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Slushy Mania! - Free Cooking

Slushies in Winter! Summer! Fall! Spring into the Fun of making slushies!
Choose from a selection of cute Lids & Cups & Straws!Pick from super yummy flavors! Orange Crush! Strawberry Blast! Fruit Punch!

Kids and adults of all ages enjoy making slushies!

What's your favorite flavor? Don't pick just one! Make them ALL!


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Category : Casual

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Reviews (30)

Sus. R. Mar 1, 2016     

When ever l play it will not be coming

Kev. K. Nov 2, 2014     

Hey that is rude to the game ANNA and this is awesome ppl no BOOOOOOORINGGGGG

Kat. F. Jan 17, 2015     

Omg I love this app its my farvorite

A. G. u. Jan 21, 2017     

It Sucks .. every time I click the top of the glass is just stops working .....

eri. p. Jul 3, 2015     

I love it its so fuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn i lov itttttttt

Ann. F. Nov 2, 2014     

It is BORING there is nothing to do‼‼ it is not a game I am not getting EVER AGAIN ‼‼‼‼‼ it is stupid

Cou. B. Jan 4, 2015     

Love from Courtney

Bel. S. Mar 1, 2015     

Anna this game is amazing

vic. a. Oct 18, 2014     

It is fabulouse

Bri. L. Mar 8, 2015     

Most Boring Game I Had Ever Seen. 1 Star

Jes. S. Jan 19, 2015     

A bit of advice never get it cause it is very boring it looks good but it is not

emi. p. Apr 8, 2015     

If I can I would rate it a zero"!.booooooboooo

Ami. K. Apr 9, 2015     

hi lovely slushy maker please make it

Bal. B. Oct 5, 2016     

its was very GOOD i will take good care of it

Bre. W. Jan 20, 2015     

I hate that game 😈

Dev. B. Apr 13, 2016     

This is cool there are so many slushies to make yum

Suz. G. Oct 12, 2015     

it is so fun try it get it love it!!

Luk. Z. Feb 1, 2015     

My daughter thinks its the best game ever!:-)

Mr.. B. Apr 12, 2015     

I cind of agree with Anna😐

Bro. B. May 5, 2015     

This is the best game !!!!!! !! Bad advise anna f.

Car. B. Dec 30, 2014     

It sounds so cool but its downloading😱! I hope it🔚🔜⏳⌛! I bet I'll be so in😍😚😘😻 with it

Ste. B. Feb 6, 2016     

I Hope it downloads soon📨📆⏳⌛🔜🔚🔙🔛

Sha. H. Nov 24, 2014     

I loved it

A. G. u. Dec 29, 2014     

Anna is a spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam and a big chocolate bowl of mean

Mad. H. Oct 12, 2014     

It was dumb

Mel. Jan 20, 2015     

It was a good game

Mil. A. Apr 21, 2015     

This is fun

Ama. B. Jan 18, 2015     

Edit the

Mic. K. Oct 26, 2014     

Its cool

Kar. J. Dec 28, 2014     

This is baby stuff