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The best looking multiplayer sci-fi shooter for mobile devices.
„Shadowgun: DeadZone is one of the sharpest-looking shooters we've seen.“ – SlideToPlay„They’ve made what could be the best multiplayer shooting experience on a mobile device.“ – TouchGen„If you want evidence that mobile games are turning into their console and PC cousins, then look no further than Shadowgun: Dead Zone.“ – Pocketgamer.co.uk

Prove your courage and challenge your friends.

Experience heroic multiplayer battles that have never been seen on mobile device before.

Enjoy console quality multiplayer game with awesome graphics on your phone and tablet.

* Experience intense tactical multiplayer combat with up to 12 players connected online. * Choose from two popular game modes – Deathmatch and Zone Control, various maps and from 10 playable characters* As a character's ranking increases, new elements will be unlocked and available during gameplay* New control elements such as sprint and roll have been implemented into gameplay* A wide ranging arsenal offers Assault Rifles, Machine guns, Plasma Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Rocket Launcher and many more, all of which are upgradable* Various items including Medi Kit, Ammo Kit, Flash Grenades, EMP Grenades, Frag Grenades, Sentry Guns and Mines

Category : Arcade

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Reviews (30)

Jos. L. Nov 22, 2018     

I've been playing this game for a long long time. Controls were never fixed. Left control knob is absolutely horrible. Shadowgun legends has no problem with control's so why dead zone? I die constantly because left control joystick is not responsive. Let us decide our fate instead of a constant faulty joystick. No more levels are ever added since it's been out but work on the joystick first because that is what stops me from playing most of the time. For God sake fix that and make more battle zones and I will change and give 5 stars. It would be up there with the best games if you do this fix.

Kai. K. Nov 24, 2018     

Great game. except only flaw, sometimes in game if you have a slow phone you cannot change weapons unless you turn your data off and on but keeping the tab open otherwise you will exit the game. PLEASE FIX. Good they reduced glow from snipers, couldn't see enemies if they have 3 of them using it at one spot.

P. B. Feb 1, 2021     

This is one of the few mobile games that got me 10k followers yo... How could you? Loved that GoW combat style too, shooting from complete cover, the sprint to cover feature, the weapon upgrade system, the possibility to customize anything if you grind hard enough, etc. Played the original campaign game in the past which was really well done but you guys got rid of that one too.. I've played plenty of the 2 more recent games when they came out but they didn't keep my interest like Deadzone. 💔

A. G. u. Nov 24, 2018     

The game lacks the feel of smoothness and combined with an awkward graphical start up menu... Shadow gun Dead zone may or may not satisfy the genre of pvp gaming as it should. On the bright side, the in game graphics are amazing, and the arenas diverse, but none of these components can justify the absence of better controls during a Death match..

Oba. A. Feb 16, 2019     

just close the game if you are not interested in updating and fixing it. the game screen stops responding in between the matches. matchmaking is far away, i cant even get players to play in deathmatch. most players leave the game game in between, which is very unfair and hard to play. sometimes its 3 vs 5, still the new player is added on other team making it 6th. after spawn theres no sheild. the enemies just surround you and waits for your spawn to kill.

Dil. K. Sep 16, 2018     

The game is great. It is one of my favorite games, but there is one problem. Since I reached level 22 in another account, in all the matches I get to play with players which are way too higher than my own level. For example, every player other than me are of higher level like level 45 or even sometimes above 70. And I hate it since I am no match in front of them. Otherwise the game is good.

Luq. H. M. A. Feb 20, 2022     

If only there were updates id give it a 5. For some reason the difficulty spikes a lot at high level which makes it hard to play. Id just delete and download back a few years later to play it normally rather than facing all the high ranks

910. G. Jan 20, 2019     

Sad to see this game go. Please, for the love of God make a remaster, or a complete remake of this game soon. This was a masterpiece of the mobile generation, and I am proud to be a part of it. Shadowgun is the pinnacle of third-person cover-based shooters and I want to see another entry in the series to return to its roots- third-person. For now, FAREWELL SHADOWGUN DEADZONE. I wont forget the awesome 6 years of blood, sweat and bullets you throw at my screen.

Sri. K. Feb 25, 2019     

thank you Madfinger! it's one hell of a game i loved it. I think war games is gonna be even better. please make sure to add these features to war games.. 1. large maps 2. neat graphics 3. map selection feature 4.matching with friends and custom lobby 5. easy connectivity that can even support bad signal 6. room for strategies (since you are planning for ctf mode) and an in-game voice chat. You guys have potential and I'm sure you can beat the current pubg fever thanks again for making Dead zone

Mat. O. Jan 27, 2019     

internet connection was fine but games are laggy, many maps are too small for game modes. Often on spawn I have at least once person already shooting at me as I appear in the game. The temp invincibility on spawn is nearly irrelevant. Visually it's great, balance for game and netcode needs a LOT of work. I won't even go into depth on the p2w elements.

Ste. S. Nov 25, 2018     

I love your game but the newest update is disappointing. Instead of fixing the glitch where you spin like crazy when dying, you add ads? I understand charging for hats and skins, and I've bought a bunch to support the development but having those at 500 gold each AND adding 30 second ads after every 2 matches. This honestly ruins the game.

Swi. C. Oct 21, 2018     

Except for the fact that the game is totally online with in app purchases and ads, this is a great game to play. The graphics are mad and it gives you glimpses of real futuristic war experience. Nice one! Is there any way I can play it offline though?

Ken. S. Sep 8, 2021     

Gone but not forgotten... This game played in the fashion of COD and really did it well! Really miss this game and it is something that should be done again. Newer graphics engine and keep it roughly the same and you have a winner!

Dyn. C. L. Oct 23, 2018     

Stellar app. I've played it for a while and the maps are the same. Can't complain because I've got the free version, but I'll probably get bored with it soon, uninstall for a year, then ride and repeat...

Kan. G. Nov 4, 2018     

Everything is great I'd just like to suggest one thing for the game and that's a botton to do quick reverse turn so you can get the guy for behind without getting killed trying to turn around sliding across the screen like crazy.and still fail.

She. M. A. Nov 26, 2018     

Listen, Shadowgun Dead one was a masterpiece with true potential to be great but you guys don't even bother about this game and focus only on your recent games. Updates are very minor and really, people will just stop playing the game as there is nothing to play for once you get all the guns and perks. No new experiences... I'm talking about rewards for achievements, new guns, new weapons, new skill system. Not new skins and new hats.... Also the aiming sucks like hell.... The moment you guys start working on updating shadowgun seriously is the moment people will come back to playing this game and enjoying it like the first time

Abd. S. Sep 24, 2018     

See I love this game. Its one of the best multiplayer shooters out there. But recenlty i am having an issue. When i reached Rank 16 I dont know why but i suddenly started joining servers in which players are rank 30+ and 50+ which makes the game more hard and terrible. and i feel like a total noob and the gameplay us very boring since getting killed so many times. Why does this happen?

A. G. u. Oct 5, 2018     

Good game with awesome graphics and a console like gameplay but sorry to say this is a pay to play games. Best weapons are only available to those who have a lot of money to spend on this game. Gotta search for something else now.

Muh. A. Oct 24, 2018     

Really like the graphics and the whole mechanics, running, leaping and covering. Never gets old. If only there's a battle royale mode in this...

M. S. Jan 5, 2020     

Was the best shooter I ever played , please use the same game structure but change the graphics to be more comfortable to the eye , thank you shadow gun for the best experience in gaming , I never thought the slowest shooting slow reload weapon with a big obvious orange glow would be the deadliest weapon I ever got to master , for the peeps that faced me .I. One love your mama knows .

Val. Jan 14, 2022     

Why is this game down, but still be able to download it? How can Madfingers put such a great game down. It doesn't have to improve or get new content. It was perfect, please just gove it back to the community, the world. Let us play this great multi-player shooter.

Jon. Mar 23, 2019     

By far one of the best games out there. Great experience, controls, control settings, graphics, and gameplay. It's really sad to see it go, but it had a great run and will always remain a great game.

iNl. X. Nov 24, 2018     

This game was perfect before this silly update, you guys ruined the sniper rifles, made it extremely slow in an attempt to make it more difficult to use, my days playing this game is numbered because I am very much irritated with the update, the only good thing about the update is the the sniper rifles glow was reduced and all players appreciates that.

Ant. L. Dec 23, 2018     

This FPS is super fun and addictive. The one problem is that you often get matched up with players that have way higher levels than you but still I love playing.

GTD. A. Dec 7, 2018     

It was an amazing game back in the day, downloaded it it after a long time it it's still amazing, superb graphics and gameplay featuring team death match and zone control game types, higly recommend

Kal. r. Jan 31, 2019     

First it was best game i had ever played. Good graphics but while playing game some bugs and errors are occurring please fix the problems. Download the game guys it's best for killing time and fully entertained game ❤️❤️❤️

Mor. Dec 6, 2018     

I've been playing this since 5 years ago and I'm really disappointed. The ads just ruin the gameplay and you're basically forcing your players into buying the premium package. Madfinder used to be a company that doesn't have pay to play mechanics. You're slowly becoming one of them.

Jea. Z. Dec 25, 2018     

I love it but one problem ever since the new update my game kept crashing when im entering a battle it shows me the loading screen and after that it crashes.pls fix this mfg I love this game I dont want to delete it pls fix asap.

A. G. u. Oct 27, 2018     

It's a very nice game but when we play with a friend that has a very good experience and exp big players came which are the same level as the person with the highest level in our team and um if i am level 5 and friend is level 17 it's very hard to play with players with good experience and guns

Fon. H. Apr 7, 2019     

I'm guessing is all over. now you open the game and the login screen appears, then when you click to login, the authentication failed message pops up. RIP SGDZ. 😢