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Sniper Range Game

Do you want to experience what Simo Häyhä, Hathcock, Vasily Zaytsev, Hetzenauer, and other great snipers needed to overcome? You're in the right place to play the most realistic long range sniping game.

Most 3D Sniper Games are too simple, you just shoot straight to the target... reality is not like that. In this realistic simulation you can customize the cartridges, the bullets, the firearms, and select your favourite range. All relevant information about weapons and ammunitions are procedurally generated, so it's also possible to change almost any property.

This game includes a good enough approximation of internal ballistics, it has a great external ballistics simulation, and it's about to feature terminal ballistics (destruction, ricochets, barrier penetration, and softbody penetration).

The most important physics factors are modeled into this realistic sniper range game: gravity, drag (G7 Ballistic Coefficient), spindrift, and wind. It features realistic Scopes configurations: Elevation, Zoom with appropriately scaled reticles, and Windage. There's also an in-game and easy-to-use ballistic calculator to make it possible to make one-shot/one-hits under wild weather conditions.

This game was contrasted with JBM Ballistics giving great results.

Category : Simulation

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Reviews (30)

Qui. T. Apr 27, 2022     

So I reinstalled and I'm still standing ln my claim that this is the best sniper simulation out there, balistics and gun types are accurate, but improvements could be made on the interface and the UI designed, but other than that its a pretty good game. Id recommend you try it out. Please add achievements to this game. I feel like it would be more satisfying to hit a 900yard shot and actually get rare XP. I'm sure other players would agree. Also add visual aid to see what the gun will look like

Luc. L. Sep 1, 2020     

This is awesome! I would suggest that you could have at least a base model for the firearm, the bullet and the projectile, as well that you could select different scope reticle presets and that you can see what you are changing from your custom one. There is no need for it to be 3D, in my opinión a simple 2D model is more than enough to give a perception of size and looks. Also a option to change tracers, and have a more simpler version of them or turn them off.

Cla. S. Aug 7, 2020     

The physics seem to be realistic, but knowing for sure is way above my abilities. I wish that the GUI was a little cleaner, especially when it comes to buying ammo and weapons. Sometimes the buttons don't seem to responsive on any of the menu items (not in-game yet). It would be nice if there were visuals for the various weapons. Another big improvement would be to add some other common rounds. Where's my 7mm Mag?!

Dou. S. Jun 8, 2019     

Wow!! been seriously searching for a game ( if you would call it that) like this for years. I haven't gotten very far into it yet, but from what i have seen so far the game play is phenomenal. Very realistic with all the adjustments, and options I have been looking for. A huge plus for me as well is that in the ratings from others the Devs are very responsive, and look for help to improve. Only thing i qould like to see that I havent seen on any games, is a way to send feedback in game.

Sug. Jun 11, 2020     

Ballistics, trajectory, wind, velocity, barrel twist and length, bullet caliber, material. It is clear there is little compromise when it comes to details, even down to the reticle being modifiable. The graphics are also good, with the different ranges all rendering beautifully. It's a little grindy if what you want is bigger calibers and high velocity. Overall, a great experience and game at the end of the day.

Nia. G. M. May 4, 2020     

A more delicate system to aim with is literally the only thing I would ask for. It can have a delayed response time to menu selections. However the standard game is very good you can see work went into it. It is enjoyable if you get a pen a pad and a calculator and spend time making the shoots or if you're in a hurry eye balling up to 600yards is possible.

Kyl. H. May 24, 2020     

Great game. Probably needs a tutorial for using mil dots for people who aren't familiar. Graphics are solid. Controls are good. With some additional stages and targets and maybe graphics of the guns this would be an even better game. The creator has obviously spent a lot of time on the ballistics. Once the visuals are equal it will perfect. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to playing this game more.

Van. V. Apr 16, 2020     

I've got to give props to these guys, they obviously have put a ton of passion into this game and it really shows. It's super realistic, and I love it. But it does have some cons, which I understand because I assume you're not a high-budget group. Basically, the controls, layout, menu... They all are pretty bad. I can accept it, but there needs to be a better way to move the camera when you're shooting, choosing guns and ammo is a bit confusing when you have multiple ones, but that's it. 4/5

Get. G. K. Jul 12, 2020     

I've never had an experience with a gun in my life, but even if that is the case, i still enjoyed it because of it working well. The calculations and the adjusting of the windage and elevation feel realistic and gratifying when you get it right; And even when you play casually and just guess the range and let the game calculate for you, it's still fun.

Isa. A. A. Jul 17, 2020     

Really the best, most realistic shooting app available. Sincere congratulations to the developer. Graphics could be improved slightly, like others I'd like to see more ranges, maybe a forest scene or abandoned city. It'd also be cool to actually see the guns, at least in the weapon store. Also there are no bullet holes so you can't see your "group". But these are suggestions to make the game truly perfect, not really complaints.

Dyl. M. Apr 12, 2020     

It's pretty cool. I very much like the concept of this game. It's a hardcore sniper simulator with many player customizable elements. I think the game could use a better developed challege system and maybe even a story mode. £10 for the full game unlock is too steep for me. Quite a few simulation apps of comparable detail are significantly cheaper. Also the controls could use work maybe if button size/position could be customized.

Pat. W. May 11, 2020     

If you're in to long range shooting and/or realistic ballistic physics, this game could scratch that itch between trips to the 1000 yard range. Graphics could be improved, the interface could also be cleaned up and clarified, but the core concept of this game is just plain awesome. No zombies, no fully semi automatic clipazine plebe AR travesty guns, just hardcore simulation of actual long range shooting.

Rob. W. Jun 15, 2020     

This is proper snipe. I'm no professional. Never fired a gun. But it's really really challenging when like me, never done anything remotely real. I get all the info I need... wind, speed, distance, mil etc.. And calculate where to shoot. And the joy of hitting the target for the 1st time is absolutely incredible. It's easy to hit a close target. But at long distances, no way!! Try it. Be patient. Do the math... And enjoy. RW

Rod. S. Jun 8, 2020     

Looking for a technical, no gimmicks, sniper range sim, involving proper ballistic calculations? You just found it! Everyone else get off the range. This is a great piece of work. Its so satisfying to calculate your own long range shots and have them 'ding' onto the target. I happily bought the unlock IGPs as this dev is worth supporting. I think a few things could be improved though: Seeing the rifles. A couple more ranges (with more variety of targets). Better tutorial on ballistics theory.

J.G. May 2, 2019     

The Balistic Sim is great I've been searching for awhile trying to find a realistic Long range shooting Simulator app . however there's a few things I'd like see that aren't present . like an option in settings for Yards , Twist rate & barrel length in inches . A MOA Scope , different reticles for both Mil & MOA. a Bipod in the store so it doesn't Bob around or remove it (it's way too much). a quicker way to adjust Windage & Elevation Possibly with actually Turrets on the scope.

La. p. r. d. a. Oct 5, 2020     

Excellent, the best ballistics simulator I've ever tried. Would there be a way to implement motion sensor? The controls are perfect, but it would be nice to see it. A recommendation: You should change "Sniper Range Game" to another title that has a more technical name. I've seen the negative comments, and I only see a lot of kids believing this to be an arcade game. A simple suggestion. Thank you very much for the app 👍

Kay. R. Aug 25, 2021     

Awesome simulation. Major improvement would be if more visuals graphic of guns, barrels, scope, bullets included in the shop. It will make it more fun. Also would be great if you could buy upgrades to you gun rather than buy a whole new gun. When selling your ammo, it does not prompt you that ammo will be sold at discount. Also the graphs down fully show on my screen. I can see the plot but axis information is missing.

Elv. T. H. Sep 29, 2020     

Most realistic shooting range game I have ever played. I'm not exactly an expert, but the game is extremely realistic in my opinion, especially with the balistics. For some people, this game is just boring, but in my opinion it's one of those offline game, that is just nice to have in case you don't have WiFi. I think what would be cool is that if you can buy weapons of the shelf (presets) instead of custom weapons. You can also add things like weapon cycling sounds, or perhaps a suppressor.

Coo. K. Jan 8, 2020     

Really good . Best ballistic on a mobile game One thing I don't like is the meters and- -centimeters. I would like (yards) and (inches) Or at least the option to change it . Also would like to understand the gun calibers a little better too : ) IDK if possible just an idea but a seeing the gun in hand in a prone: position: Kinda feel more real too me. And seeing bolt up or eject in the peripheral be good. Shooting 800 yards- or meters is free hand really Doesn't feel real on that aspect.

Luk. S. Nov 15, 2019     

Decent enough. It's fun to try and dial in further targets with windage but the ballistics are not accurate at all. In this game, muzzle velocity increases with bullet size, 7.62 has over double the muzzle velocity as 5.56. It's enough fun to pass the time and the sound of hitting steel is nice, but this isn't an accurate simulator if that's what you're wanting. *After response. Still too low even the ultramagnum. I'm not hating it's not horrible.

Fla. S. Oct 31, 2021     

Love this game a lot and it has a lot of potential! Things I would change/add to the game is a more simple system to buy ammo and rifles.I would Also add more rifles in the game too. Graphics are really good, but if we could maybe actually see the gun before we buy it and when we test it out in the game that would be really cool.

Gui. Apr 18, 2020     

The game is pretty good, but it's not that kind of appealing when you start playing it, the way you aim is terrible, or maybe am I the one who doesn't understand, but please improve interfaces, and make it more personalizable, like you can aim in different ways instead of always dragging the right button around to aim, that is really annoying, also a gyroscope support, because I always use gyroscope on my phone when playing shooters

Tim. T. B. May 8, 2022     

Ahh that actually makes alot of sense man.. I'm sorry for being so critical and critizing without knowing the proper knowledge of what you have put forth. It gives me a new understanding to custom built rifles. Btw like I said its done really well and absolutely love your game, and don't mean to be a hater. Honestly big magnums only have barrel whip until you put a muzzlebreak on it or a stabilizer which I think would be an awesome edition to the game. You can make monster rifles shoot ¼MOA.

JKe. Jun 4, 2020     

It's a good, fun game. However, I don't know how to play it. I click a level, click standard, then it takes me to a weapon selection screen. I have no clue what to do here. I am stumped. Edit: Thanks for your response, I don't have a select button. Maybe a problem with my phone? It's an S8+, the 2:1 aspect ratio has given me trouble with some other games so maybe it's hiding it.

Joe. S. Dec 20, 2019     

Not bad. Don't really know how accurate the engine is. Controls could be more precise, as it's too choppy especially when trying to shoot at over 800m. Graphics could be better, actually bullet trace would be a cool option to compare bullet characteristics. Again if the engine is accurate. Otherwise and ok time killer

Jas. V. Apr 20, 2020     

I really lile the game. The ballistics and the way you interact with the shops is in my opinion cool. The only 2 things that could be worked on is on how fast you make money because you make money very slowly. The other thing is the way you look around that its a button that you have to drag around. But besides those, its a awesome game.

Kri. K. May 24, 2020     

This is not a "game" as much as a tool to learn long range rifle shooting & cold bore shots. Share this app with your friends that want to learn high end scope adjustments, calculating bullet windage and bullet drop, and learn to hit on their first shot. This "game" rewards you with "cash" (in game credit) to use towards more powerful and accurate rifles.

And. H. Sep 18, 2020     

Very enjoyable game. Some flaws are when sighted in for a long distance shot ie: 1021 meters...the bullet falls short. In reality that bullet should be either dead on or slightly off due to windage. Secondly, after a while of shooting the sights, the sights aren't property sighted in. Other than that it's a great game

Tim. Q. May 14, 2020     

It is a great simulation. I feel that it will be better if the weapons can be seen when not scoping, maybe can add images to the respective ammos and weapons in the shop. The controls can be better as it is not that easy to aim with joystick. Otherwise, it is a great game that I paid $13.98 for the full features.

Mar. C. Jun 14, 2020     

If you are looking for a highly technical realistic long-range ballistics game, then this is your game suited for true marksmen. However if you are looking for a third person shooter Style game this is not for you, I love the ballistics table and that you have to do the math like a real sniper or long range Marksman not the typical video game drop in point it did at the Target and shoot no matter how far away. it is thumbs up for me