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Sky Iran TV

Sky Iran TV gives you direct access to Iran TV Live Channels, TV Series, Sports and much more. Sign up and watch at http://skyirantv.com. Sky Iran TV offers the largest selection of Iran TV channels broadcasted from within Iran and world with 4 to 7 days Recorded (DVR) service. You watch your favorite Farsi programs anytime, anywhere.
Our revolutionary cloud TV platform delivers a cable-like television lineup to your television and other connected devices
- Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Android tablets and smartphones, computers, iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) via web, and even Apple TV via AirPlay casted from your iDevice.

Some of the channels included: Manoto 1, Andisheh, Asre Emrooz TV, GEM TV, GEM Bollywood, GEM Classic, GEM Junior, GEM Kurd, GEM Life, GEM One TV, GEM Onyx, GEM River, GEM Rubix, GEM Series, GEM ST, GEM Teen, GAM TV, GAM CLASSIC, Iran TV Network, IRIB 1, IRIB 2, IRIB 4, IRIB 5, IRIB Amoozesh, IRIB Mostanad, IRIB Nasim, IRIB Ofogh, IRIB Pooya, IRIB Salamat, Irinn Jame Jam Network, Pars TV, PMC TV, Press TV, Royal Time TV, Salaam TV, BBC Persian, iFilm English, TV Persian, Iran's History Channel, Movie 1, Ten TV.

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