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Siddur One Donate Key

This is the donate key for Siddur One. Keep this app installed to unlock the Donate Only features of Siddur One. This app is only a key.
It’s been over a year since I first published a version of this siddur. The project has come a long way since then, and I hope to continue adding to it in the future. Thank you to all of you for downloading and using the siddur, and especially to anyone who shared, reviewed or donated to the project. A tremendous amount of work goes into this project. There is no team for this siddur
- it’s actually just me sitting in my kitchen working when I can. I keep the siddur free because I feel that everyone should have access to a quality siddur, but if you can spare a few bucks to help support the project I would really appreciate it. I know it might seem expensive for an app, but it’s actually kind of cheap for what this app is: a full siddur, a shnayim mikra chumash, a complete sefer tehilim and a comprehensive zmanim app (and more!). So if you can swing it, I would really appreciate the support, and if not I understand, but please enable the ads to help as best you can. Best,R. Mattaniah Beezy

Category : Books & Reference

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Reviews (17)

Jud. K. May 27, 2019     

Delighted with the app! Any chance of adding teffilat haderech for the plane?

dav. h. May 23, 2019     

can it be made minyan friendly, meaning noting where the leader typically reads from?

Jos. D. Mar 4, 2019     

Love this siddur. Great job!

Ash. E. Jan 8, 2017     

I've been using this app for quite some time now and I love it, today I was randomly checking out the features and I was surprised seeing חומש in there too! I bought the donate button, and I stumbled upon your description I was surprised that a one man band did this all! Let me just say THANK YOU!!

Mic. D. Feb 5, 2015     

The dev clearly is putting tons of effort into this. No competition even close. I recommend it.

Jos. W. Mar 20, 2018     

This siddur used to be very slow. Seems now that it's fixed, it works wonder fast and is the best siddur on Google play

Ste. S. Jul 29, 2015     

Chock full of every feature one could think of. Happy to donate. Please continue developing the wear app.

A. G. u. Aug 8, 2015     

Downloaded siddur. Had to pay to activate tehilim, worth it. Good job

Mic. C. Mar 19, 2015     

Best siddur app at the moment. Been looking for one like this for years! Just stumbled across it!

Ari. E. Oct 7, 2014     

I think that if you change the name and icon of the app you'll do much better

Dan. S. Nov 7, 2014     

A great app that does more than just a siddur. Once you have it you'll wonder how you managed without it !

Zev. S. Feb 10, 2019     

Worth it! It's outstanding and he keeps on adding functionality!

Rut. A. Jul 1, 2014     

Thank you for producing this wonderful app.

Mar. K. Jun 22, 2015     

the perfect Sidur and worth every penny.

Phi. B. Sep 12, 2016     

Very Happy with it Thx! 😀 NA NAH!!😁

Aar. S. Apr 19, 2017     

Amazing! Thank you!

Jer. B. May 29, 2015     

The best siddur app