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Real-time transit directions in San Francisco. Rover uses real-time public transit data to give you the best route, right now, to your destination.
Always get the best route to your destination. Rover tracks all MUNI, BART, and Caltrain lines and gives you directions that make sense right now, so you don't have to wait or worry about missing a connection.

Currently supporting SF MUNI, BART, and Caltrain in the SF Bay Area.

Category : Maps & Navigation

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Reviews (24)

Den. K. Jan 20, 2015     

Does exactly what I want: show me the fastest way to get from where I am to a place I may only know the name of. It is very accurate, showing the time left to reach a stop down to the second. The map view is a little clunky, though. Zooming isn't as smooth as with Google Maps, and the map isn't zoomed in sync with the map.

Rya. C. May 16, 2013     

I'm looking forward to the fully functional version of this app. It's a great idea to take vehicle arrivals into account when routing, but right now it's not really usable. For example, the "more routes" dropdown closes by itself before I can click a route, the times are way off, and it doesn't want to navigate to intersections. Fix the bugs and you'll have a great app.

A. G. u. Mar 9, 2017     

Broken and buggy. Offers intersections that don't exist and then fails to find them. When the app fails to find the non existent location it suggested, it hangs and won't even crash so you have to force stop it.

Pre. W. Nov 2, 2016     

Used to be my favorite app for finding the best MUNI route. Seems the backend may have stopped working recently-ish.

wro. s. c. Jun 24, 2014     

I've used Rover on iPhone before, and it was near perfection. Here, the maps don't load enough in starting to show the streets I need to walk to get to my bus, and the zoom gets stuck and doesn't affect the loading of maps like it does on iPhone.

Bra. G. Mar 26, 2013     

This Is my go to app for muni mapping. Add better bart support and samtrans then this app would be even better than it already is. 511 transit is the only app I know of that does samtrans, add that to gain a massive group of users and to set yourself apart.

Tim. O. Jan 12, 2013     

Still working out some issues with the beta, but this app is great. Great concept! Now I can find the fastest route when I have multiple options!

Cha. R. Sep 10, 2013     

Only works for Muni, no BART or Caltrain. Also seems slow to search and find directions. Also, why use Bing maps and not Google Maps? Please at least allow us to choose the provider.

Dev. G. Feb 8, 2013     

Bug where when you open more options for muni buses won't let you select lower options Also would like to see not only the next bus but also the next two or three

Gar. A. Feb 12, 2013     

App tells me it only supports MUNI within SF, *not* the advertised "MUNI, BART, and Caltrain in the SF bay area".

Qui. K. Sep 27, 2013     

This is the best app for public transportation!

Sol. d. l. R. Jan 6, 2015     

They claim to have schedules for bart and caltrain. They do not.

Bil. C. Oct 15, 2013     

Not an android app. :-(

Tra. B. Dec 18, 2012     

Everything you need to get around on public transit in one app. No more flipping back and forth between a trip planner and the Muni arrival tracker. And the interface is super simple and easy to use. I love it!

A. G. u. Nov 13, 2012     

Simple interface, very easy to use. A very well thought through app. I can finally find my way home using public transit.

Mar. S. Aug 30, 2014     

As far as I know this is the only app that does transit routing using real time arrival data rather than timetables. Unfortunately the app is very buggy - the back button behavior is consistently surprising, and the battery use is off the charts, I think it leave the GPS on in the background. But until a better app comes along, the real time routing functionality is keeping this one on my phone.

Ell. S. Jul 25, 2013     

The only app that gives directions based on where the buses actually are! So so useful, since Muni is never exactly on schedule. Unlike Google Maps, the directions are based on where the buses actually are, not where they are scheduled to be. A few minor UI problems, like selecting an alternate route.

Mik. T. Mar 13, 2013     

Software could not provide route as advertised and could not route between different transit services such as BART and MUNI. Epic FAIL

Joe. K. Feb 12, 2013     

When exiting the app, GPS is not turned off. This is a problem for battery usage. Other than that, it works as expected.

Jor. L. Jun 1, 2014     

This is an amazing public transit app. Very accurate with directions and times. Turn on the GPS function to take advantage of the full app. I sincerely hope this app gets build for other cities soon.

Mar. N. Feb 10, 2013     

Why do you put up iOS screenshots on the play store? I wasn't gonna download it because I thought it's just an ugly iOS port until I was told it is actually a good app. You're missing out on users with this!

Sal. G. Dec 31, 2015     

This thing only does san Francisco

oju. p. Jun 14, 2013     

Convenient and accurate on buses

ear. h. Feb 14, 2013