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Shooting Solution Free

Shooting Solution Free is an accurate, easy to use ballistics calculator. It utilizes a simple main interface, but includes more advanced features, such as table creation and graphing. Environmental conditions, which can be updated based on GPS location or latitude/longitude, are accounted for in the calculations.
Upgrade to the paid version to save multiple firearm profiles and custom ammo.


- Includes a built-in ammo database of over 1400 rounds

- Generate a table of calculated shot data

- View drop graphs and compare ammo

- Accuracy verified by comparing drop to bullet manufacturers' published data

- Simple touch input for setting wind direction

- Supports imperial and metric units

- Upgrade to the paid version to create multiple firearm profiles and save custom ammo

* Tips **

- Before using the calculator for the first time, zero the default firearm profile

- Negative drop means the bullet impacts below the aim point

- Negative drift means the bullet impacts to the left of the aim point

- Edit the firearm profile from the main menu or by clicking the pencil icon in the action bar

- To use MOA in the table, select MOA as the output units on the main screen

Category : Tools

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