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Sniper 3d - Special Forces

In the plot, you perform as the killer just like the hitman sniper. You will get the mission to destroy the terrorist’s military base at the deserted building. Unfortunately, the accident occurred, your car was overturn and makes you lost some ammo. Then you do not have enough bullets to complete your mission. Your mission seems to be in trouble, this mission will complete or fail is depending on you now.By Underground Sniper Shooter…..Good luck
★ Shoot the head
★ Control by Gyroscope system or turn the screen to aim at the enemy
★ It is the killer game and completed the mission
★ It is the general sniper game, easy to play , uncomplicated
★ Graphic, 3D and shooting sound.

How to play
★ Point the gun at the enemy’s head when ready touches the screen for shooting.

Category : Strategy

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