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RocketMan Transit + Bixi Bikes

RocketMan is a very popular transit App that recognizes public transit stops and bike sharing stations around you (coming soon). Tap the bus or train stop to instantly find next bus arrival time, and locate the vehicle real-time location on the maps. You can mark unlimited stops as favorite and set bus arrival reminders, use RocketMan in over 50 cities in Canada and US

- Extensive map support, coloured routes and stops with direction printed on the maps pin.
- Favourites screen with custom sort order.
- Realtime location of all available transit vehicles on your device maps.
- Accurate arrival time with count down by the second for the next bus.
- Search by address, location or Stop Number.
- Nearby screen for a quick access to bus stops around you.

*Please note that internet connection is required for the App to work.

Feedback and Support Please visit our page on Facebooktwitter: @RocketManApp website: RocketManApp.com

Supported Regions

Ontario-TTC-GO Transit-Mississauga
- MiWay-Guelph Transit-Hamilton Street Railway-Thunder Bay-YRT/VIVA -Brampton ZUM

- Société de transport de Laval

- Calgary Transit
- Edmonton Transit System
- Winnipeg
- Saskatoon

BC-Victoria Regional Transit System-Whistler Regional Transit System-Kelowna Regional Transit System-Kamloops Regional Transit System

Nova Scotia-Metro Transit
- HRMMassachusetts

New York
- Bronx.
- Brooklyn
- NYC MTA Staten Island.


Northern California
- San Francisco muni.
- AC Transit
- Dumbarton Express.
- Emery-Go-Round.
- Foothill Transit
- Glendale Beeline
- North County Transit District.
- University of California, San Francisco

Southern California
- Camarillo Area.
- Gold Coast Transit.
- LA Metro Bus.
- LA Metro Rail.
- Moorpark Transit.
- OmniTrans.
- Simi Valley
- Thousand Oak.
- Ventura Intercity (VISTA)

- DC Circulator

Category : Maps & Navigation

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Reviews (30)

Joh. M. Mar 29, 2022     

Maybe it will get better. First time user live on Go Train from Oshawa to Union midday. I want to check the schedule so I can set an alarm and not miss the stop. Where is the Go Train? Information overload with all kinds of transit options near me. But while I have added GO and TTC service providers there is no way it seems to lock on to a particular route. Unless I'm missing something. Seems like a pretty important use case and UI requirement. "I want to monitor the service I'm on now". Thanks.

Rae. W. Mar 6, 2022     

Being forced to switch to this app from the regular Transit app since the city is discontinuing it, and I do not like it. I find the interface incredibly difficult to navigate and the "favourites" feature doesn't really make anything more convenient. The live tracking seems pretty accurate so far which is nice, but you still have to use Google for directions which hasn't always been accurate. The old app had its problems for sure, but overall Rocketman is not better or easier to use.

Car. D. B. May 1, 2022     

This app is really helpful. I'd like to suggest if possible, that it may include the bus stop #, that would be really helpful considering that sometimes is not easy to determine which one west or east bound. Thanks very much Rocketman team. 👍

Sim. L. May 1, 2022     

Constantly inaccurate when you need it. Rush hour predictions are accurate but there is a bus every 2 minutes so who cares. Need to be on time on a Sunday? This app is useless. After 9pm? Useless. Holiday? Useless. Absolute trash, just like the TTC.

Teg. C. May 11, 2022     

More than once a bus has canceled service but the app says the bus will arrive in less than 1 minute then go to the wait time of the next bus. Real time updates is a lie and honestly not impressed with just how "accurate" it is. A bus cant be coming in 1 minute for 10 minutes.l thatd impossible.

Lee. C. Feb 21, 2022     

Use this app if you like exercise, totally wrong predictions ( specifically at night ). Boycott. Bring back schedule times at stops. Not everyone has a phone and it's likely more accurate than this waste of battery life that will eventually force us to use our phone as a lifeline. Scrap the whole thing and start over. When a rogers network with full service on a new device can't run this; then you know you have a problem

Mar. M. Jan 26, 2022     

I like this app, it's very convenient and easy to use. I've been using it for several years now. Have a question about a bus stop that is actually being serviced but is no longer showing on Stops Map or updating the incoming buses - *Ossington Ave at Queen St West North Side*. App says "This route/stop has changed, please remove and add again." Any updates on when the bus stop will resume functioning on the app? Thank you.

vic. m. Feb 3, 2022     

This app had great promise when I downloaded it in late 2021 but I've grown really tired of repeatedly seeing "No stops available. There are no running routes near you" when I am literally standing next to a bus stop sign on a major route. Not to mention opening the app and the screen is completely blank. What gives?

Ari. O. Jan 3, 2022     

I have missed so many buses, been late to so many things, because of this app. I don't know if it's the fault of the app, or the information fed to the app by the Toronto transit commission, but regardless the unreliability and false information has ruined too many plans to count.

Jas. R. Jan 24, 2022     

THIS APP HAS MADE ME LATE FOR WORK SO MANY TIMES RECENTLY!!!! At first it was fine. I've been using this tracker for a year, and it was relatively accurate. Then around the fall...it just stopped being accurate all together. It doesn't account for bus delays, or closures...or if there was a closure, it doesn't account for when the closure or delay is finished and buses are running. I've missed busses, had to run after busses, etc. Not fun. Plz fix ur accuracy and information base.

Dar. L. May 8, 2022     

The most inaccurate when you needed it most. It doesn't work when you need it. Such bull Had to download another app (Transit Now) for comparison. I trust the other app more than this one.

Boo. B. May 23, 2022     

I can't add new stops now. The app can't find any stops I type in, even if I type them in perfectly. It doesn't do anything at all.

Blu. d. Apr 18, 2022     

Used to be my go to app. Now though, the due times are never accurate.. the bus I'm waiting for currently says due. Yet the timer at the station says 13 min. Impossible to plan anything when the times are so way off.

Ger. C. Apr 25, 2022     

The app used to take me directly to my location, but now it goes 5 miles away and it takes too much time to keep going to my everyday stop.

Man. S. May 4, 2022     

Great app. Needs to be customized. Once done, very easy to navigate

Ama. D. Apr 4, 2022     

Consistently wrong about bus times, super frustrating interface. Awful app hate that it's my only option

KET. P. Feb 15, 2022     

It's a really good experience using this app. It has become very helpful in finding stops and public vehicle schedules accurately. It saves a lot of time and energy.

Per. O. Feb 8, 2022     

It sometimes very useful until it doesn't refresh automatically and I have to close it completely and reopen it to see the new time which can be annoying because I think the bus is 5 minutes away while it's actually a minute away

C. T. Mar 17, 2022     

I've been using this app for a long time but unfortunately for several months it hasn't been working properly. My favourites just won't load, I get an endless loading screen.

Bry. W. Mar 25, 2022     

Hey I have been using this app for sometime and for some reason it does not want to show me how for the next bus is. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it did not fix the problem. What do u thing the problem is? It started yesterday I did not give it a thought untill the next day.

Min. R. Dec 5, 2021     

So unreliable. Times and tracking constantly keep changing with every refresh. Sometimes its on the ball and other times, when i think i have 15min before the bus arrives (because thats what it says on the app), Im watching it pass by on the tracker. Is it only tracking certain vehicles? Sometimes I see buses stacked but it doesn't show it in the app. Ugh.

K. L. Oct 23, 2019     

Used to love this app, but now my favourites don't list all the estimated times - I have to click into it for it to show which is kind of the point of having favourites, for easy access. I usually don't have any issues with estimated arrivals. The only times I notice when it is significantly inaccurate is for buses that don't come often, or it's quite late in the night. I do like the app's map, it's easy to use and has real time location of the bus.

Dan. B. N. Dec 4, 2019     

So frustratingly glitchy. My stops changed, yet I couldn't delete them. No matter how many times I deleted them, it was useless. So I uninstalled and redownloaded the app, and it's happening again. I can't change the order if my favourite stops, some stops cancel each other out, editing function is totally useless. What happened to this app? It used to be much more user friendly.

Vu. Oct 25, 2020     

I haven't used Rocketman since BlackBerry had the app, so I've decide to download it again for my Nokia phone. Apps great for bus times. If I want to make sure the bus times are accurate, I just text the stop number to match the times on the app. It's pretty accurate by several seconds. I just plan accordingly and leave a bit earlier to catch the bus. One thing that's a bit annoying is the live crowding report - keeps disappearing too quickly to read. Please fix it and delay it.

Phi. G. Nov 8, 2021     

The interface is slick, but there's an issue with how the app interprets the underlying data. The countdowns frequently still show a few minutes remaining after I've seen the bus physically leave the station. I've gone back to using Transit, which seems more accurate (or at least doesn't purport to show a second by second countdown when the data is too granular for one).

sta. m. Sep 15, 2018     

App used to be generally very reliable. Now it's useless for streetcars and buses - which I assume is what most people need it for. I contacted customer support but they haven't bothered responding. Shows that the next cars aren't coming for upwards of 15+ minutes and then just keeps adding time rather than counting down...which tricked me a couple of times into thinking the streetcars were delayed - but it turned out the app was just wrong and cars were running as usual. This happens all the time now.

Ste. R. Jan 7, 2020     

It used to work well but over the past couple months it consistently shows buses going in the opposite direction when I click to see where they are on the map. Very frustrating. Thank you for your response however that is exactly the part that hasn't been functioning properly. Instead I only see buses that have left the stop i am waiting at as opposed to the ones that are on the way.

Dee. J. Feb 22, 2022     

My initial rating was 3 stars when the app was slow in generating results. However, now I have bumped it down to 2 because of inaccuracy. Sever times have I seen the Route 76 bus advertised for certain times and within seconds either the timing changes or a certain schedule disappears entirely. Unsure if the fault lies with the app or with TTC.

Max. Apr 25, 2022     

Times are accurate 99.999999% of the time.....that's better reliability than the TTC itself

Jas. S. Apr 14, 2022     

Just a terrible app! Nothing good I can say about it. I'm all about progress but please Calgary Transit go back to the old app you're wasting your money with Rocketman.