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RPG Companion

This is the companion android app to the website: https://rpgcompanion.site.

The goal of this app is to improve your life, as a DnD Dungeon Master, or any RPG DM or GM for that matter. Notable features include:

-Plot Hook Generator - Browse through hundreds of plot hooks to help keep your story interesting. You can even submit your own!

-NPC Generator - Randomly generate a very detailed NPC on the fly; your players will believe that this NPC has a purpose and is significant instead of a throwaway one-off forgettable character.

-Name Generator - With a growing list of races.

-Loot Generator - Configurable to a large variety of encounter types

-Unique Items, Riddles, Puzzles, Dungeons, and Battle Maps submitted and voted on by users.

-A convenient dice roller

-More than 120 "d100" lists - Have you ever needed to come up with a tavern name quickly? How about an interesting potion? Or the contents of a traveler's backpack? These lists contain 100+ different entries to quickly help you fill in the details of your world.

This app is open source: https://github.com/svenjoypro/RPGCompanion
and I would love any and all contributions.

Category : Role Playing

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