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Skyward Mobile Access

Skyward Mobile Access provides intuitive access for students, parents, and school staff that currently use Skyward’s Family Access, Student Access, Educator Access, or Employee Access. Skyward Mobile Access will automatically locate your district and take you instantly to your vital information such as grades, attendance, discipline, payroll, time off, and more!
Please contact your school district with questions, comments or concerns about the app.

Note: Your school district must activate Skyward Mobile Access Automatic Setup in order for this application to locate your school district and connect to it.

Category : Education

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Reviews (30)

e. l. l. a. h. o. l. t. Jan 5, 2022     

i can sign into skyward on my Chromebook but when i try on my phone it won't work! i have put in all the correct info and it doesn't work. it just pulls up and says that i need to try again when i have better network. even though i do. so they really need to fix it. i also know that my friends have the app and it works on some of their phones but not others. the ones who don't work tend to be the people who don't have an iphone!! this needs to be fixed right away, so students can see their grade

Mik. R. Mar 3, 2022     

Unable to log into the app. I needed to change my password a few days ago, and i did. App worked fine with biometric login (aside from things missing from app which are in the web version) until then, but now it won't even allow me to type in my new credentials. It prepopulates from my saved login info saved on my phone,but keeps saying that it doesn't recognize them. It won't even let me actually type it in. App feels like it's an old version from 2008 or something. Complete trash.

Nob. May 20, 2022     

Won't even let me access my grades. Terrible even since the update came out. Won't even let me use it on my chrome book, other than the Google sign in. Would not recommend again.

Ama. D. Mar 21, 2022     

I love the app except for when report cards are released. It only gives me the option to print instead of just viewing. Also, when I tap the print button it does nothing! So I haven't been able to really view grades at all this year which is beyond frustrating!

Bri. Mar 4, 2022     

I can't log in. It says I need to find a better network which is totally wrong because I have very good connection. It works literally everywhere else other than my phone. Very frustrating.

Tif. S. Mar 6, 2022     

I was able to use the mobile app for the first half of the school year. Stated I needed to update my PIN so I did. The next time I tried to login the new PIN didn't work. Tried again the next day and the new PIN worked. When I tried again later that day it didn't work and said I am out of tries and can longer access the app. So now I have to use the website which takes forever.

20v. Mar 8, 2022     

This is an amazing opportunity to see ur grades, especially if u dont have ur computer on u. It is easy to find what ur grades are. This is a great app in my opinion and I don't think the 1, 2, & done of the 3 star ratings don't make much sense, ♥️ this. Thank you for this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim. M. Apr 9, 2022     

Keeps telling me my account is not found after logging in. Then it glitches, shows me the student's name, click it, and then tells me invalid username or password. I have been requesting help for the last 3 months and no help. The reports sent through email are not enough.

Amb. B. May 23, 2022     

Will not let me download any report cards. This is an issue since the school doesn't send them anymore.

h.i. Aug 13, 2021     

The app preforms as advertised. However, it is one of the worst implementions for a mobile application I have ever experienced. Once you are able to sign into your district through their tedious process, the entire interface is quite honestly a web browser. The app is not optimized for mobile users at all. You would need to scroll from side to side to be able to access all the information. If they can't optimize it, I recommend allowing users to at least be able to "set" their district default.

Fra. W. Mar 29, 2021     

Latest version is awful. Notifications do not take you directly to the alert. For example I get a notification for a grade and I click on it. It takes me to the last place I was in the app, I then have to manually go to the grades for that child, but I have no way of knowing what that grade was for without going through every single class until I find a grade that matches and assume it's the right one. In the past it was a direct link to the grade and was highlighted in the list to easily find.

Kay. Aug 12, 2020     

This app has helped me a lot with figuring out whether or not I'm failing my classes. It also helps to whether or not you turned in a paper to your teacher. It allows you to contact your teachers, if necessary, and I can see what my schedule is before the school gives us the paper ones. Ten out of ten, I recommend this app to any STUDENT who is wants to check up on their grades, teachers, schedules, and so much more! Hope you enjoy this app, but it is quite modern so good luck! Have a good day!!

Bri. N. Feb 27, 2022     

I have not used this app a whole lot, so I can't give it more stars than this. The online version is better even on your mobile but overall it does what it needs to and is functional and I like that!!

Kat. C. Jan 30, 2019     

It has stopped sending notifications yet again! Very frustrating. Please fix this. Android user here. In the fall our school district worked with skyward and they figured it out but it has happened again. Families rely on this since teachers only allow 3 days to fix grades once they are entered into skyward. I have missed so many recently.

Lau. I. Jan 26, 2019     

I've been using this app for 2 yrs now. I liked it at first. As assignments were completed by my student a notification would pop up on my phone. Sometimes it felt like over kill but I was always happy to know assignments were being completed, especially the late ones. But since I changed from an LG phone to a Samsung the notifications have stopped. This is the most important part of using this app for me. Keeping up with daily work. I need the notifications back for a 5 star rating.

Ril. D. Feb 25, 2021     

Using oneplus 6t with indisplay fingerprint sensor, it's never worked in this app. After a "bug fix" update released yesterday, now the app straight up crashes. I can't even log in without it crashing. Also, the ui is very unintuitive and terrible. This cannot be used as a reliable service unless the developers step up their game big time.

Oop. a. c. Nov 30, 2020     

Absolutely garbage. You need to get in through the wellness screening but that's a massive problem when the app dose not work at all. The website works better but even that if you do not have data won't work as it doesn't work on school wifi. Same thing with the app but it doesn't work at all sometimes. Completely garbage app and seriously awful service to rely on for anything that important. Awful service.

Yar. R. Jan 20, 2022     

Can't log on. I can log on anywhere else but my phone (Samsung Galaxy). I used to be able to take attendance and grade, then all of a sudden, it all stopped, and can't even log on. I don't get it. Please Help! I really need this app.

Aid. B. Jan 6, 2022     

This game is horrendous it just keeps giving me these numbers like its a count down to something like my death or something but then they sometes go up witch I guess is extra life points but I still can't really figure out how to play the game but whenever the number go up I get so excited and tingly because I did not have to do anything but when they go down a cold rush goes thru my body as it ticks down closer to my death but if anyone could tell me how to play this game that would be spleded!

M. M. Dec 15, 2021     

This is a horrible app. You are in education and technology - GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER! IT IS SO NOT INTUITIVE. Hate the bad navigation that is unlike any other app.

Mel. A. Sep 15, 2021     

I just downloaded it and already having issues. Takes forever to load and if I click on something I can't get out of it, like it freezes. Very annoying as I thought this would be much better than having to login online. I'll just revert back to online since I can't get far on the app. Definitely removing from my phone.

Ron. R. Jul 16, 2021     

I have an account with our school and can get into it just fine by going thru the website. But the app won't give me access. It would much easier to just open an app then having to go thru the website, when I want to check things out. I've uninstalled and reinstalled 2 times and still doesn't work.

Sar. D. Jan 1, 2019     

This app is very helpful for me to access my child's lunch account info & recieve messages from her teacher or district. That being said, I CAN NOT for the life of me figure out why I am not recieving push notifications, even though my settings should allow that. The settings within my phone also are allowing notifications from this app, so it's not on my end. I have a Galaxy S9...so there should be no problems. This is extremely frustrating.

Lay. A. Mar 12, 2022     

Ok this app is amazing except it didn't want to tell me my classes for my second semester but other than that amazing.

Gav. B. Mar 3, 2021     

So the new update said that it fixed the close app on start issue which, it did, but the thing is now I can't sign in to skyward on my phone because it doesn't validate my credentials or something. The issue clearly isn't my sign in because I can log in on any other device perfectly fine. Please fix this, I don't have a computer on hand 24/7.

QQ. Feb 1, 2019     

Great app sometimes drives me nuts because it won't log in right away. I can easily view my grades, schedule, etc. Considering the whole entire school uses it I assume its a pretty useful thing to have. The notifications for my assignments that get put into the gradebook is very efficient that way I can know where I stand gradewise.

Val. F. Mar 7, 2020     

I love it! I check my grades constantly, and just using my fingerprint is so much easier than completely logging in. Something you should put in your next update is notifications every time one of the grades change. I'd love that. But overall, super easy to use and really helpful.

ann. Jan 5, 2021     

out of date UI. also is not easy to navigate, but isn't too difficult. would probably be difficult for people not used to technology, which is an issue considering parents and grandparents use this app to keep up with their kids. also it spams me with 6+ messages at a time saying my teachers have uploaded report card grades, and when i click each message it says it's unavailable, even when i click instantly once i get the notification.

Dan. W. Mar 22, 2022     

Can't add my existing login and password to use app, it just won't recognize the words. Using android.

Nan. E. May 9, 2022     

It won't let me time in. It worked before the update.