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Security+ Study Guide

Cram-It knows everyone can be intimidated by certification testing. Let us help you pass the CompTIA Security+ certification test. Our study guide will teach you what you need to know on the go. Our questions have been developed for the latest certification exam.
Our study guide covers:
- Communication Security (COMSEC)
- Computer Security (COMPUSEC)
- Operational Security (OPSEC)
- Encryption
- Network security
- Threats and vulnerabilities
- Application, data and host security
- Access control and identity management
- Cryptography

The Security+ Study Guide by Cram-It is not affiliated with CompTIA.

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Reviews (17)

Age. K. S. Dec 2, 2019     

Really helpful and actually tells you the reason my your answers are wrong instead of just saying incorrect. Will definitely reinstall when I have to take my test again. I passed. (I used in combination with CompTIA CertMaster and CBT Nuggets)

Sim. C. May 16, 2020     

A set of 100 or so questions, little functionality or explanation. There are better resources to spend your time on. This also is too old to be applicable for the newest tests.

Mzu. K. G. Aug 12, 2021     

I didn't have enough time to read this one but as far as i read it made me want to see more

Dev. M. Nov 27, 2018     

Question based but no final score or post quiz review - can't examine questions missed for trends

Ram. N. Aug 16, 2017     

Pluses: 106 questions (vs 30); no ads; can take it over and over Not-so-pluses: Some grammar and spelling issues; some bad answers; no score; same answers for each question each time; no explanation; All in all, I think it was very good at the price (free). I appreciate that fact that it's available. A reasonable free test.

Z. R. May 13, 2018     

The app was last updated in 2016. Might want to use a more current source for study. Answers need explanations. Be nice to have some diagrams as well.

Agu. B. May 14, 2018     

Great concept, very wrongly worded questions and answers

A. G. u. Mar 8, 2018     

Amazing app, totally free. God bless the creator.

Ala. H. Mar 9, 2017     

Wish it had a description of the right answer.

Sco. O. Jul 6, 2014     

My preparation is good for Communication and computer security however encryption always looks tough. App he very helpful. Now i can prepare for encryption too.

Rak. J. Jul 4, 2014     

My friend recommended me this app and i decided to give it a try. Well its very helpful for those certification test.

Kum. G. Jun 27, 2014     

App is quite helpful for me, specially COMSEC and COMPUSEC. I will recommend it to everyone who is trying to get this certification.

kum. g. Jun 29, 2014     

I have used this app and recommended it to my friends who are going to participate in Computer Security certificate test with me and we all found this app very helpful.

Mik. V. Aug 11, 2015     

Simple multiple question engine. Spelling is as bad as in the actual exam (bonus). 4 stars because it doesn't summarise performance after completing the 100 questions. Definitely worth 60p though.

Wad. S. Jun 20, 2014     

Recommended app for network security and encryption test. App is quite helpful for me.

Jos. G. Jul 4, 2014     

App is worth my time and money.

Ale. D. Jul 21, 2016     

Thanks for the app. Looks fine.