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Satellite Locator

The Norsat Satellite Locator is the easiest way to locate geostationary satellites on your mobile phone or tablet wherever you are. Just open the Satellite Finder app and point your screen at the sky to view a spatially accurate arc of satellites overlaid on your viewer.
Use this app to point your Norsat or other satellite ground terminal, or just impress people with your keen knowledge of satellite locations. The app includes an up to date almanac of satellite information, including azimuth, elevation, frequency and more. Just tap the name of the satellite of interest to open the almanac and find all the relevant details. The almanac can be easily edited, so you can make changes whenever necessary.

To learn more about the Satellite Locator, or send us suggestions for this app please contact us at support@norsat.com.

Category : Tools

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Reviews (24)

Pau. B. Apr 6, 2014     

No display of satellites in the sky. It also flicks through dozens of satellites so quickly it is impossible to stop it when you want to.

Pra. K. Feb 16, 2015     

Team it is a really good start, but I think need more effort to bring to some stage. Good luck.

Ser. S. Aug 15, 2015     

Sort of

Lel. Oct 11, 2016     

Can't add satellites. The sat paths jumps all over the screen for no reason

Jon. P. Apr 11, 2017     

It doesn't work on Android phones. My friend iPhone has no issues with and it's a great program.

Jos. J. Feb 8, 2013     

application has function but need to be able to mark positions. Zoom feature would make easier.

Fro. L. Jan 5, 2013     

Nice idea, but missing features of simplified satellite filtering and filtering for the update frequency / accuracy, which is way too "lively" for practical use.

Max. N. Nov 8, 2013     

Could have a search.

Sea. M. Nov 15, 2016     

Couldn't appreciate the value of this app.

Tom. C. Oct 17, 2015     

Great for pointing you in the right direction

Ibr. E. Oct 25, 2015     

Shawing the location, make it easy

hab. n. Mar 11, 2016     

Does it work my Galaxy Not5

Nip. P. May 22, 2013     

Sorry, but this is not working on my nexus 4 , try to fix it please

Wil. G. Oct 2, 2016     

Cant figure how to add echostae 110 for DISH tailgater

Luk. S. May 26, 2016     

Plz fix it i try to look at satellites but it jumps everywhere

les. m. Feb 17, 2013     

Excellent app...best one I've seen yet.....

Mas. W. Jul 9, 2016     

Need improve

ALF. T. C. Mar 1, 2015     

I just love this....

Ans. A. Oct 6, 2013     

Its realy work

Col. L. Jun 20, 2014     

This app is almost completely unusable. The unrotatable camera overlay glitches all over the screen. And it shows all satellites in a line across the sky- that can't be right.

Gre. H. Jun 3, 2016     

It used to be helpful. Now it just goes crazy when you try and use it.

A. G. u. Oct 30, 2012     

one of the first to download but I'm sure it would be a great app.... GS3

Ibr. N. Jul 3, 2013     

This help us

Jun. H. Jan 22, 2017     

Give it to me