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Scutify is the top social network for investors, traders and anyone new to the financial markets. A new way to analyze markets, Scutify collates all the social media scuttlebutt on your favorite Stocks, Indexes, FX and Commodities. So stay on top of what's happening and never miss the boat on anything.
It is simple to use and you will be across the latest happenings in no time. See what is trending and popular that very moment, read the latest tweets about companies, see what reporters are writing in their editorial news, read influential blogs and watch the latest videos on companies.

Participate in a social community environment by following other users as well as our "Scutify All-Stars" such as Cody Willard (Former Hedge Fund Mgr), Michael Haynes (APMEX CEO), Kiana Danial (Invest Diva) and more who provide meaningful and insightful commentary to help you become better investors and traders.

Best of all, it is FREE to download.

"Scutify has been a great compliment to the extensive research I must do to select quality investments for my clients"
- Stephen Dolan (Stifel Financial Group)

"The best finance/investing/trading App ever!"
- Cody Willard (Former Happy Hour Anchor)

"Services such as Scutify appear to be gaining traction"
- Steven Hatzakis (Forex Magnates)

Category : Finance

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