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Slots of Oz

In the land of OZ there are evil witches, mysterious wizards and dangerous flying monkeys. But, there are also good witches, kind creatures and munchkins who are kind and want to help you find your way to the Great Oz. Will he grant your wish for BIG WINS and HUGE PAYOUTS? The only way to find out is to SPIN and WIN!
* Game Features *****► The best HD Graphics and Sound you will find on a slots app.► 20 reels with fun symbols to spin and WIN!!► MULTIPLIERS to make your pile of coins get bigger and bigger.► BONUS ROUNDS with STICKY WILDS for HUGE PAYOUTS!► Play as many lines as you choose…more lines mean more WINNINGS.► Level up and get a higher MAX BET!► MINI GAMES for extra wins!► FREE download for most mobile devices.► MEGA WINS mean MEGA FUN!!

Slotomania, Hollywood Slots and Arctic Tiger Slot Machine are all popular apps you have probably loved playing. Slots of OZ will make you wonder why you didn’t start down the yellow brick road to winnings sooner. If you love playing slots you have to go to Google Play or the App store and get this game right away. Within seconds you can be SPINNING and WINNING!

You know the stories of Oz and the adventures of all of the characters found there. Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man, Toto and the Munchkins and all of the others come to life as you spin the reels on these slots. You like WINNING? Well, you are in for a real treat with Oz. BONUSES come up fast and often! JACKPOTS are huge. MEGA WINS really add up! You will want to keep on playing because you will love how much you win.

On the way to see the great Oz you will face dangers and make new friends. There is no end to what might happen and how much you might win! Will the Wicked Witch send her evil monkeys to keep you from reaching Oz? Will she succeed? Only time will tell. The fact is, you will be WINNING so much you won’t want to stop spinning no matter how many hardships you face along your way. The yellow brick road is leading you to Oz and to the biggest WINNINGS you will see in an app. What are you waiting for? Slots of Oz is an easy download that will allow you to join the characters from Oz and HIT BIG JACKPOTS, too. Play on your favorite mobile device anytime you feel like being a winner. It couldn’t be easier and you will be winning more than you ever thought possible.

Fans Say:“I always loved Oz and now I can play these slots and see Oz all the time!”“Cannot believe how many bonuses I have received.”“My friend is a huge fan of Oz…he got me hooked.”“Best slot machine app I have ever played.”

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