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Rocket Mortgage Launchpad

Rocket Mortgage is fast. Rocket Mortgage Launchpad makes it even faster!
Jumpstart your online mortgage with Quicken Loans conveniently from your mobile device. Rocket Mortgage Launchpad is the easy way to get started with Rocket Mortgage – the smarter, faster, and totally online way to get a mortgage from Quicken Loans. You can expedite your mortgage process by creating your Rocket Mortgage account and uploading important documents right from your mobile device. From there, you can easily continue online to finish your application and see if you’re approved.

* NMLS #3030. Equal housing lender. Licensed in all 50 states. For our licensing and disclosure information, please visit: http://www.quickenloans.com/about/legal/disclosures-licenses ***

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Reviews (30)

Jos. G. Dec 9, 2017     

Terrible app. Only brings you to their website. Then you apply and get pre-approved and conditionally approved. You fill all the conditions and you will then go through their terrible process of hoops they want you to jump through. Eventually, after being asked to pay a bunch of money up front, they will stop returning your calls, and steal your money. I would love to be involved in a class action lawsuit against them. If you are a lawyer looking for this, hit me up. There is a reason this has a 1.9 rating, folks. I'm surprised it's that high. I recommend anybody rent until they can go through a reputable company.

Dan. P. Nov 22, 2017     

App immediately directs you fill out an online application on their website. This just a glorified lead generator to gather and SELL your information. Do not add your personal information, you will get hammered with solicitations via cell and email.

G. N. Oct 8, 2017     

Scan Drivers license? No thanks

Kam. J. Mar 18, 2017     

The premise of Rocket Mortgage is appealing. Give me the tools to play around with the different refi options and let me select what's best without the hassle of talking with some pushy agent. Unfortunately this is flawed.. I went to the web and got approved and started looking at my options, which was great. But then I had one simple question and apparently if you use the chat to ask even a simple question, your application transfers to an agent and you have to work with them the rest of the way. What a total fail.. I'll likely be getting my loan elsewhere now because of the hassle they out me through.

Too. W. I. M. C. Feb 9, 2017     

After reading all the reviews I will not even download or sign up for this app. Whenever you all take customers reviews serious maybe I'll waste my time. Until then good ad on TV I'm glad I didn't waste my time answering all of youll personal question.

jon. v. Jul 4, 2017     

Had to force close app, no exit button. First thing it asks is for me to scan my drivers license.... ya no thanks, I value my privacy

Cha. C. Jan 26, 2017     

this has been the worst experience of my life, I've been working with Quicken loans since July they always needed another document, then we got hit with a hurricane and instead of understanding that if they wouldn't have taken months to secure the loan it would have been completed long before the hurricane, but still they saw there was a little damage to our roof ( which we had been scheduled to be replaced when we got the loan) they wanted another inspection, then wanted it to be fixed, we had the roofers fix back to pre hurricane statis , but long story short, 6 months later Jason Whiteley calls my wife and tells her their retracting our loan because they did another credit check, well my credit has gone up since I started the loan, so believe me when I say look for another company to do your loan

Moe. A. Feb 26, 2017     

This app is a shame on INTUIT... It's a useless that gets you nowhere.

Joh. P. Sep 8, 2016     

They turned me down for financing because I work as a life flight pilot 20 days a month. Good customer service though. Getting mortgage elsewhere.

Gre. E. Jul 26, 2016     

This app is really just a shortcut to the website. Waste of space on your phone.

Don. L. Mar 19, 2016     

Saw the commercial. Thought I would try it. This is nothing but an app that steals your personal information then redirects you to their website. Probably making money off some referral program. Sounded like a great idea. Ended up being a waste of time. Uninstalling this app as I'm wondering what other info on my phone they stole....

jua. e. May 1, 2016     

This app is fishing for personal info.!!

Bre. F. May 19, 2016     

Nothing quick about this

Mar. A. Feb 14, 2016     

Tried to login, but it tells me my best experience will be on the Web, then launches my browser for the traditional web access. Seems like a wasted app. Just tell me to go to the website in the commercials rather than telling me to waste time downloading a pointless app. The ads are very misleading, I expected more from Quicken...

Jos. 8. Feb 13, 2016     

All this app does is ask for your info and then tells you to call some 800 number. It doesn't actually give you any answers.

Chr. P. Feb 17, 2016     

Lame marketing grab. You can't actually apply for a mortgage from your phone.

Mil. W. Feb 29, 2016     

I filled out all the information. Then it says switching online and it wants you to input the info again. Do not want your time on this app!

Joh. A. Feb 8, 2016     

My popular self would like to earn commission on every like this comment receives. As this will be going towards my new house. I see this app directs you towards website to do a normal application. The commercial shows otherwise! I will be suing fir 535,000 dollars which is the house I want.

Jon. H. Feb 8, 2016     

I just saw an add for this. Not as easy as it is advertised

Bri. P. Jan 19, 2016     

Just another way for quicken to rip off consumers. The only people to like this app are the people who work at quicken. Go to a local lender don't support the Chinese government.

Cod. W. Jan 28, 2016     

I expected great things from QL, but this is amazing. Great app and very simple to use

ARI. K. Jan 6, 2016     

never seen something start as an app and end as an egg. They should show the phone number of the agent rather making an app that directs you to a webpage which directs you to an agent.. absolute lululand

Dan. W. Jan 11, 2017     

What is marketed as a quick and easy process is nothing close to that. They got all my info on the website and ran a hard inquiry on my credit then told me to call. At that point someone took all my info over the phone again, ran a second hard inquiry on my credit, and then started the process to gather all my financial information. At that point I realized how much of a scam this was, just a bait and switch to get you in the door, but it's no different than a regular mortgage process, certainly no quicker.

Cha. N. Nov 18, 2017     

You should go see a real human to get a loan of this magnitude. You would be foolish to use an app as part of your mortgage process. Shop a minimum of 3 lenders. Get real advise from a real financial expert, not a website. Based on polar 1 star/ 5 star reviews... most - if not all - 5 star reviews are probably Quicken employees. I have been asked by many employers to artificially inflate reviews. This appears to be the case here. Source: *former* loan officer, real human being.

Rus. W. Dec 6, 2016     

The people at Quicken believe the rules are for other people. If you use this app at all you will forever be deluged by spam and junk mail and phone calls no matter how many times you submit their 'opt out' form. Give these guys any information and they will make you sorry you did.

Tim. R. Jan 7, 2016     

If it just keeps saying "chat now or call one of our reps" it seems like a waste to me.

Lou. G. Mar 4, 2017     

This app does not work. I was on step 5 of 8 for half an hour trying to get it to work. Kept changing numbers around. Even fixed all the red boxes the app wants you to fix. Still NOTHING! Thank you for wasting a half hour of my life. App has been deleted PERMANENTLY.

Ray. C. Nov 11, 2016     

Good for straight w2 employees with no debt and high savings. Bad if you are self employed. They become non responsive and overestimate what you can afford. Then leave you hanging when underwriting completes their job.

KIN. B. Mar 30, 2016     

This app stole my information and sold it to a company called real page inc. And they put a hard inquiry on my Equifax report lowering my score without my permission. We need a class action lawsuit filed against rocket mortgage, quicken loans, real page inc, and any other parties involved.

Bri. B. Jun 21, 2017     

Was pre-approved for a loan, then two weeks later, the company withdrew the loan approval without anyone informing me. Will never recommend anyone use this company.