs mic sensitive could be lower so it can pick up more beats

Da. W. Nov 5, 2021     

Can't get the app to pair with my phone. It won't even find my lights and this is the app that the manufacturer recommended

Cha. P. Mar 5, 2020     

Wont sync with bluetooth, what is going on???

Chr. M. May 20, 2021     

Junk!... don't waste your money, won't come on half of the time and app fails.

Bri. B. Apr 20, 2021     

I can't get anything to work. I have a Samsung galaxy s10 plus and nothing works

Jam. L. Jun 10, 2021     

Junk lights and app won't connect to 3 different phones

Bre. K. Sep 30, 2020     

Worth the money. I bought 2 sets of 8 and I have never had a problem.

Ang. B. Aug 27, 2020     

Love this app all except havimg yrouble with one light staying the same color as all others

aff. l. c. a. r. b. t. Oct 9, 2019     

Does not work with mictune led rgb rock lights!

Gal. M. Jun 28, 2020     

Works with rock lights when app with lights wouldn't

jer. m. Apr 12, 2020     

Can not see list of Bluetooth devices

Bra. B. Apr 12, 2020     

This won't connect. Doesn't work at all

Mar. K. May 4, 2020     

My light doesn't even have Bluetooth how do I conncet it to Bluetooth?

Bri. S. Nov 7, 2020     

I bought the lights and the remote will not install on my phone .I have an android it installed on my wife's and my son's i phone can anyone tell me why