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SeeEar application software, is a combination of WiFi image transmission equipment using the software, with WiFi settings to achieve the camera through wireless WiFi and android system terminal equipment connection of application software, allows users to truly achieve anytime, anywhere, free wireless transmission of image data.
WiFi wireless image transmission is mainly used for toys, aerial photography, monitoring, piping, industrial endoscope mirror detection, medical testing, wireless reversing camera, etc., in does not need to be disassembled or damaged assembly and equipment to stop running to achieve non-destructive testing. To achieve internal detection or graph transfer pictures, video.

Category : Tools

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Reviews (5)

bob. s. Apr 26, 2020     

Note if you auto connect to your home wifi, that connection has to be 'forgotten' so you can see the device wifi...

Geo. L. Aug 26, 2019     

Doesn't work. Emailed developer but had no response.

Alo. L. Feb 10, 2020     

Doesn't work. Red circle is turning.

Man. K. Aug 6, 2019     

not working...very bad

Kev. M. Apr 6, 2020