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Sandstorm Sniper : Kill Strike

The world is under terrorist attack specially middle east region, secure this world in Sandstorm Sniper. The world join hands to kill terrorists in far deserted areas, Help Middle East fight the brutal real-time battles against terrorism in SandStorm Sniper Shooter. Play the role of sandstorm sniper assassin who is metal strong & trained enough to fight during sand storms in deserted cities where terrorists strategically planted their base camps. Become an ultimate sandstorm sniper shooter with lethal weapons, mad missions and ruthless shooting skills required. Will you be able to survive the global war against terrorism? Take up the challenge to prove your sharp shooter skills and strategy in the crazy battlefield as a top sniper shooter. Aim, shoot and kill the terrorists to save the victims from crossfire fury and exploding bombs. Spot & Aim the right target, go for the killer headshots. Become a part of the sandstorm secret sniper assassin operation being carried out in the deserts of Middle East. The terrorists have captured the Arab city surrounded by dark mountains and taken the arab citizens as captives. As a frontline hero sniper assassin commander, carry out the secret war mission and fulfill your duty to eliminate high-profile targets. Aim, shoot & kill the enemy mob and destroy the bases of enemies. Master the long-range targets in this first person shooter game. An ultimate 3D FPS game with well placed killer shots. Protect Arab from destruction in enemy assault missions. Be prepared for lethal destructive war! The terrorists are loaded with modern american sniper rifles, rocket launchers, med kits, assault rifles, throwing knives, tesla guns, explosives, sub-machine guns, stun grenades, armors and heavy guns.The special armed force has taken the job of eradicating the evil from middle east that has been captured by terrorists. Navigate the secret missions and let the bullets fly for a lethal strike. Target, Aim, Strike and Kill the bad guys in an Arab city. It’s a battle against terrorism. Sandstorm Sniper is the best sniper 3D game among all shooting & action games. Launch the gunship attack on the most dangerous terrorists now! Aim and shoot to kill the bad guys to become a master sniper shooter. Kill them all before the do harm to the people. It’s not one of those boring shooting games that involve just fighting. Sandstorm Sniper has the best action packed adventure with amazing sniper shooting and gun shot animations that keeps you engaged for hours.√ Exclusive sniper assassin war missions√ First person shooting (FPS game)√ No Internet connection required√ Simple controls√ Challenging assassin missions√ Arab city environment√ Stunning 3D graphics

Category : Action

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