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FREE SLOTS! The Best Vegas slots game FREE! Just like Vegas Casino slots, in a FREE Android App! Play this free slot games app on Facebook with Bonus Games. No internet or wifi needed!
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SLOTS! FEATURES:Las Vegas Slots with over 50 Slot Games
- Real casino gameplay brings the fun of Las Vegas to your Android device
- Special slot events give you the chance to WIN even more every month!
- New casino slot games added TWICE MONTHLY

Bonus Games & Prizes to WIN BIG
- Win the House Prize Jackpots for even more Jackpot prizes!
- Spin the prize wheel daily and win up to 10 MILLION COINS
- Free slot games with bonus features

Tournament Games
- Tournament play pits you against other slots players online
- Your big win could put you on top of the leaderboards

This free slot games app is intended for adult audiences and does not offer real money gambling or any opportunities to win real money or prizes. Success within this free slots game does not imply future success at real money gambling.

SLOTS! By Super Lucky Casino: makers of the best FREE Las Vegas casino games and slot machine apps for phone or tablet! SPIN NOW IN SLOTS!

Having an issue with the game? For immediate support, contact us at SLTa@12gigs.com. Thanks!

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Reviews (30)

Joh. S. Apr 21, 2021     

This game has completely been ruined! Returning from a hiatus, I was expecting changes but for the better not for what it is now. Apart from the same slot machines plus a couple more from two/three years ago, they completely revamped the social aspect of game and this is where the "ruined" takes effect. No longer does it feel a place to hang with peeps you don't know from whatever country. It's just a grind now, slowed down gameplay, over the top with amount of ads. I wouldn't recommend.

Ber. W. Feb 12, 2020     

Super lucky casino does your advert says!! Rubbish!! 6 spins all it took to convince me there is nothing lucky about this app cause is a ruthlessly mean app. It's one of the meanest apps I tried so far. Time to delete this app Goodbye. I'm just not lucky enough I guess. Plus my mouse cursor kept disappearing, which only returned when i went to close window.

Car. E. Sep 13, 2019     

Most of the time this game is great. But like all things if you are on the up hill slope to get coins it can be tough to get the bonus. Three weeks ago when i got my monthly payment and was buying points. I got a real lucky spin. You know ine of those you only get on a 7th sunday of any month. I was able to run with it all night. When i stopped playing i had 115 billion poinrs. The next day when i started to play this game the points that i had won the previous day were gone. You owe me big time.

Eri. S. Apr 11, 2020     

Wasnt even able to play. I downloaded the game but when i went to play it said press ok for updated version. I pressed ok and it took mè back to uninstall or open and that kept on everytime. Very very bad start. If that keeps on happening how is anyone going to be able to play.

Edm. R. Sep 27, 2021     

I had the extreme pleasure with quite pleasant and fond memories of the many hours I invested into the challenges; Quest(s) , Mini games, Jackpots; you name it! ("It") ALWAYS DELIVERS !! I intend "that whatever lies ahead, Destiny will guide me to it's Ultimate Conclusion. Thanks a Billion or so !

Lin. E. Dec 4, 2018     

I'm always a nut about having fun and not having to pay for it. I have found these to be my favorites out of several I've downloaded. So far Lucky Penny tops them all. I'm a nut over Hot Cash. The only thing is that on tournaments if your winnings are adding up, they freeze them, preventing you from getting a high total and placing. I still like the game.

Don. B. Sep 16, 2020     

I downloaded, played a few games, then I get a message that I must install an update before continuing. Per YOUR app info, last update was installed in July, 2020. But, I can't get out of that message! Hey, and DON'T BOTHER WITH THE CANNED ANSWER YOU GAVE THE OTHERS WHO REPORTED THIS! OK, TECHS, BREAK TIME IS OVER! GET ON REPAIRING THIS ASAP! Just sayin'.

Thr. M. Aug 13, 2019     

I purchased a new device and used the restore codes my account was assigned and it didn't work. I sent a support email and never got a response. Not a happy customer at all, and with so many other slot games, I'm sure there are some with an actual support department that responds to their customers.

Lar. S. Jul 18, 2021     

There was no experience this worthless game keep telling me to "update" to a new version. When I hit the OK butten,I get only two options, 1st play game, 2nd option was unstall. It real frustrating not to be able too play the game.

D. B. Apr 17, 2019     

Worst ever! I have played regularly and had almost 2 billion points. Today I got a message saying new version available, and leaving me with no choice but to uninstall and install the new version. After I did that, I was left with 10 million points, instead of nearly 2 billion. Then, when I tried to run it I got the same message regarding a new version. It won't run. Don't waste your time!

Kir. B. May 4, 2021     

I played this game for years but when I was forced to update I lost all progress. For weeks I've tried contacting support with my link code and support I'd with zero help. Just says a senior member will help me in 3 days but It's been 6 weeks. The top two teams are one player who uses youtube cheats so everyone quit playing. Would be nice if you really did have customer support. Bought a 49.99 league package and it didn't double my points, perks say I already own them even though I don't.

A. G. u. Nov 23, 2018     

i have uninstalled and reinstalled these games numerous times. they are addictive and it's hard to get other things done. lady of rio is my all-time favorite. the slots 30+ and super free slots are my favorite versions.

Tar. B. Jul 4, 2019     

wouldn't let me win and kept losing all my money. I like to gamble but its a bit much to lose everything over and over. NO LOVE AT ALL. im having fun if the game just lets you play. sure winning is nice but getting a game that'll let me play is cool. its entertainment and i wasn't entertained. lol

Bar. G. Mar 19, 2022     

LOSE, LOSE AND LOSE!This game is a scam for wanting out to buy playing power! It's set up to lose. if you hit anything then you will not hit again until ybuy tokens from them! they have added so many " BUY" junk that you can't play... DO YOURSELF a FAVOR AND STAY AWAY!

Mat. B. May 9, 2022     

Good, time passing fun. Lots of choices like being in a real casino!! Been playing for months! Love this game!!

fay. a. Dec 27, 2020     

This IS NOT the BEST Slots game out there. Sorry, NOT Sorry to say. I wonder if developers play other similar games before they introduce their version. Evidently not, because this one has missed the mark. I was irritated from the outset...ESPECIALLY with the graphics. Catering to a certain demographic, are we? AND the payouts are miniscule. No excitement AT ALL. And the NERVE to want my $$$$. LOL..UPDATE 0⭐'s for the pre-written computer generated response. GOOH.

Sal. W. Nov 19, 2021     

Can somebody HELP ME TODAY please!!!!??? I don't need a robot answer, I need REAL help that I'm NOT getting through support , rather it is by e- mail or contact us! This game will NOT allow me to Contact support! I need to be unblocked from Facebook so I can connect to my account and I need to be unblocked so I can Bet MAX! How hard is that to do? Facebook said I need permission from the app to connect, but all my other games work fine. This is Making me sick that I can't even play a game

Mar. M. Jan 21, 2019     

Great game, fantastic graphics, easy to play, good payouts,and goals to reach for extra coins! Overall, I love it.

Jas. B. Oct 6, 2018     

It's like all the rest the higher the bet the less chances to win. After 48 hrs and getting to 1b. Went to 50 mil bets lost it all. No big deal but now I'll uninstall this one. To bad it was getting good. Oh yeah don't like the pop ups for purchase.

Jer. B. Dec 13, 2019     

super lucky slots have the best graphics and choice of games period. I've played plenty and really NOT CLOSE. They also have more sites than anyone. Great praise and then I go into game and its changed and my favourite games are gone

L.G. R. May 11, 2021     

It's now three months since the last update and it is still a two level game. New players are at a 1000x disadvantage. It is glaringly obvious the Developers are not players. Either that or they have exempted themselves and are in the 1000x elites. Complaints are still met with absolute gibberish. Support is a joke. Used to be a 5star app, but not worth 1 now. Well over a year later and Support has proved it is even more worthless. Leaving aside your "Chat" tab that we're not supposed to use for chatting, there still remains the blatantly unfair two tier system you refuse to address. As before a handful of clubs have the ability to wager one thousand times more than everyone else. They automatically have a three orders of magnitude advantage. Can't you see that?

Tab. D. Jan 2, 2022     

I also am having the problem of saying that i need to update and there is no update. I can't believe it but I still can't play your game! It is still telling me that there is an update but there is not one. I have tried several phones and a tablet with no luck. It would be nice if you fixed the problem, more people would probably play it.

Chr. B. Jan 23, 2022     

I'm putting five stars because I said I would before I clicked the rate five stars and get a million coins in game so they are bribing you to give a good rating but legitimately this game is pretty good slot machine game if you quirks here and there but you know in comparison to every other slot machine app I played this one's up there pretty high good job guys

Mar. D. Feb 15, 2022     

This apps is very enjoyable and very relaxing, unlike with the other applications game that there are lots of advertisement this game doesn't have. In addition it will not give you headache I love it very much 🥰

Ru'. N. Feb 24, 2020     

It "was" the best casino game in the store. Now, it's all messed up...can no longer contact my friends, lost billions of hard-earned coins, and besides the terrible screeh/scream in the lame music, support isn't awesome like it used to be. After contacting you (several times) about my paid version of the game, I was merely discarded like kitchen trash...never to hear from any support reps again. As a paid/paying customer, this is disrespectful and "very" unprofessional. RIP Slots!

Cof. H. V. O. Jan 3, 2021     

Slots are slots if they're from Facebook they're full of ad's and when you're in the free spins you get a ad break then again after the free spins have finished the game only allows you to play for about 3 minutes and makes you watch 8 minutes of ad's you still get the ad break if you make a perches of more credit which is completely wrong.

Bet. M. Jan 23, 2022     

Its interesting and easy enough you wont loose for twenty minutes before giving up. Exc graphics great movement.

Joh. A. Mar 14, 2021     

Scam is pretty awesome got plenty of good play to need some more bonuses I give it a five-star because of the graphics in the game and it's awesome they need to give out more bonuses for this game I actually be 100 but other than that it is a great game and I recommend it to all my friends

Tra. K. Oct 2, 2018     

It kept taking me to there store to purchase coins, when I already had coins. Wanting to play free games. It wouldn't let me go back to home page. Not happy at all!!!!

Pau. Sep 30, 2018     

Pretty good game! sure you don't really gamble really money but imitates the real thing really and it's not as rigged like other slot machine games.. I would actually would like to see the Australian slot machines in this game especially the "Dragons" Slot Machine I hope the developers can do that