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School Fight Simulator 2 -Sandbox action RPG game-

This game is Sandbox action game.(TPS)

This is successor to School Fight Simulator.

We have updated the system in full, and now You have become able to play a wide range of ways.

This game will request a slightly higher terminal specification. (As of December 2018)
For terminals with low specifications, there is a possibility that the operation becomes heavy.
Please note.

There is no story, especially in this game.
You can enjoy battle and hunt as you wish.

If you have confidence in your arms, you may board the school next door (school of hostility) by yourself.
If you do not have confidence, look for classmates who will cooperate and let's get in together!
( In order to have your classmates cooperate, you need to take RespectPt.
RespectPt can be obtained by defeating enemies.)

The world of this game is wide. And in the wide world there are various monsters such as zombies, goblins, dragons as well as humans.
You can also enjoy monster hunting with your classmates.
* To move, cars and helicopters can be used.

   - Many kinds of weapons
   - Classmates who will fight together
   - Character customization (School uniforms, bathing suit etc.)
   - Many kinds of enemies (enemy school students, zombies, goblins, oak, dragons, etc.)
   and more

This game is going to evolve by adopting feedback of everyone.
We are waiting for the request.

Please enjoy this game as you like!

MusMus (http://musmus.main.jp/)
Wingless Seraph (https://wingless-seraph.net/)
Soundeffect-Lab (https://soundeffect-lab.info/)
Rei Yumesaki (http://www.rei-yumesaki.net/)
NICONI COMMONS (https://commons.nicovideo.jp/)

Category : Simulation

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