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SatFinder Tool

SatFinder tool (Satellite Finder), is an application to orient parabolic antennas based on two points, the first sailing of the device and the second position of the satellite, especially for those fans of free to air.
Specific aspects.-Elevation-Azimuth-Skew-Ability to get the exact point where you are.-Ability to obtain a large list of satellites-Ability to change the point where you are to another point in specific, just dragging a marker.

Enjoy it and wait for the next update.satelliter finder.

Category : Communication

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Reviews (9)

kab. s. Oct 20, 2016     

Loved it

Dop. D. Jan 31, 2016     

Good application

Kha. M. P. Jan 20, 2015     


Chr. A. Apr 2, 2014     

Quite a good tool for a VSAT Field Engineer

koo. G. Oct 13, 2014     

Best ever

Add. B. May 8, 2014     

Good thing.

Sha. G. Mar 13, 2014     

Thanks just what I've been looking for....

YAS. T. May 2, 2015     

Very very good and nice

Fre. S. Aug 1, 2014     

Guys does this really work , does anyone try it for real ??!