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Satellite Finder

Find the geostationary satellites and identify any obstructions with the touch of a button.
Simply click the "Satellite Finder" button and you will be directed to angle your phone up to view the current arc of the satellites around you.

Other app features include: -A directory of common industry terms -A phone directory to contact us -A leveler tool to help you point the antenna

Category : Communication

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Reviews (5)

dan. m. May 24, 2016     

Needs sorting out. I can see how it is meant to work and looks impressive enough in theory. Once momentarily found azimuth then it lost it. Crashes every 15-20 seconds and shuts down. Shame

Nic. D. Sep 25, 2015     

Love it

Dav. G. Aug 25, 2014     

Much better with the update shows loads of satellites in my area that broadcast to europe thanks

Mat. C. Jan 28, 2017     

Nice look, but come on, where are all the satellites? No Dish or DirecTV, I didn't see a way to manually add any either, so what is the point of this app if you can't find the actual relevant satellites?

Bri. R. Aug 13, 2016     

No satellites in the sky on this app.