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Royal Archery Crossbow Master

Archery is the art or skill to propel arrows using crossbow. Everyone love to play this game. Through this game you will become an archer or bowman by practicing archery game. Awesome controls and realistic 3d graphics will make you feel like an archer man.It's very simple but amazing game. It has 24 levels and many more features. In each level there are 10 arrows to shoot the target. In each level there are different targets. In some levels targets have moved. If your arrow will not hit the target than your arrow should automatically waste and decrease the one arrow in given arrows. Aim the target, take a breath, shoot with arrow and hit into the target. When your arrow hit into the center of target you get 50 scores and its good shot.Grab the arrow get ready for shot the challenging game and become the master of this 3d archery game. If you accurately hit main aim center point then you got extra score and one arrow.Test your skill by playing 3d royal archery shooter and training game. Hopefully you like and give feedback after first play. This game is compatible with all mobile devices of android phones.
***How To Play***

- Touch the screen
- Move your finger to aim you target
- Release the arrow

- 3d graphics & different targets
- Intuitive controls & stunning environments
- More than 20 levels
- Wind effect
- Optimized game play

Category : Arcade

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