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smartChord ist THE app for all musicians – from beginners to professionals. In addition to more than chords and fingerings, smartChord offers a lot of features:TUNER, METRONOME, SCALES, ARPEGGIOS, CIRCLE OF FIFTHS, REVERSE CHORD FINDER, TRANSPOSER, MUSICAL EAR TRAINING, VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS, PITCH PIPE, …Guitar, banjo or bass: for a variety of string instruments the specific chords, notes and tunings are shown, visual and audible, for watching and listening, for predefined and custom-tunings, from 3 to 8 strings, from the first to the last fret, using a capo, for left
- and right-handers, …
Whether you would like to use it for teaching or just for fun at the campfire – smartChord offers almost everything a musicians heart desires.✔ ULTIMATE CHORD REFERENCE⭐ Contains almost all chordtypes and possible fingerings⭐ For a variety of string-instruments like the guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin or ukulele⭐ Offering more than 350 predefined tunings (e.g. DADGAD or mandola)⭐ Supports any tuning from 3 to 8 strings⭐ Offers modes for different playstrengths (basic, advanced, expert)⭐ Supports ‚slash’chords, capo and 5 string Banjo with shortened strings⭐ Provides ultimate comfort functions like filtering, searching, sorting and favorites⭐ Acoustic replay of all chords and fingerings⭐ For right
- and left-handed users⭐ Reverse chord finder⭐ Assembling and transpose chord pogressions (+)

✔ PRECISE CHROMATIC TUNER⭐ Precise tone determination in any frequency area⭐ Visual tuning on the guitars head⭐ Specific modes for beginners and changing strings (+)⭐ Optional vibraton during tuning or visualization of the signal⭐ Supports all instruments and any tuning⭐ Pitch pipe to train your musical ear

✔ SCALES TO IMPROVISE⭐ 30 different scales – such as Major, Dorian, Pentatonic, Chromatic⭐ Musical notation, formula and fretboard⭐ 1000 scales on top (+)⭐ Diatonic chords (+)⭐ Patterns showing when and how a scale can be played best – fingerings incl. (+)


✔ METRONOME FOR A SOPHISTICATED TIMING⭐ Speed trainer⭐ Precise up to 300 bpm⭐ Optically, acoustically, vibration⭐ Provides 60 different instrument sounds

✔ MUSICAL EAR TRAINING⭐ Learn how to distinguish chords and notes of different octaves⭐ > 80 different instruments⭐ Check your progress by statistic

✔ PLAYGROUND – as a virtual instrument

✔ TRANSPOSER – for easy transposing

✔ EXACT TONE GENERATOR ⭐ Frequency range from 0.01 Hz to 19,999.99 kHz⭐ Generation of precise reference tones⭐ Hearing test, test the bandwidth of headphones and speakers or other audio or studios equipment

Features available only by In-App-Payment are labeled (+).

That is what the press says: „Result: extremly recommendable …“ Apps MAGAZIN, 4/15... and our user are the same opinion. Please see the reviews!

Your satisfaction is our main concern – therefore we constantly develop smartChordbased on your suggestions and hints.We are looking forward to your emails: office@smartChord.deAre you enthusiastic about smartChord? Give us a like on facebook or follow us on:Google+: https://plus.google.com/+SmartchordDe88Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bw.smartChordA big thank you to all our users.

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