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Solati Reader

* No ads
* No spyware
* Can fully customize text and background color
* Can choose to use custom TrueType fonts (no fonts included)
* Possible to browse SDCard for books (not supported on all devices)
* Slide finger along left edge of the screen to adjust screen brightness
* Slide finger along right edge of the screen to adjust font size
* Can set bookmarks
* Search for any word or phrase, either towards the beginning or towards the end of the book
* Search dialog remains visible until dismissed, to enable repeated searches
* Can choose to keep status bar and/or Android navigation bar visible during reading, or to hide them
* Setting for removing extra line breaks in text files (common in OCR output)
Solati Reader might be the fastest eBook reader on the market for files of the EPUB format. Text is displayed almost instantly, and orientation changes are done without delay.

The high speed with which Solati Reader displays EPUB books is achieved by omitting table of contents, images, hyperlinks and formatting from EPUB files. This is a text-only reader. Neither does Solati Reader have any DRM capability. Copy-protected EPUB files cannot be read by Solati Reader.

There are no ads in the app. No special permissions are needed, except for access to the external storage for EPUB files.

Solati Reader uses a system font and can therefore display all types of text that your device can display. For example Arabic or Chinese. You can also choose to use TrueType fonts of your own.

The main screen of Solati Reader shows a list of all books found in the folder "eBooks" on the external storage. Free EPUB books can be downloaded by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting "Get books from Feedbooks". The action menu displayed when clicking on the three dots also contains the option to search the entire external storage for books.

By longpressing a book in the list, a dialog detailing the file size and path of that book is shown. The dialog also has a button for deleting the book.

Plain text files can also be displayed in Solati Reader.

Page navigation is done by swiping horizontally across the screen, or tapping at any edge of the screen.

While reading a book, drag up or down along the left edge of the screen to increase or reduce brightness. Drag up or down along the right edge of the screen to increase or reduce the font size. Tap in the center of the screen to bring up the information screen, where you can jump to a position in the book using the seek bar at the bottom. There are also options for bookmarks and searching for specific text. The information screen can also be reached by pressing the menu key on your device.

On Android 3.0 or newer, it is possible to select text in Solati Reader by longpressing without moving the finger.

Category : Books & Reference

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Reviews (30)

Olg. L. Jan 6, 2022     

Please, please make it remember the last opened file. I like the reader very much but having to search for the book every time I open the app is a tiny bit annoying

Vee. P. Apr 20, 2021     

This is the smallest EPUB and EBOOK reader i can find at 158 k.........., but it still packs features............. Looks like a great free app. Thanks

Raf. F. Jan 10, 2020     

The best app for ebook! Superlight. Fast. Simple. Complete. Whatelse?

Sab. H. Jun 9, 2021     

Great but cant see image

Moh. H. Mar 3, 2019     

Simple and best.

Gar. E. Jan 3, 2016     

A great alternative to the main epub readers like Moon reader etc. In general I am very happy however some of my books, which open perfectly in other readers, have bizarre formatting. Otherwise great!

KK. H. Oct 11, 2016     

Very nice with features & also very light. If it can show images also it will be absolutely the perfect e-book reader. Please update to show images.

Ros. C. Sep 19, 2016     

My new and only epub reader.I downloaded this one because its only 400kb and come to find out it better than the rest I have tried

Don. v. S. Apr 1, 2017     

This is an amazing reading app.I can use it for any text format.Great app thanks guys.Really awesome,seriously awesome.Solati deserves more than 5stars-10 stars.

Raj. M. Oct 5, 2015     

I give 5 star but take more of update page color and simulation effect on page turning..

A. G. u. Jun 26, 2016     

Thank you dev, it's the best app ever!

Kes. S. Sep 23, 2015     

If you are only into text and not in graphics.. this is everything you need to read epubs and txts. Grt job developer. Appreciate your efforts. Keep up the good work :-) (Y)

Sha. M. Dec 1, 2017     

Very well thought and made app! Lightest reader & Lightning fast too! Highly recommended! Please add "justification" option to the epub contents. This would make this app 5-star!!

Din. S. Dec 13, 2015     

For less space. Less ram. This app is best :)

Eug. P. Jan 27, 2015     

Fast, light, no hassle. I would only suggest though, justify text and go to sleep in (...) minutes when left unattended 👍

Uni. A. Dec 28, 2014     

I'm a big fan of your solati reader app. REALLY appreciate your efforts. I have your app on my phone, tablet, and i rooted my sony prst1 ereader and even added your app there as well. It works absolutely perfect in android based phones. My only question and plea for help is when I try to read arabic/persian/urdu Right To Left (RTL) based fonts on Sony ereader, the letters do not join. Would appreciate any help on yourside. They do appear RTL but letters don't join. edited: 28 Dec, 2014. Please add custom font options

Jos. M. May 3, 2014     

The default text settings are a little odd, but it's easy to reconfigure and works great. Also does not request unnecessary permissions.

Mik. I. Oct 25, 2014     

I had no idea that it could do a heavier task which the popular ebook readers (all) can't perform. Thank you so much!! I would request you please include the microSD pathway in the settings.

Aya. S. Dec 23, 2013     

Lightweight app with all the basics right. However, could not open a few epubs which were working with some of the other epub readers.

Sin. Y. Nov 28, 2013     

It is fast, simple, less RAM consuming reader.

K.. P. Sep 17, 2014     

This app is so great. It's all that I want out of a reader app. You might really like it too. =]

Sri. G. Dec 24, 2014     

Easy & comfortable.wishing the team bright and prosperous years to come.

Jer. P. Aug 7, 2013     

It is a no frills reader that allows you to read your books...that's it. It doesn't hog up precious memory space to do it either. Great job!

And. Y. Sep 9, 2013     

Perfect for phones powerful and entry level. Just wish it would work on Androids <2.3. EDIT: Still disabled on Android <2.3, but latest improvements make this the best lightweight reader IMO. Great work.

Yee. H. P. Jul 27, 2013     

Nice...this update included most, if not all thebfeatures that I would like to have on an eBook reader. Keep it up!!

Amr. Z. Oct 3, 2013     

Best , i was looking for this only!!

Art. J. Apr 1, 2013     

It is the fastest at rendering pages, but it is always on white on black theme, and it does not support Table of Contents features OR hyperlinks in documents, rendering it fairly useless for looking up contents of large books. Edit: noticed this is mentioned in the description. If you are after a fast, page by page reader - this is your best option. Increased to 4 stars.

Mer. D. Mar 13, 2013     

Works great. Easily resizes font by sliding figure up and down instead of sideways (which turns page). NO SPECIAL PERMISSIONS REQUIRED!!!

J. K. Jun 15, 2013     

It can't find your books Only Options are to search "ebooks folder" or search entire device (only searches for txt and epub). If your books are stored in some other folder, not in "ebooks", it can only scan entire device, you can't specify where they are.. But that does not work! It found only a few txt files, didn't find my 8000 epub books. And no help file, no support info, no nothing. Useless garbage. Uninstalling.

Wil. F. Jun 12, 2013     

Simple, brilliant, tiny, easy and the best phone reader on the market. Top marks to the dev!