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SeeCiTV Home Security Camera

This app make your available smartphone turn into very high quality CCTV.You don't need to set up complex IP configuration in you router.Just login with same Google ID on two or more smartphones. One for CCTV Camera, and another for CCTV Remote Viewer.The app makes the registered smartphone to connect to each other and stream very high quality video and audio data.

- New Features1. High quality Video & Audio Stream (bi-directional)2. Flash light On/Off when you use back camera3. Multiple Camera register and connect4. Realtime motion detection (the detected object picture is taken and saved in Google Drive)5. Screen Capture6. Dog relieve sound play7. Remotely launch camera mode.8. Share CCTV with family members or friends (provide links to connect to the device)

Please switch view mode to camera mode if the one of smartphone is used as CCTV.So, you can connect it whenever you want from other registered smartphone.

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