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Siddur One

The only free siddur in beautiful Material Design that contains all of weekday davening in nusach Ashkenaz, Sfard and Edot HaMizrach. The siddur contains all the text you would expect in a regular print siddur. It knows what day it is and delivers the specific tefilos for that day. This becomes especially powerful on fast days when it can deliver the appropriate selichos at shacharis and kria at mincha. It also includes a luach zmanim.Now you can choose between five different fonts, change the text size and set an appearance theme. You can also set the siddur to silence your device while davening. When you're done, exit with a backpress to reset your device's volume.Includes:-All daily prayers in Ashkenaz, Sfar, and Edot HaMizrach-Daily luach zmanim-Prayer compass-Special zmanim (candle lighting, fast times, biur chometz etc.)-Silence device option-Musaf for Rosh Chodesh and Chol HaMoed-Kria for Mondays/Thursdays, Fast Days and Holidays-Selichos for Taanis Tzibur-Hoshanos (smart Hoshanos!)-Bentching (including at Bris, Sheva Brochos and holiday inserts)-Vidui Yom Kippur (mincha erev YK and in shonos)-Megilas Esther, Eicha, Shir HaShirim, Rus and Koheles-Bedikas Chometz-Chanuka candle lighting-Hatavas Chalom-Tefilas Havineinu-Hafrashas Terumos, Maasoros and Chalah-Havdala-Krias Shma AlHamita-Lekutei Brochos-Font and text size options-Tashlich-Kaparos-Ushpizinand more.

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