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Welcome to the halls of Latin House! The best dorm (that you can afford) at the greatest college (that would accept you) in the entire country (Not counting the parts that aren't here).
Okay, maybe we're overselling it. Either way, you're invited along with either Max or Anne as they make their way through the first year of their college experience.

They'll share their dorm life with four other tenants as they pick their class load, pick their jobs, and maybe even pick someone to have a little extra curricular fun with.

Neither of them can get through college without you, so who will you help? Rock god Max or Book-smart Anne?

Between bitter tenured professors and a ridiculously distracting student body, it's going to take everything they've got just to make it to year two.

Category : Simulation

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Reviews (30)

Eri. E. Sep 27, 2018     

So the reason I'm giving it 2 stars is because, honestly it's a disappointment. You set up such an amazing game, just to have people purchase it to get the full version. I really do enjoy this game but as long as I have to pay to fully enjoy the game I won't be downloading it again because honestly there isn't a point in playing a demo over and over

Tri. H. Apr 16, 2019     

I dont remember having the Best Ending when I bought the this yrs ago but I just wished you added a scene for that. Also still hoping a gallery for Sally on Anne's route. And more CGs. Also I why did it have to be two different purchases for the MCs routes? Although I probably wouldn't have bought it if the price was x2.

Nig. S. Nov 23, 2018     

It's a great game no doubts on that part!!! But I hate the idea of paying for the full version!!!! I mean that's the one thing I can't stand in games!!!!!!! So please if u could make it free that would be great!!!!!

Dia. 6. May 22, 2019     

The amount I played was pretty good but I stopped at the pay wall but I don't hate it even if you have to pay to play the rest of it because this is a product and it's ok to charge for it besides the story ok and the art style is good too so hate that they charge you for this exprience

Mav. Oct 25, 2018     

This game isn't free to play at all, which in my book means it is false advertising which is illegal... If you want people to play your game then don't place it in Google play under "free" because all that does is mislead people who want to try it. Now had you listed it professionally as a buy to play game, that would be different. Though I wouldn't of wasted my time to even download it because I don't play games that aren't free, (I have several game systems for that). 1 star for false advertising and misleading.

B. W. Sep 19, 2018     

The game would only be worth it if you could do what's advertised... romance whoever you want (i.e. max & dom). You can't! Don't care if it's a spoiler I wish someone had spilled that info for me before i bought the game... disappointment

A. G. u. Oct 22, 2018     

Great game .Fabulous with a hint of passion. Problem is the price for the rest of the story, wouldn't paying with data make more people buy the rest of the story.

A. G. u. Dec 31, 2018     

The game is amazing. But the problem is, you should purchase the game so you could play the whole version. Please make it free for all. Just an opinion.

min. m. Nov 1, 2018     

The thing I enjoy about this game is the fact that they have a nice storyline but what sucks is the fact that you need to update for the dirty scenes. I ended up uninstalling it because of that. I like that there are pictures that are dirty and not for kids

Ser. Z. Oct 7, 2018     

I think this game was very fun it has a good story and a diverse look to all of the characters!, I've grown to this game and if you have I recommend a game called "sweetheart"

Cal. S. Jan 20, 2019     

gives you a free trial without telling you it's a trial. played half a game, wanted my money. no thanks! uninstalled, 1/5, tell us what we are getting, devs!

A. G. u. Jan 4, 2019     

This is the worst app it says in app purchase little do you know when you do download it you have to pay 8 dollars and something just to start the game so it's not worth it.

Mar. P. Nov 15, 2018     

I loved it but I wish I knew which games they made are for free since I I was stopped by having to buy it 😢 other than that I love it and its very awesome how every choice matters

KLO. Jul 3, 2019     

Its pretty cool, wish they wood lower the price though. I would definatly buy it if it was cheaper.

A. G. u. Nov 4, 2018     

I love this game just wish u didn't have to pay to play the full game cause not everybody can afford a gift card to get what they want on Google play store but other than that I love the game

Luc. K. Jun 24, 2019     

The choices really matter and loved the variety of characters to choose from as love interest!

Emi. S. Jun 1, 2019     

I am enjoying this game and wanted to pay for Annie's route but keeps saying server error. How much is the game anyway?

Kat. b. Jul 2, 2019     

I love the game but PLEASE do me a favor and make it to were it will not cost any real mony and I would be very happy!

Emi. A. Apr 24, 2019     

The game's okay. It's sad how you can't play the game a bit more before they get all in your face about "Want full version? Pay ----" Huge Tip: Playing as Max if you're going to give people the option of "gay relationships" you can't just add Rakesh and "NO" Dominic. That's cheap and being half-Assed Winter Wolves Comp. and raise the pay to $30 for jobs each time Max or Anne works. Please keep everything else the same. But redo and fix the flaws. Thanks and I'm a guy using my Gf's account

Luv. Mar 29, 2019     

I'm here brother, when I play it I love Sally so much her personality and more but the game it's awesome best anime role play game ever...

Kyu. F. Sep 29, 2018     

I'm confused as to why there are so many bad reviews. This is a bloody dating sim not one of those other games! Honestly you would think people would read the description before downloading a game. Fools

A. G. u. Mar 4, 2019     

very short they let u play tge game but when u start to enjoy it they say u must buy the game in order to finish it waist of data

ggt. Sep 12, 2018     

You need to make it free I understand your trying to make money but this game is good you just need to make free for more people to play it

Lee. M. Nov 11, 2018     

Its is the best app EVER!!!! I just wish i could do the other bit of the story for free...😢

Ndu. M. May 20, 2019     

i love this game and i even saved 1gb to download it but i was disappointed to find out that it needs a gift card.

A. G. u. Dec 20, 2018     

its fun n addictive n if u could add clothes changing mode n hurry a bit on romance it could be perfect

A. G. u. Sep 29, 2018     

So cute,love the whole thing.It's so romantic,and u can choose wat u want to do sometimes!

A. G. u. Jan 2, 2019     

free trial but i had early access and $8.23! for a story come on thats crazy

The. S. Oct 11, 2018     

If anyone finds this game boring, well, no one forced you to play it. STOP MOANING OVER IT. NO ONE CARES. Plus some of y'all need to learn how to speak proper English, "I must worn u"...really, dude. It's warn. You ain't wearing people, I hope. If y'all find a game you don't like, don't play it. No one cares that you don't like it. I highly doubt that the devs give a rats a**, either.

A. G. u. Dec 5, 2018     

Thw game is cool and i like the characters in it but i just hoped it wouldnt hav been so much money