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SMTT TOEFL® Speaking

Speaking Master for the TOEFL® Test (SMTT) helps you practice and prepare effectively for the speaking section of the TOEFL® test to achieve a high score.
With SMTT, you can take a test, record your response, and review it later. Sample responses are also provided to give you helpful ideas to improve your speaking skills.

SMTT offers the following 3 modes:

1) TEST MODE: Simulate the actual TOEFL® test!Practice the Speaking section in a simulated test environment. Choose the test you want to take and respond to all 6 questions. This mode is an ideal way to familiarize yourself with the actual TOEFL® test.

2) PRACTICE MODE: Improve your weak points!Choose just one question (e.g. "test1 question3") and really work on your weak points. When you don’t have time to take a full test, this mode is also a great way to squeeze some extra practice into your busy schedule.

3) REVIEW MODE: Review your responses, and access all the materials for intensive study!Listening back to your responses and speaking voice, you can realize your strong points and identify the weak points you need to keep working on. Access to all the reading passages, listening scripts, and sample answers will help you understand the points you couldn't catch in TEST MODE or PRACTICE MODE.

We believe SMTT includes all the materials you need to consistently achieve high scores in the TOEFL® test speaking section.

Get the high score you want and realize your dream :)Enjoy, and good luck!

TOEFL is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States and other countries. This app and this app developer are not endorsed or approved by ETS.

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Reviews (30)

Mar. C. L. Jun 22, 2019     

The application is excellent as I can train pupils for the exam, in a realistic way. Two months ago I paid almost U$S6 for the full version and today, after an update, I am unable to use it!

A. G. u. Oct 1, 2018     

The free content is good. Unfortunately the app keeps crashing and hasn't been updated in years, so wouldn't recommend buying it.

Yon. N. Jul 1, 2019     

I paid to use the all the tests and this app just took my money! I can't even utilize all the tests!

You. L. y. Oct 24, 2018     

Not good stopped working.

Ray. N. Aug 18, 2017     

It was good app, but now it doesn't work. The app have been stopping immediately after I open it everytime. And also the app was free but you have to pay after the first two test. As a free app, it was good. Paying for this app is worst of money. There are many other paid apps better than this.

cor. m. Jul 16, 2017     

It doesn't work. Don't bother to install nor pay. If You pay, you would still see the same thing, which is nothing. Every question you press leads to blank screen. If I don't get my money back, I would say this is a scam.

cha. m. Jan 21, 2017     

I tried to buy this app but they cheated me. They took my money but don't allow me to access.

Mah. S. Oct 13, 2017     

Thank you. It is really useful and helpful. But it announce a kind of error every time I choose an option.

lia. p. l. May 31, 2017     

Hi guys. Can you help me with the problem in the app. I paid for all tests but now the app doesnt work. Appear "unfortunately, SMTT has stopped"

And. P. Dec 29, 2016     

It stops everytime I open it. I tried to re-install but it still doesn't work.

Rav. R. Aug 1, 2018     

This is total fraud if you want to get the access of locked sections. You would be loosing your money and not get access at all

Par. A. Sep 8, 2017     

Best app for toefl speaking It not only helps to speak, record and listen to our own voices, but also has provided sample recordings.

Shu. A. Jan 20, 2018     

Lots of ads. Filthy UI. Try Toefl-Infinite instead. Much better, more content

men. w. Dec 19, 2016     

The application doesn't work it stopped every time i open it

Ver. S. Aug 19, 2017     

I just download it and keep saying SMTT has stop

Dr. J. Nov 30, 2017     

Its not even opening. It crashes immediately. it used be great. But now, no more !

sas. l. Jan 4, 2017     

It used to work very well an is useful. But now, I can't open it. It keep saying "Unfortunately, SMTT has stopped" and then shut down immediately. I'm using android version 4.4.2.

Imr. A. s. Feb 3, 2017     

great app tough 2 tests are free but it gives alot of experience for speaking

Des. d. C. Jan 3, 2017     

I tried to install this app on two different devices but the app still won't open.

A. G. u. Jan 31, 2017     

it is the worst app ever i saw.

Ama. A. Feb 23, 2017     

My money got deducted twice once Rs. 50 and then Rs. 210. I want a refund for my Rs. 50

net. b. Jun 27, 2017     

The app stops all the time

Ali. E. Apr 16, 2017     

It stops every time I open it.

Ste. S. Feb 6, 2017     

Amazing app to practice the speaking section of the toefl IBT

Swa. A. Sep 8, 2017     

1st time I paid for an app. Was worth it because it simulated TOEFL speaking sufficiently.

mus. b. Dec 20, 2016     

"Just got 23 in speaking section, thank you!"

Aug. Z. Dec 13, 2016     

Don't helpful

Aze. Z. Jul 20, 2017     

Really great app for Toefl speaking

A. G. u. Mar 22, 2017     

App isn't working. It keeps ssaying,..smtt has stopped working.

Kau. A. Dec 21, 2016     

It's very helpful.