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Saiyan Goku Tap Super Z

Songoku & Saiyan Fanclub don't miss !!!! This is new epic adventure of goku for find & collect dragon ball in world of battle never end. Meet the super fighting game a new style and unique. Saiyan GOKU Tap Super Z

★ StoryAccording to the legend. There is the belief that there are special ball which, if can collected 7 piece, to grant the user one wish. you will save the Earth from the invader wants to usurp dragon ball.

★ How to playTap R to Attacks.Hold R to Charge energy.Hold L to Gurad.Special Skill you can learn in game via tutorial.Collect Coin to upgrade strength & skill.Collect Z ball to buy equipment & boost item.Win the battle for to be stronger and more stronger.

★ Saiyan Skill
- KI Blast: Basic techniques for discharged energy.
- Kameha: attack with energy wave. is Goku's signature technique.
- Spirit Bomb: collect energy in the form of a sphere. is a powerful attack.
- Dragon Strike: attack with high speed.
- Super Saiyan: transform to unleash the ultimate power. you can transform to max form SSJ3.
- Hidden Skill: you can use hidden skill when beat enemies.

★ 2 Game Mode
- Story Mode : You will be given the role as the fighter to adventure and fight for defend the world from the enemies. you can unlock new stage & new power in this mode.
- Infinity Mode : New Challenge !! You have to fight in a limited time and will need to win as many as possible to unlock achievements.

★ Feature
- Daily Reward.
- Daily Battle & Tournament for special reward.
- Boss Battle Quest
- battle challenge more.
- 11 Stage & 120+ different enemies wave.
- More than 50+ DBZ Fighter famous such as golden frieza, vegeta, trunks, god beerus
- fantastic Effect & amazing Graphic & Sound.

This game is develop by fanmade. Inspires from manga dragonball used only for entertainment. Have fun with the game.

Category : Action

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