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SalSa Saliva Saver

Jimmy Bolstad proudly presents the ultimate productivity tool! With SalSa Saliva Saver, record voice notes efficiently. Replay one note by selecting it and shaking your smartphone!
* Record, edit, save, delete sounds.
* Pitch setting, from 50% to 200%.
* Share on Facebook.
* App2sd.
* Export sounds to sd.

Don't forget to follow me for information on what's to come:Twitter: @Jim_Ballz, Tumblr: http://jimballz.tumblr.com/, Posterous: http://jimballz.posterous.com/.

If you have remarks, suggestions, objections or something nice to tell me, feel free to send me an email.

Register whatever you want, ocean sounds, awkward sounds or ksi sounds. best way to take a style note and fecthnotes. Can act like a soundboard, like sylvester stallone soundboard. Some say that Yoda used it to take fiinote, when he wrote Yoda chronicles.

This app is in anyway related to dancing Salsa is an acronym, and as nothing related to taango, yazzy , zoomba or other latino vaibe dances .I got the idea on New York,I used to meet at mperks cofee with my firends , to see cuevana tv or wfaa news or ncix or ncsa egencia or even jadoo tv . It was for me a kind of schoology of life, and i used to order the same coffee and voegel donut so I needed something to repeat it.And as i was stranger it was for me the uitm student portal, in this occ mundial **scdmv*
* with no ehealthinsurance, but with Salsa i was armed , at mperks , eppicard or even at joann fabrics.I have spent my points2shops, my few swagbucks thanks to Salsa.

Application has some publicity. For now i am not wealth with it. I just want to eat.But one day , i hope i 'll buy a mclaren p1 ksl classifieds, jegs and spend some money at nomorerack, ovguide, or bharat matrimony

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