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Satellite Tracker & Location

Who looks at you, 13,000 Satellite cruising overhead. Weather,Science,Military
Satellite sees you every minute. Check who see you right now!

NASA Science Weather Satellite: NOAA , Weather.

Communications Satellite: Iridium , Amateur Radio.

Navigation Satellite: Galileo , Navy Navigation Satellite System , COSMOS.

Miscellaneous Military Satellite.

Category : Education

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Reviews (18)

Luv. K. Aug 17, 2016     

This seems to be a website designed for PCs, not phones. Very amateurish.

bil. c. Oct 27, 2016     

If you are a total geek, click here. No really, do. This is insane what info is in here. We should not be able to find our satellites on a Google play app. That much I know.

Dav. H. Feb 2, 2018     

Disappointing. The layout looks more like a Web page than an app. Difficult to use.

Jef. M. Jan 7, 2017     

all geostationary satellites displayed. Otherwise a good app. Thanks.

Ken. R. Mar 16, 2017     

No ISS and No Hubble i found this app to be very inaccurate

Vas. K. Jun 18, 2016     

Can you add orbit paths and ability to view all at once? 3d map of earth would be big bonus.

spa. T. Mar 2, 2018     

Whenever I spot something in my skies, that doesn't belong...I grab this app. It's mind blowing to see what's up there. Perfect.

Kas. L. Mar 26, 2015     

Great idea to show us all ...

hos. n. Apr 14, 2017     

Not bad..just two minutes thinking.

c. c. Feb 3, 2017     

I must use my tablet upside down. Please provide a way to flip the display. Otherwise I like this way of showing satellites.

Nig. G. Feb 19, 2015     

Love it

And. C. Feb 4, 2015     

But the screen froze and i suppose i lost interest at that point

Rob. E. Apr 10, 2018     

The Keps are ridiculously outdated. Literally nothing will be where this app says it is. This app is embarassing.

Mar. E. O. Mar 21, 2015     

Laggy and glitchy to look around map.

Jef. H. Mar 26, 2015     

This application is lacking very much in the control options you should be able to click on a single satellite in the list and and see that satellite on the map

Ron. H. Sep 18, 2015     

Great idea implementation lacking

lam. j. g. Jan 16, 2015     


Tho. W. Nov 27, 2016     

The place we call earth