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Get the app that brings Schoology’s CODiE-award-winning learning management solution to your Android device. Manage your classroom, create and submit assignments, participate in interactive discussions, perform assessments, collaborate with your peers, and more!Have rich and engaging academic experiences anytime, anywhere with the official Schoology Android App! Start today by registering for a free Schoology account.*A Schoology account is required to use this app.You can register for your free account at http://www.schoology.com/register

Category : Education

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Reviews (30)

Bar. A. Mar 27, 2022     

The software is awful. It is frustrating as a teacher, I've been teaching Google classroom and blackboard for 18 years and they are not good by any means but they blow Schoology out of the water. It does not communicate with other proprietary softwares or file types, copying from one course to another is really frustrating. Making assignments takes 5- 10 times as long. I have a list 3 pages long of software problems. Every time I use it I can tell that it wasn't designed by or for teachers.

Ber. M. Dec 6, 2021     

I would like to rate it higher, but the notification system (if it was a push notification) doesn't work on phone. I missed several important activities because of this. Another is the instant you release an update you remove support for older versions. It's an incredible inconvenience because we can't use the app without updating it, even if the update is just bug fixes please don't remove older version support the instant you update. Our grades literally depend on your app.

Saa. S. Jan 11, 2022     

This app sucks. I got a new phone and I tried to log into Schoology, but it just kept on looping me back to the start page. It takes me to the Schoology Android authorization page, and I press accept, but it doesn't do anything. I have no problem logging in from my laptop. This app is terrible. The weird thing is it worked on my old phone. Very unhappy

Ede. A. Jan 20, 2022     

Even after the update (I updated 1/20/2022), it was still buggy. I can't even upload a photo with my update without the app freezing my whole phone for 10 seconds. I don't have this problem with any other app on my phone, so I know it's not the age of my phone that's the problem. Really inconvenient for teachers working from home because of covid.

Cas. D. Jan 31, 2022     

This app is so frustrating. It's something I have to use for my kids' school, but so many things work improperly. I've tried every code I have for my child and none of them work as her child ID so I can add her to my account. When I click on support it won't let me see the whole pop up box and when I try to send someone a message my keyboard won't pop up in the app. Seriously so frustrated.

Sas. C. Dec 29, 2021     

Upon getting a new phone recently, I assumed all of my apps would work the same, if not better. Once I tried to log into this schoology app, it told me to authorize login- to which I selected accept. However, as soon as I did that, it returned me back to the log in page. I tried downloading and redownloading the app but that did not help at all. Schoology app is broken.

Mar. T. Dec 18, 2021     

The mobile app stinks. I have no problem logging on though my computer. I KNOW my daughter's email/password combo. It works on the computer, yet when I try to log on through my phone I keep getting a message that the emails/password is incorrect. I do not need to reset my password because that is not the issue. It's the terrible app.

rut. p. Dec 5, 2021     

Yes, of course, my child is using it. But, it was working PERFECTLY fine. But some issues occur. But now, its completely broken. I can't use it anymore, everytime i open it, it just freezes my phone, and I need to restart my phone again to use my phone. I honestly loved this app, but now, its nothing. My child keeps complaining. While my Facebook or Any other media platform works, while this just doesn't work. Using the web browser right now, Please fix this problem. Thank you.

Jef. A. Jan 14, 2022     

All files whether ppt, excel, or word format it won't matter because it will still be downloaded as pdf. I need the original format especially excel for tables and formulas and this really makes me disappointed! Moreover, I have to manually rename the files after downloading since it doesn't retain the original file name!!! Suckksss

Jos. J. May 9, 2022     

It works as expected for me. Only issue is I've been getting "Error 10012: No microphone found" when trying to record video in an assignment; I've checked permissions in settings.

Cha. A. M. Jan 22, 2022     

This app is good for online schooling indeed. I think that it isn't just me but a lot of users want this app to notify us everytime that there are new tasks posted by our instructors. The notification that will pop-up at the notification panel as soon as it was posted to avoid missing of tasks and pass everything ahead of time. Thank you.

Luc. Dec 3, 2021     

This app is just annoying like I can't look at my school stuff and now I have to go to my computer and that takes longer. Like someone fix this and they have the nerve to say that they fixed bugs when it was perfectly fine but they disabled the sign in process to fix something when your signed in 😑. Make it make sense and fix this app. Instead of "fixing a bug" they created one that destroyed the only propose of having schoology on your phone 😑🙄

Kim. A. Dec 29, 2021     

This app isn't really the best because its too glitchy and when I try to open it, it's just a black screen and then it kicks me out. I don't know what's wrong with it but it's also really hard to log in because the second I log myself in, i tap on something and then it just kicks me out and i when i open it again, it sends me back to the log/sign in page.

Rac. W. Feb 23, 2022     

This moblie application is trash! I downloaded it because my children's school district uses it, I dont get any notifications, I'm not able to get support from the help desk (they auto closed my ticket because they only support organizations), I'm not even able to communicate with their teachers via this application. My children use it all the time, we just relocated to this county & I'm wondering why the communication has dropped. I'll try the PC version to see if I get better results.

Ayd. H. Feb 17, 2022     

This system is way better on computers (PC). But, the phone system is diffecult to get into. Five stars for PC use (of the system/website)...but, not the phone app. When you get it in...it works better, but it's easier on PC (desktop or laptop) because it format fits the whole view of the system website (well of course because it's a bigger formated screen (monetor)-well yes). And different for the phone format, because scroll downward than slide to right, than slide to the left. Good system!

gee. Feb 13, 2022     

Terrible Android UI. iOS version was bad enough, but now push notifications don't even take you to the app and I can't even read full status posts on the main page without the text bugging out. This app needs a major update.

Jia. R. Dec 16, 2021     

The app is fine. Its a good app. But the part where you submit files take a long time. And it takes longer when using the website(the problem is not the wifi). I would have given this a 5star if submitting files like 70mb or more faster.

AB. C. Jan 3, 2022     

When viewing my messages it occasionally tells me that posts cannot be loaded and shows a blank screen. Also refuses to let me reply to messages when I actually am able to see them! Your app is so broken it's ridiculous.

Sta. S. Jan 21, 2022     

Everytime i take or open my quiz and exam I can't answer properly because it always stop working and not responding and after that i can't go back to my quiz and exam because the letter became transparent. And my teachers won't transfer in another app and i can't do anything about it. I have a strong data connection and i tested it.

Wil. B. Jan 17, 2022     

it's hard to believe that schools still use schoology. you're much better off using google classroom. as you can clearly see from the repetitive 1 star reviews, schoology doesn't care at all about the problems its users are facing. there are bugs that still exist that were here a year and a half ago when my school district switched to schoology. not sure about ios, but the android version of this app is horrible. bad UI, littered with glitches and bugs and no attempt to solve them.

Van. L. Mar 24, 2022     

Everyime you try to scroll on an assignment it just reloads the page, that should be a delayed thing to avoid confusion, also whenever looking at grades you have to keep cycling through the menu, making it take 5 minutes rather than a few seconds to review all your class grades

Ema. K. A. D. Dec 11, 2021     

I'm using this application in my smartphone, and there's something wrong with the due time. On the upcoming, it shows as PM, but when you click on the assignment, it displays as AM. I had a hard time doing my schoolwork early in the morning 'cause I was so confused which due time was real. Please fix this.

Zoi. M. Dec 6, 2021     

I can't get this app to work at all. I have a Pixel 6 and whenever I try to log into Schoology it would kick me out when it says accept and when I press it, it kicks me out. I had an apple 8 phone that I had this app on last and it worked fine.

Nic. J. Feb 28, 2022     

This app is generally terrible. It is in sore need of a desperate update to be useful. It really is just absolutely awful. I generally find that Schoology is woefully behind it's competitors.

Cas. H. Nov 28, 2021     

I'm using this on Android and app interface is filled with bugs. Half the time, I can't view the top posts or who they're from on the recent activities. The bar across the top and posts glitch on and off as I scroll. I cannot view the description and attached files for assignments. On the bright side, I can view course materials just fine. You're better off doing it from a computer your phone's browser.

Cha. P. J. May 20, 2022     

This app is odd to navigate and whenever we need to listen to an audio recording we have to use the browser. The app will not launch it.

Gul. T. May 13, 2022     

Extremely buggy, unintuitive, non user friendly approach. Notifications don't work. Same assignment has to be submitted several times for it to work. App development is slow to the point of non existing. Team is unresponsive to inquiries and reports. Just why the school persists with this app instead of more mainstream ones (like Google classroom) is mind boggling

idk. a. Dec 20, 2021     

I hate how you have to log out and log back in to switch accounts, but as of now I signed out of an account to sign back in to another's and low and behold when I try signing in via my school, it bugs and sends me back to the login page. Tried refreshing, uninstalling, does for both apps, and also the Schoology help desk people answering questions have the IQ of a 2 year old and cannot help or leave them unanswered. Teach yourselves before teaching others. Yall servers run on cardboard fans too

Uni. C. May 17, 2022     

I can't even log in so I have to use the chrome version all the time. This is extremely frustrating because I'm a student who's main source of work comes from Schoology. Edit: The app has updated and I am very thankful for that thank you!!! I can log in now.

Nic. M. Oct 1, 2020     

Last night, I was looking through my inbox and found an important message that one of my teachers sent me. The app didn't send me a notification even though I turned on notifications. Things could have been really bad if I didn't find that message. Update: Zoom crashed earlier and there wasn't enough time to log back in. When I tried to send my teacher a message to let him know, the system rejected the message because of an "invalid recipient name". I spelled it right. What a useful app. 🙄