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SiriusXM Hello

SXM Hello – the first step to getting the most out of your SiriusXM experience.
* A channel-finding companion to your SiriusXM service.Note: This companion app does not stream SiriusXM content. To listen on your smartphone or tablet, please download the SiriusXM listening app here: https://www.google.com/url?q=https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sirius&hl=en

SXM Hello

Say “Hello” to your channel-finding friend. The SiriusXM Hello app is a complement to your SiriusXM service and is the first step in getting the most out of your listening experience. Hey, having over 140 channels is incredible, but so is a little help with navigation. SiriusXM Hello will recommend channels you’ll love based on what you like, tell you what’s playing on any channel at any time, keep track of all your favorites, and show you how to listen to everything, everywhere. So whether you’re listening in the car, or on your computer, smartphone or tablet, SiriusXM Hello has got your back. Download and try it now to make SiriusXM all about you.

Hello at a glance:A channel-finding companion to your SiriusXM service.

• Get channel recommendations just for you• Find out what’s playing on any channel, at any time• Keep track of your favorites• Learn how to listen in the car, and on your computer, smartphone or tablet

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (30)

Mar. Nov 26, 2021     

Streaming issues more often than I care to have, even on WiFi

A. G. u. May 3, 2016     

Really is useless for what it does. Yes your passenger can go thru the list to learn what channels they have but a driver shouldn't be using the app trying to figure it out. And once you bought your radio I'm sure you already saved your favorites anyways. Sirius ripped me off when I bought my brand new Chrysler 300 trying to tell us that it was already activated so I'm still tasting the sour grapes.

Mic. B. May 23, 2016     

This app lets you list your favorite channels and shows you the song currently on each channel. Priceless! At a glance you can skip minutes of channel surfing. During set-up it doesn't matter what kind of car you have, just pick anything.

Sil. F. Apr 15, 2017     

Really bad. Connects to your Facebook and finds music you've liked and asks questions about your favorite music. In my case it found 33 artists I've liked and I gave the 80-90s had the best music. This app said that I should like 4 news talk stations and a Korean music and Korean Today talk channel. Brilliant!

Gre. S. Jan 11, 2017     

I can't use this app because I don't have a car so I can't select a make and mod. I drive a stick (a long white one), (a 1 speed). I use the SiriusXM app on a smartphone. This app is NOT user-friendly because I CAN'T get past the car selection screen. Make it useful for those who have no car. Uninstalling.

Bob. E. Nov 15, 2016     

Could not get past select model of car. Guess that's because I have a Lexus and no one buys that make

Geo. D. Nov 12, 2015     

Uninstalling. Asking me for model year of car. I listen at home. Cannot get past this screen. App is useless to me. Some people take the subway, you know.

Bru. W. Nov 29, 2016     

Appears to be for trial subscription, not current subscribers. Can't get past car screen. I stream on my phone everywhere and already have the app. Thought it would have channel guides. Uninstalling

Jak. Aug 19, 2016     

Cannot get it past the recommendation page. Freezes every time. Extremely frustrating

Hop. Oct 7, 2016     

I would love to try it out but I can't get past the, tell us about your car. Select model year.

A. G. u. Dec 27, 2015     

I installed this app because I just got my first sirius radio and was looking for a channel guide and it doesn't let me do anything, Don't waste your time

Cha. W. Feb 28, 2016     

Can't even get past selecting my car, nothing to select. If I could give 0 stars I would. I just wanted a channel list geesh. So I deleted the app

Mik. S. Mar 16, 2016     

I downloaded this app and it only has vehicle year up to 2004. I have a 2001and is not listed when it ask you for the year of your car. Disappointing.

Gor. B. Nov 20, 2015     

Of this application. The most useless app of all the times. Pandora thank you so so very much.

A. G. u. May 19, 2018     

Awesome App most useful while on the go., Sitting and waiting for the Doctor to assist you., Just chilling out on the Patio Deck., Relaxing and awaiting for your Flight., Be advise when time is not of any essences just connect to Channel 66 Smooth Jazz.

M. G. Oct 30, 2016     

Will not scroll further than Mitsubishi..... I have a Subaru and I can't even type it in. It will not allow you to go further unless you put the make of the car. Deleted the app

Tam. R. Dec 1, 2016     

Love to be able to take my fav music with me especially when other places aren't playing what I want to hear! Two thumbs up!

A. G. u. Dec 16, 2016     

It appears that SiriusXM is unaware that their product is in the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300. What else explains that the app does not even show MB under the 2017 vehicles? When a valid VIN or a valid Radio ID are entered, the app says that the details are "Incorrect." No Refresh Signal can be sent.

Dre. S. Jan 11, 2016     

1. If you don't have car service you can enter any make and year, it doesn't matter, you could have a 1990 Honda or a 2016 Maserati, no difference in the app. 2. It is plenty useful, you can see what any station is playing at anytime. Perfect for a passenger to help select channels.

Peg. S. B. Jun 3, 2016     

Great way to figure out what to listen too. The rest is ok, everything has bugs, they just need to work on things. That's all. Thanks for now.

Jua. H. Feb 28, 2016     

It's impossible to maneuver. This app is the worst ever.

Ada. B. Sep 24, 2016     

I can't even get passed the recommendations screen. It scans my Facebook likes, music library and I can answer questions, but it never loads any recommendations and winds up crashing if I hit any other item in the menu.

Eva. B. Sep 19, 2016     

App is completely unusable. It asks for car info before it will let me use it, but then it won't even let me actually enter any info for my car.

and. g. Sep 4, 2016     

Dont have 2 hunt 4 good sounds

Orl. V. Oct 5, 2015     

Would love to use this app, but I can't exit it in S6 and even if I switch by task manager it keeps running in background, likely burning battery. Also, it needs the option to start directly in favorites.

Tho. P. Sep 2, 2015     

What the hell year car I drive? As long as you people get your money don't worry about it and besides that for y'alls big eyed information it's older than 2004 and in great shape too!!! If you want to buy me a new one I'll take it till then take this app and ram it because it don't even load the first page anyways! 😡 I think I may cancel my subscription for about a year and listen to my phone and SW radio! 👎😡

Laq. F. Oct 25, 2016     

Stops app when I try to pick a channel

Ale. M. Jun 4, 2017     

The most obvious thing this app should do is link to your SXM account....it doesn't. Instead it's completely separate. It requires that you input the make of car you have. It's got Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, etc...but Honda isn't an option?!? Seriously?

Ton. L. Jun 4, 2016     

Recently there have been so many changes in the channels on SiriusXM that I can't keep up with the little paper anymore so this helps me find the music that I love which is channel 34 it is called the GRUNGE station, Aka: LITHIUM..... it is the only station that I listen to. And this Alanis Morissette comes on and then I change it to the rock station our the Ozzy Osbourne station... Then when she's done whining.... I put it back!!

A. G. u. Apr 20, 2017     

It plays the most best music around, better than any other stations