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RPG Generator

Ever had your DnD (or other RPGs) players walk out of everything you've planned?
Fear no more, this app is able to generate an insane amount of content for you to change your plans on the spot.

Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with our lists, and how to use them before applying it to a game and then you and your players will have a lot of fun using it.

Here you will be able to generate:

* NPCs, all with crazy personality traits, names, even weirs items in their pockets.

* a whole Town or Village, including name, details about their taverns, how the town makes their money, what makes it spell, and a lot more.

* Items from Legendary to Mundane, you'll never need to design an item on the spot again.

* Quests, from simple sidequests to full on crazy quests that'll take months to complete.

* Encounters. If your players go through the woods at night, thinking it'll be fine, make then guess again, by rolling on the "Scary Forest Encounters", for example.

* Many, many more.

All based on the Reddit /d100 community. A special thanks to everyone involved.

Category : Entertainment

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